iOS 5 Allows Users to Delete Music Directly From iPhone/iPad



“What? No way, that’s not my Enrique Iglesias track. How’d that get on my iPhone?” Have you ever had your musical tastes harshly criticized by a friend who’s browsing through the music library on your iPhone? Apple’s now enabled users to avoid those awkward moments of friends discovering your guilty pleasures by allowing you to delete songs from your iPhone or iPad.

The process is just like deleting an unwanted email in your inbox. Simply find the track(s) you don’t want on your iOS 5 device anymore, slide your finger over the track listing to the left or the right to reveal a hidden “delete” button, and then select “delete” and the track is gone. Unfortunately there’s no mass delete option, so those Backstreet Boys songs are gonna have to be deleted one at a time.

With iTunes Match coming down the pipeline, the ability to delete unwanted tracks will be a much needed feature for those with large music libraries who need to free up disk space to download new music from iCloud. One of the nice things about the feature is that it treats all tracks equally, whether they were downloaded to your device directly from the iTunes app, or sync’d to your iOS 5 device previous. You can even delete the track that is currently playing.

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43 responses to “iOS 5 Allows Users to Delete Music Directly From iPhone/iPad”

  1. GH says:

    Pretty sure you can do this now….. you have to go to to the Playlists, or “all music/artist” section then tap “edit”

    This story implies it’s new when it is in fact not

  2. Support 18inc says:

    Is this what the iPod app looks like on iOS 5 for iPad?!!! Epic, looks way better. I like that Apple is removing the bubbly child-like quality in some of their apps and going more professional with it. Very nice.

  3. [Deleted User] says:

    you can delete the actual MP3 file and not just deleting a song from a playlist

  4. [Deleted User] says:

    Yeah, they totally reworked it. It looks great. We had a screenshot tour of it posted yesterday if you’re wanting more pics

  5. steven says:

    Actually you can slide your finger left or right.

  6. Caleb Daniels says:

    Actually there is a way to mass delete them-

  7. appledrunk says:

    It’s a sweet feature. If you’re lookin’ to get your device UDID activated for iOS5 have a look at

  8. Didnt Work says:

    i love apple, but how did this take until iOS5 to become a feature??

  9. jeffstr says:

    This was something i was hoping for! It makes sense, It’s all well and good being able to download an album from your iCloud account but you might not have space for it. Deleting music is really a must now.

    Also nice to see Joy formidable on your iPad. Great band

  10. Didnt Work says:

    massively bigger harddrives on these devices is a must too…

  11. Ryan Collins says:

    I highly recommend deleting Enrique Iglesias. Good Choice.

  12. Kimberly North says:

    Enthusiastic job. I did not expect this on a Weekday. This is a beatific
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  13. zc456 says:

    Sad that this is even news.

  14. markrlangston says:

    Glad to know this is coming. Since you can download entire albums I’m assuming you can delete entire albums too. Maybe they’ll throw an edit button at the top of each album so you can delete multiple tracks in an album. 

    iOS 5 FTW!!

  15. polymixin says:

    fucking finally

  16. Quinn Rooney says:

    You can’t delete playlists thou,

  17. hi says:

    Yes you can.

  18. KoolAidB says:

    Problem is, once you sync the device the songs you deleted get transferred back.

  19. logant says:

    im having the same problem , how do we fix this

  20. Jonny says:

    How can we delete playlists?

  21. Terri M says:

    The same way as songs.

  22. Terri M says:

    Exactly. Even if you uncheck it, it goes right back on.

  23. edward juarez says:

    ahh this was great i looked around for so long trying to see how to do that and all i has to do was slide my finger to the right thanks !!

  24. stevenhugo says:

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  25. thumbgenius says:

    There’s an app for that!

    TuneUp by thumbgenius

    you can edit song info, album art, and much more.
    It communicates with your iTunes library at home and any changes will be updated to your phone next time you sync.

  26. bluesjeam says:

    It’s no longer possible to delete songs from iPhone in iOS7. To remove music:
    1) Find a PC/Mac
    2) Install iTunes if it is not installed
    3) Connect your device
    4) Tell your device to trust the computer if it asks
    5) Switch over to the device view
    6) Browse to your music on the device
    7) Delete it
    Getting music off isn’t as easy as putting it on but the swipe gesture now goes back in menus on which you can get a new interface of iPhone Data Eraser.

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