Keep your AirPods and iPhone charged with this multipurpose power bank

Keep your AirPods and other gear charged with this multipurpose power bank


power bank
This handy power bank provides up to 75 hours of extra juice for your iPhone and AirPods.
Photo: Chargeworx

AirPods are convenient for a number of reasons: They’re small, sleek and easy to move around with, making them perfect for everything from morning runs to important conference calls. But there is one problem with these nifty wireless earbuds. Because there’s no wired connection, they’ll need to be sufficiently charged at all times.

That’s what makes this 10,000mAh ChargeWorx power bank even more convenient than wireless earbuds. It can charge your smartphone and AirPods at the same time. Available in sizes for regular AirPods and AirPods Pro, this multitasking power bank can power you through outdoor adventures all summer long for the incredibly low price of $41.99.

A power bank that holds AirPods

This mighty power bank packs a punch, carrying up to 75 hours of extra juice for your smartphone, AirPods and other USB devices. It’s stylish and compact, so you can bring the Chargeworx power bank with you wherever you go, whether that’s to the office, to the gym or on a vacation abroad.

And don’t worry about running out of energy. An LED indicator lets you know just how much juice your power bank has left before you’re even close to running out.

Worrying about a dying device can cause unnecessary stress when you should be enjoying your adventures outdoors and away from home. And Chargeworx is here to power you through those days without a charging outlet in sight. Enjoy your phone and your favorite tunes with this multipurpose power bank, available now at the limited-time price of $41.99.

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