Grab your blaster: ‘Lego Star Wars Battles‘ shoots toward Apple Arcade

Grab your blaster: Lego Star Wars Battles shoots toward Apple Arcade


Grab your blaster: ‘Lego Star Wars Battles‘ shoots toward Apple Arcade
Maybe Lego Star Wars Battles will have a way to kill Jar Jar over and over and over.

Get ready for Chewbacca to take on Boba Fett. Or maybe an Ewok fighting with a Tusken Raider. Have Yoda fight Darth Vader. All this will be possible in Lego Star Wars Battles, coming soon to Apple Arcade.

It’ll offer tower defense strategic combat in real time.

Lego Star Wars Battles is sci-fi tower defense

The developer, TT Games, promises players can “lead your favorite Lego Star Wars characters into real-time, multiplayer PvP battles in arenas inspired by iconic locations from throughout the galaxy!”

Use Lego bricks to build towers on the battlefield. Then collect characters and vehicles to defend them — or capture your opponent’s.

Characters in Lego Star Wars Battles have unique abilities, like Vader’s Force Slam and Luke Skywalker’s Force Push. And there are options from every era of the series, along with vehicles from AT-ATs to X-wings.

The game will be for one or two players, and there’ll be versions for iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple TV — though the game was clearly designed for handsets.

‘Coming soon’ to Apple Arcade

Find out more about Lego Star Wars Battles from the App Store. But a critical piece of info is unavailable: a release date. All we know so far is “coming soon.”

Still, that’s an improvement. Recently it was thought that the game had been cancelled. Instead, it made the jump to Apple’s gaming service.

Playing it will require a $4.99-per-month subscription. But that also brings access to over 200 other games. That includes Lego Brawls and Lego Builder’s Journey.

May the Apple Arcade be with you.