Kings of the Castle zooms onto Apple Arcade


Kings of the Castle is the latest addition to Apple Arcade
Kings of the Castle is fun for the whole family.
Photo: Apple/Frosty Pop

A princess must be quick and clever to rescue a prince in Kings of the Castle, the latest addition to Apple Arcade. This game is all about speed, as players hastily collect gems and avoid traps.

The developer, Frosty Pop, is a big supporter of Apple’s new gaming service. This is its fifth contribution.

No Way Home brings galactic battle action to Apple Arcade


“No Way Home” is space-themed RPG debuted today on Apple Arcade.
No Way Home promises loads of lighthearted blasting fun.
Photo: Apple/SMG Studios

You’ll need your ship, your blaster and a wacky robot companion to survive the excitement of No Way Home, a role-playing game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV that just debuted on Apple’s gaming service.

It features hand-drawn artwork and a story that spans a huge universe.

Swordfight with terrorists or wash pigs in new Apple Arcade games


Apple Arcade adds Fallen Knight, Hogwash, and more
Additions to Apple Arcade let you run around a barnyard as a muddy pig, or clobber legends of Slavic myth.
Photo: Apple

Five newly released Apple Arcade games run the gamut from a side-scroller starring Lancelot wielding a laser sword all the way to a farmhand chasing down muddy pigs.

With these varied additions, Apple has almost reached the goal of 100 titles in its recently launched subscription gaming service.

One month in, I’m hooked on Apple Arcade [Review]


iPad browsing Apple Arcade games catalog with iPhone and Xbox Controller
I was sure I was going to cancel, but I'm actually enjoying Apple Arcade games quite a bit!
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

I don’t consider myself much of a gamer, but the idea of games always seems to appeal to me. That’s why, when Apple Arcade launched, I activated my subscription to test the waters. My hope was that I’d get some clarity before it cost me anything to try.

Now, a month has passed, and I’ve got some mixed feelings about the service. Should I keep paying for it? Are its 100-plus games worth the monthly fee? Can I play it when and where I want? Get the lowdown in my Apple Arcade review.

Best Pac-Man ever just landed on Apple TV


Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Apple TV
The remixed classic is hitting the big screen.
Photo: Bandai Namco

Pac-fans with Apple’s newest streaming box should be running to their TV App Store right now: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX has hit your living room today.

The TV version of the sequel to the mobile port of the console remix of the classic arcade title contains all of the content of the original, but now you can play it from the palm of your hand on the biggest screen in your house. It originally hit iOS back in July, and it might be one of the best uses of $4.99 that the App Store has to offer.

5 must-play games for the new Apple TV


Our picks for the 5 best games out on Apple TV right now.
Our picks for the 5 best games out on Apple TV right now.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Apple TV’s killer feature is the App Store. And with an App Store comes games.

I don’t care what near-sighted gaming sites are saying. Sure, Apple’s new box doesn’t have a whole lot of gaming content yet, but it has some great offerings if you poke around a bit. I’m finding games for the new Apple TV that never grabbed my attention when they were on my iPhone or iPad, but seeing them up on the big screen pulled me right in.

Which are the best games for the Apple TV to check out right now, though? Here are our five favorites, in no particular order. Note that the links below will take you to the iTunes App Store. If you purchase them with the same iTunes ID you have set up on your Apple TV, they’ll appear in the “Purchased” tab of the little black puck’s App Store. Alternately, you can search for the game name directly from your TV.

Activision commits to Apple TV with big console games


Another plastic guitar, another rock star in the making.
Another plastic guitar, another rock star in the making.
Photo: Activision

One of the biggest video gaming companies ever has just affirmed its support for the new Apple TV, itself just revealed this week by Apple.

Activision wrote a blog post detailing the games it will bring Skylanders SuperChargers, Guitar Hero Live, and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved to Apple TV, which shows a confidence in Apple’s ability to create yet another fantastic home for gaming as it did with iOS.

These aren’t casual like Crossy Road (though those types of games will do well on the big screen, too), but full console versions of popular titles.