The first copper-coated iPhone case kills bacteria and viruses


Aeris Copper Germ-Killing iPhone Case
The first copper-coated case protects your phone from bumps and scrapes, and your hands from a range of bacteria and viruses.
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It’s always been smart to shield our phones with a protective case when we step outside. But nowadays, it’s not just our phones that need protection. Phones are major vectors for germs and viruses, so it makes good sense to get a case that guards against those, too.

This Mac app spices up your website with HTML5 animations


Tumult Hype 4
Create beautiful, interactive HTML5 web content and animations with little to no coding required.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Websites have come a long way since the GeoCities days. But one fact remains the same: Nothing adds pizzazz to a website like animations. In 2020, sophisticated interactive animations make a website pop. And this Mac app makes it easy to add those elements to any site.

Done with Netflix? Watch more than 5,000 movies of all genres on any device


Watch over 5,000 movies, including hard-to-find gems, of all different genres on a variety of devices, with no ads.

Staying home means streaming a lot more shows and movies. That means running down the list of content available on streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon. Luckily, there are other options — and they’re more affordable, too.

Pick up 4 sleek, versatile charging accessories now on sale


Chargin Sale Main
Save on a whole range of charging gear, from wireless hubs to laptop-ready backup batteries and more.
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More devices means more trouble keeping everything charged. These four Mac and iPhone accessories will give you all the power you need, no matter your situation (assuming you’re not a supervillain hell-bent on world destruction).

Save on iPhone video accessories during this limited-time sale


MAIN - iPhone Photo Video
Grab these deals on smartphone camera gimbals, LED light rings, lenses and more.
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In 2020, video has become an essential part of everyday life, from Zoom calls to vlogging to learning the latest TikTok dance. If you want your video to truly shine, you need some extra gear. These four great accessories will help you get more from your iPhone or Mac camera.

Take your guitar practice anywhere with this controller and iOS app


This portable trainer makes it easy and fun to improve your guitar skills.
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Lots of people are practicing guitar in the age of quarantine, and guitars are perfectly portable around the house. But try traveling with one, and they suddenly become a much bigger hassle. Thankfully digital technology has made it so you can practice guitar anywhere, without a guitar.

The Jamstik Guitar Trainer is a cleverly designed, compact guitar practice controller, with six strings, directional pad controls and a feature-packed companion app. At just over 18 inches long, the controller fits inside any backpack, but it also includes a convenient travel case. The new 2020 edition features spring-loaded strings for a more realistic feel. As you play, you’ll see your fingers on the screen in real-time, so you can get a grip (literally) on chords, scales and songs. AI-generated exercises, play-along sequences, and a gamified progression system make it exciting to progress. It’s like Guitar Hero, except that by the end you’re actually better at guitar.

Buy now: Get a Jamstik Guitar Trainer for $199. That’s 13% off the usual price.