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Keep your AirPods clean and charged with this discount accessory bundle


Keep your AirPods in perfect condition with this cleaning kit and charger, now less than $23.
Get more than half off this useful AirPods cleaning kit and charger.
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We love our AirPods. But do we like thinking about all the gross stuff that accumulates inside the little holes which you then put into your ear? Not so much.

The way to fix that is with a reliable AirPods cleaning tool. And right now, you can get this great Wireless Charger + Cleaning Pen Set for AirPods on sale for just $22.99. That’s 54% off the regular price of $49.

Extend the life of your AirPods with this cleaning pen, on sale for less than $15


Keep your AirPods in perfect condition with this useful cleaning pen, 40% off today.
Get 40% off this useful cleaning pen for AirPods.
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How often do you clean your AirPods? If your answer is simply, “I don’t,” then we need to talk. Rather than worrying about all the dirt that accumulates in your earbuds over time, you can set your sights on this AirPod Cleaning Pen. It’s on sale for just $14.99 —  a 40% discount off the regular price of $24.

Protect your AirPods with this sale-priced accessory kit


Protect your buds with this AirPod accessory kit.
This four-piece accessory kit will keep you from losing your third-gen AirPods or AirPods Pro.
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Possibly the only downside of AirPods is that they can break or get lost. You can customize your Apple earbuds, and make them last longer, with a four-piece AirPods accessory kit from Chargeworx.

This kit, which works with AirPods Pro as well as third-gen AirPods, comes with four items that combat common problems. And right now, it’s on sale for $22.99, a full 54% off the regular price of $49.

Pre-Black Friday deals for the Apple lover in your life


Check out these Pre-Black Friday deals for Apple fanatics.
You can't go wrong with these accessories for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and other Apple gear.
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Apple people are the hardest — and the easiest — to shop for. On one hand, you know they’d love a new Apple device or accessory. On the other, there are a lot of great Apple accessories to choose from.

To help you decide what to get the Apple fanatic in your life (even if it’s you), we gathered up some of the best deals you’re going to see anywhere during our Pre-Black Friday Sale. And if you use code SAVE15NOV, you can get anything below for an extra 15% off.

10 hot AirPods accessories, all on sale for an extra 15% off


These 10 Apple AirPod accessories are on sale.
These AirPods accessories will unleash the power of your favorite audio toys.
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There’s plenty to love about Apple’s AirPods lineup. From the original AirPods to the noise-canceling AirPods Pro to the stunning AirPods Max, they set the standard for wireless audio.

But there are still ways to make your beloved AirPods even better. These AirPods accessories are designed to improve their fit, protect against wear and tear, and keep you fully charged throughout the day. Plus, they’re all an extra 15% off for a limited time with code VIP15.

This 4-in-1 wireless charger is a must-have gift for Mother’s Day


charging station
Treat Mom (or yourself) to a very capable charger.
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While our smartphones, smartwatches and earbuds are essential to a tech-savvy lifestyle, they can create quite a bit of clutter when scattered about. Charging multiple devices can use up several outlets, and it can even be easy to lose small earbuds without a proper resting place.

Save $10 on this magnetic, dual-surface wireless charger for Apple devices


wireless charger
Power up two devices at once, either at home or on the go.
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One of the irritating things about many wireless chargers is that despite cutting out the bulkiness of a cord or clunky wall unit, they wind up being heavy, cumbersome or ineffective at charging. What’s the point of having a wireless charger if it can’t work the way you intended it to? Luckily, this Dual Magnetic Wireless Charger is powerful yet sleek enough to make the perfect companion to your Apple devices. And it’s especially useful if you grabbed the latest iPhone or use AirPods Pro.

Keep your AirPods and other gear charged with this multipurpose power bank


power bank
This handy power bank provides up to 75 hours of extra juice for your iPhone and AirPods.
Photo: Chargeworx

AirPods are convenient for a number of reasons: They’re small, sleek and easy to move around with, making them perfect for everything from morning runs to important conference calls. But there is one problem with these nifty wireless earbuds. Because there’s no wired connection, they’ll need to be sufficiently charged at all times.

That’s what makes this 10,000mAh ChargeWorx power bank even more convenient than wireless earbuds. It can charge your smartphone and AirPods at the same time. Available in sizes for regular AirPods and AirPods Pro, this multitasking power bank can power you through outdoor adventures all summer long for the incredibly low price of $41.99.