Some of the best productivity apps out there still have Black Friday price drops


Omvana Meditation App

Sure, you might have the remote work set-up of your dreams — but what about nurturing your inner creative? Whether you have been longing to develop your first script, want to learn animation, or just want to develop healthier mental habits, these four app and software deals will help you achieve those goals. For a limited time, they’re available for an extended Black Friday sale — just use code BFSAVE40 at checkout to earn an extra 40% off the sale price. But act quickly — these deals expire the night of the 28th.

Take advantage of Black Friday deals and instantly add an extra screen or two to your laptop


Mobile Pixels TRIO
Instantly add a screen (or two!) to your laptop, perfect for custom workflows, presentations and more.
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For many people, productivity at the computer depends on more than one screen. Just because you’re using your laptop shouldn’t mean sacrificing your workflow, so this add-on makes it easy to add valuable screen real estate to your mobile machine.

Relive the golden days of gaming with these classic devices


Retro TV Game Console
Play over 600 classic-style 8-bit games with this TV-compatible console.
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Video games have sure come a long way in the last 30 years. But if you experienced the early days of Nintendo, the golden age of gaming looks like NES and Game Boy. These deals retro gaming gear are a must-see for anyone with love for the classic era of gaming.

Check out this Black Friday holiday gift guide for the best gifts under $150


Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Whip through your holiday shopping with these sub-$150 gifts.
Whip through your holiday shopping with these sub-$150 gifts.
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It’s that time of year again — post turkey-carving and game-watching, it’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts. Take the guesswork (and stress) out of what presents you’ll be giving to your family and friends this year for the holidays.

We rounded up the top 11 gifts under $150, conveniently wrapped up in one list for you, so you can take care of everyone on your list, from your next-door neighbor to your mom. And, you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal possible. For a limited time, enjoy an extra 20% off for Black Friday pricing site-wide using code BFSAVE20.

Get a pair of great Mac apps for the holidays


12min Micro Book Library
Save big on a huge library of condensed books, and a powerful tool for mapping and optimizing WiFi coverage.
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It’s clear that the holidays are going to be a little bit different this year. So why not do gifts a little differently, too? We’ve rounded up a pair of great Mac apps that offer quick reads and optimized WiFi, like digital stocking stuffers for your friends, family, or just for yourself.

Wireless headphones make a great gift—these just dropped for Black Friday


Best headphones deals for the holidays

Whether you’re reliant on music to get you through a workout or require a great set of headphones to help you concentrate at work, it’s pretty much always a good time to upgrade your audio equipment. From earbuds to over-ear headphones and from sweatproof to cushiony, we’ve rounded up the most noteworthy headphones for the holidays. These make the perfect gift for yourself or friends and family — and with coupon code BFSAVE20, you can get early Black Friday access and save an additional 20% off the sale price.

Get early access to Black Friday pricing on this 5-in-1 grammar checker


WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker: This tool will make your writing far more powerful.
This tool will make your writing far more powerful.
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Now that so much of our daily work and communication has shifted online, it’s more important than ever that our grammar is impeccable and our sentence structure is solid. Whether you’re drafting an email, wrapping up a report under a tight deadline, or even typing up your digital holiday card, you want to be sure you’re saying exactly what you mean.

Since it takes a lot of effort to make sure you’ve crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s, there’s WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker — an English-correction tool that takes the guesswork out of what you’re drafting and brings out your inner wordsmith.

For Black Friday, get huge discounts on these career-enhancing courses


Premium Learn to Code 2021
With these four educational bundles, you can add Apple's SwiftUI, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Excel and more to your skillset.
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Black Friday is going largely virtual this year, with people snatching up deals from their couches instead of descending on their local department stores.

You might miss out on the in-store excitement (and the ridiculous Black Friday brawls), but it’s not all bad. One huge benefit of shopping from home is that you can get deals on stuff that doesn’t come in a box.

Take, for instance, these absolutely awesome lesson bundles, which are available for as much as 98% off the usual prices. With these career-boosting courses, you can learn to code, master in-demand software and generally get set for a breakout 2021.

Get early Black Friday access to these top Lightning cables


10-Ft Cloth MFi-Certified Lightning Cable is super-strong.
We've got all kinds of cables on sale right now.
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We can all agree that there’s nothing worse than a charging cable unexpectedly quitting on you. (Well, maybe not). Thankfully, there are lots of reliable options out in the market today — and we bet this roundup of cables for Lightning devices has options more innovative, durable and convenient than the ones lying around your house.

Check out some of our favorites and take advantage of early Black Friday access (no coupon code required) for savings that make these the perfect stocking stuffers.

Get more from your iPhone with 4 great accessories


HD Monocular Telescope
Take your pick of four great iPhone accessories, including this lightweight monocular telescope that offers 50x60 magnification.
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iPhones can do a lot, but there’s only so much you can squeeze into such a slim profile. These four great iPhone accessories will make it possible to get a lot more out of your smartphone. And they all cost less than 50 bucks.