Clean up your workspace with this 5-in-1 charging stand from MagSafe


This wireless charger & lamp powers up to 4 devices at once
This MagSafe wireless charging stand powers 4 Apple devices
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We all love our devices, but it can definitely be productivity-hindering to hunt around for the appropriate charger. And if you have limited desk space, the last thing you want is to deal with a mess of cords when you’re just trying to get through the workday. This 5-in-1 MagSafe Wireless and Wired Charging Station is an elegant, simple charging solution that can power up to four devices at once, without overcharging — it even doubles up as a bedside lamp with three different brightness levels. For a limited time, use the code ANNUAL15 for an extra 15% off. 

This app lets you stream to Chromecast, Apple TV & AirPlay


This app lets you stream any video format
AirFlow is The Ultimate Way to Watch Your Favorite Videos on Chromecast, Apple TV, & AirPlay 2
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There are plenty of apps out there that can help you stream content to your favorite devices — but it can be annoying (and time consuming) to switch from app to app to access different shows or movies. This Airflow Video Streaming Lifetime Subscription is different from other FFmpeg apps — it pushes video to your Chromecast, Apple TV, and AirPlay 2 TVs in full 4K HDR, without affecting your video quality in the slightest.

Download videos from any site with this award-winning software, now less than $30 


This award-winning software lets you download any video
Unlock the power to download Youtube videos to your Mac with this award-winning software
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There’s no question that there’s a seemingly never-ending amount of great content to suit all tastes across YouTube, Twitch and other platforms. But streaming everything you want to watch on the go will use a huge amount of cell phone data — and that can make staying up to date with your favorite channels difficult when you’re not connected to WiFi. 

Use AirPods more seamlessly with your Mac with this $9 app


This app lets you connect your Mac and AirPods
If you like your AirPods, and you like your Mac, you're gonna love AirBuddy.
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AirPods are awesome, but they’re more magical with iOS devices than with Macs. Unless, of course, you use AirBuddy.

The Mac app brings some of that iOS-style sweetness to your AirPods experience on an Apple computer. And right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to AirBuddy for less than $9.

Wipe out 99% of spam calls for 2 years with the RoboKiller app


Get 2 years without spam calls for $40
Turn the tables on spammers with this deliciously devious app.
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How annoying is it when you think you’re about to get an important call, but it turns out to be spam? Think of how much time you’ve lost — and how much stress you’ve gained — from thinking you’re getting a call from work or family, but it’s actually some spammer asking if you’re satisfied with your car insurance.

RoboKiller Spam Call and Text Blocker will eradicate those time-sucking spam calls from your life. For a limited time, you can get two spam-free years for $39.99. That’s 24 solid months without robots asking for your credit card information every day.

Plus, with RoboKiller’s answer bot, you can flip the script and start wasting spammers’ time for a change!

Pixlr puts thousands of photo-editing tools at your fingertips for just $20


Edit your photos quickly and professionally with Pixlr
Get professional results quickly and easily with this intuitive photo editor.
Photo: Pexels

The unsung hero of photography and visual art is editing. Yes, you can enhance your photos with the right equipment, but being able to edit your work later is absolutely essential.

It is also incredibly time-consuming and difficult. If you want to make editing your photos easier, take a look at Pixlr Premium. Right now, a one-year subscription to this intuitive editing software is on sale for $19.99. That’s a steep drop from its MSRP of $95.

Make photo editing easy

With Pixlr, you can make small, precise edits using a wide variety of tools. And you can make big, global changes that will take your work in a new direction. If you’re interested in posting your work on social media, you can use Pixlr’s design templates for the most popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and more.

If you want to delete the backgrounds from portraits, selfies and other shots, you can use the remove background tool. This is great if you want to customize the background, or if you just want to save a visual asset without having to delete the background every time you want to use it. Plus, you can choose from the 18,000 assets that come with the program.

Pixlr Premium comes packed with enough tools for you to create endless unique works. Beyond the thousands of assets, it gives you 3,000 extra overlays, 7,000 icons/stickers, 5,000 decorative texts and a ton of templates. The photo editor works on Macs and Windows PCs.

Save on Pixlr Premium

If you want to start editing your photos quickly, you’ve got to try out this easy-to-use photo editor that’s packed with fun features. You can get a one-year subscription to Pixlr Premium on sale now for $19.99.

Prices subject to change.

Learn how you can become a professional photographer


Learn to take professional photos with this bundle
This photography bundle will show you how to take the best pictures in any situation.
Photo: Pexels

Anyone can snap a picture on their phone, but learning to become a photographer requires dedication and practice.

It’s not just learning how to take a good picture, but what a good picture is for different purposes. Taking photos for a wedding is different from capturing a landscape, which is different from travel photography, and so on. You can start learning what’s what with the 2021 Ultimate Learn to Become a Photographer Bundle — and it helps that it’s on sale for $30.

This $90 bundle includes a top VPN and premium cloud storage for life


Get this backup & security bundle for its lowest price
Keep your files and your Apple devices safe forever with this two-for-one subscription.
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If you’re like us, your iPhone, Mac and iPad are jammed with precious digital files that took years to collect, but can take just a moment to get hacked. To keep that from happening, you can avail yourself of the Lifetime Backup and Security Subscription Bundle.

It includes everything you need to ensure you always have a backup of all your files — and that your internet connection is safe and secure.

9 of the best multipurpose charging accessories


These multipurpose chargers will power all your apple devices
Take your pick of these multipurpose chargers for your next trip.
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Travelers and commuters alike know the importance of items that multitask. If you’re looking to pack light and get from point A to point B with ease, look no further than these multitasking charging accessories. Not only will you save space in your backpack or carry-on, you’ll probably find yourself doing more with less stuff (a welcome plus when you’re hitting the open road). Who could fault an extra little boost of productivity?

This virus remover plugs right into your Mac to keep it healthy and extend its life


This Plug-In Antivirus Extends the Life Of Your Mac
Keep your Mac healthy with this plug-in antivirus stick.
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Antivirus and security programs are essential if you want to keep your Mac working and your information secure. The problem is that many antivirus programs can slow down your computer — and miss actual malware while focusing on nonexistent threats.

The FixMeStick Virus Remover is a unique security device that plugs directly into your Mac, removes any viruses or malware, and can be unplugged until you’re ready to use it again. This exciting device comes in two subscriptions, and both of them are on sale. Get one year of service for three Macs ($29.99) or two years for five Macs ($44.99).