MagSafe in iPhone 12 makes PopGrips so much better [Review]


PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe review
Magnets in the iPhone 12 series means PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe doesn’t have to use sticky adhesives.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

PopSockets PopGrips are already wildly popular, and the new MagSafe system in the iPhone 12 series improved on the design. Instead of having to attach with adhesive, the pop-up phone handles cling tightly to magnets built into Apple’s handsets.

I tried the standard PopGrip and the wallet version with an iPhone 12, and they stood up brilliantly to real-world use.

PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe review

A PopGrip adds a handle to your iPhone, making your grip more secure and comfortable. And it can be used as a stand, propping up the screen in landscape mode.

The standard version attaches with adhesive. Basically, it gets glued to your iPhone. That was the best option for years, but wireless charging raised difficulties. PopSockets came up with a decent solution with PopPower, but there was room for improvement.

Then Apple added MagSafe to the iPhone 12 series. A ring of magnets on the back of the handset align the charging coils for wireless charging. But these magnets can also be used for other accessories, including PopGrips.

Hardware and design

PopSockets’ new PopGrip for MagSafe consists of a base with embedded magnets that clings to the iPhone 12. A pop-up handle/stand is attached to this.

The base adds to the bulk of the accessory. But it’s worth it because the magnetic connection is strong. Really strong. I carried PopGrip around in a pants pocket for days and it never came loose. I can hold the iPhone upside down by the handle and shake it, and the magnetic connection doesn’t budge.

But you can pry it off, opening up the back of the handset for a standard wireless charger. Or other MagSafe accessories. That’s a worthwhile goal, because there are some nice ones available.

Just so there’s no confusion, this version of PopSockets’ accessory requires the magnets built into the iPhone 12 series. It does not work with other handsets.

But the handle/stand built into PopGrip for MagSafe is a standard one. That means it’s compatible with PopMount stands and swappable PopTops offered by PopSockets, like the multi-tool.

PopGrip for MagSafe is available now on the PopSockets website for $30. It comes in a range of color options. There’s basic black, but also opal, gold lutz marble and blue nebula.

PopSockets PopWallet+ for MagSafe review

PopSockets PopWallet+ for MagSafe review
It’s a wallet and a PopGrip. It’s PopSockets PopWallet+ for MagSafe.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Take the new magnetized version of this accessory and build in a slot for credit/ID cards and you get PopWallet+ for MagSafe. It attaches just like PopGrip for MagSafe, and includes the same handle/stand as any PopGrip.

But it does more because it’s designed to hold your drivers license and credit cards in a cushioned pouch. There’s room for three cards, and a cutout on the bottom edge lets you easily push the cards up out of the case.

The plastic wallet does increase the bulk of the PopGrip — especially when you insert three cards — but it’s less bulky than a separate wallet would be. And it’s one fewer thing to keep track of.

I tested the PopWallet+ for MagSafe with an iPhone for days, and I’m pleased with it. It worked well as both a PopGrip and a way to carry around my drivers license and Apple Card.

PopWallet+ for MagSafe is available on the PopSockets website for $30. It comes in black, deep periwinkle, blush pink, floral bohemian and rose gold lutz.

Comparable products

iPhone users might also be interested in PopGrip Slide Stretch ($15), an adjustable iPhone handle from PopSockets that doesn’t require MagSafe and doesn’t interfere with wireless charging.

Or there’s the Moft Snap-on Stand & Wallet for iPhone 12 ($29.99) which folds nearly flat.

PopSockets provided Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. See our reviews policy, and check out other in-depth reviews of Apple-related items.


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