PopSockets wireless charger lets you keep your PopGrip on your iPhone

Keep your PopGrip on with this wireless charger


PopPower Home Charger in Cosmic Cloud
Photo: PopSockets

CES 2020PopSockets was a wildly successful brand that was in danger of losing its grip.

Wireless charging is becoming a standard feature in smartphones and the stick-on PopGrip it created for reducing drops suddenly looked like an unintended battery barrier.

But the company finally figured out a way forward in the emerging wireless world with a round wireless charging pad with a hole in the middle.

PopSockets revealed the PopPower today at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The hole in the middle of the charger is a no-brainer. The PopGrip user won’t have to remove it to wirelessly charge their iPhone.

The 15-watt home charger was produced by NuCurrent for PopSockets and is Qi-certified. The company also said PowerPop can charge through a thick phone case.

There are three styles, matte white, mountainscape and cosmic cloud, which is available for $60 on the PopSockets website.

PopSockets hit the market in 2014. The company has sold more than 100 million PopGrips.