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This sick rig sports 9 Macs and 3 Apple displays [Setups]


Can you picture needing 9 Macs, including 3 top-shelf machines?
Can you picture needing 9 Macs, including 3 top-shelf machines?

Occasionally a computer setup displayed on social media makes you swoon. Usually it’s a combination of amazing gear, artful arrangement and exceptional photography, like something staged by a pro. But sometimes it’s just a sick amount of awesome Apple computers and displays.

Today’s featured setup, run by a consultant who “works for several companies,” relies on four high-spec Macs, five very-nice-but-not-exceptional Macs and three Apple Displays, including a Pro Display XDR — which goes for $5,000 or more by itself.

Does your wallet hurt yet? We just took ours to the ER.

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Consultant works with 4 top-shelf Macs, 5 other Macs and 3 Apple displays, including a Pro Display XDR

Redditor and consultant Dalvenjha (“Dal”), who works in the “lab” with one assistant, showcased the workstation(s) in a post entitled, “New Studio lab setup.”

The post describes and pictures three “maxed-out” Macs: a Mac Studio, two 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pros and a 14-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro.

But it also includes five other Macs that would suit most people’s needs on their own — including the much-admired M2 MacBook Air in the color Midnight — plus an M1 iPad Pro.

Besides the M2 MacBook Air, those somewhat-lesser Macs includes an M1 iMac, an M1 Mac mini and two older Intel-based MacBook Pros.

And if that doesn’t float your flotilla of boats, then how about this: The three Apple displays are a Pro Display XDR, a new Studio Display and a classic Thunderbolt Cinema Display.

This shot shows those wonderful Apple displays.
This shot shows those wonderful Apple displays plus the tricked-out Mac Studio and, down at the end, AirPods Max.

But why, everyone wanted to know

You can probably guess how folks ogling the post reacted upon seeing the arsenal of high-end Apple gear, which also includes AirPods Max and AirPods Pro (plus a swanky pair of Bang & Olufsen ANC wireless cans that are priced similarly to AirPods Max).

Here’s the opening joke, which includes a response by Dal (btw, OP is Reddit-speak for original poster):

OP Walk into Apple Store.

Apple Genius: “Are you looking to buy any of our products?”

OP: “Yes.”

[And then Dal added]:

Genius: “What product do you want?”

OP: “Yes.”

Get it? Dal wanted all the products. It’s funny because it’s apparently true.

And of course we all want to know about the volume of Macs in the lab, so people asked and Dal answered:

I work for different companies as a [consultant], in every computer there’s a different project, besides that I’m self taught and I want to reproduce my success history here on my country so I want to make a bootcamp for poor people in order to give them the necessary tools to get a better living. So I’m buying laptops.

And why the Intel Macs if you have a room-full of M1 and M2 Macs?

The only Intels I have there are the 2014 one and the i7, 2014, still is pulling his weight, but at this point I’m using it as a calendar. A better investment would be a 2014 or 2013 iMac they are still relevant after all this years and would allow you to work flawlessly. The i7 one is going strong :)

So there you have it. For those of you with just one or maybe two Macs, it’s time to get busy.

Welcome to Laptop City, population 1 consultant and 1 assistant.
Welcome to Laptop City, population 1 consultant and 1 assistant.

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