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Scale your graphic design process with a few clicks


Create stunning graphics from your iPhone with Robolly.
Scale your marketing materials from the comfort of your iPhone with Robolly.
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When you only have a few clients, designing and sending handmade marketing materials is no problem. However, your time gets eaten as you scale upward, no matter how many productivity apps you have on your Mac. If you want to produce quality assets at scale, Robolly might be worth a try. This graphics automation program can produce personalized content in a few clicks, and it’s on sale.

For a limited time, the base and Professional plans are $29 (regularly $1,200) and $79 (regularly $2,400). Plus, during our Fourth of July Sale, you can get 20% off the Business and Power User Plans, which are only $119.20 (regularly $3,600) and $159.20 (regularly $4,800) with code JULY20.

Build iPhone apps in a fraction of the time with this dev tool


Build your own library of reusable code with this app dev tool.
Convert sketch files to mobile code and develop iOS apps faster.
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There’s something satisfying about being able to reuse some of your old design components. It’s like a gift from your past self. In that regard, Monday Hero Pro is the gift that keeps on giving. With this refined dev tool, you can save time and convert Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch into mobile code, which could be a gamechanger if you want to make a killing creating apps on the App Store. For a limited time, a Monday Hero Pro Developer Tool two-year subscription is on sale for $79 (Reg. $432).

Boost productivity with this Mac-compatible laptop screen extension


Grab a plug-and-play screen extension that works with MacBooks.
Let your MacBook spread its wings with this screen extension.
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If you’ve ever worked on a computer with a dual-screen setup, going back to a single screen feels impossible. Unfortunately for MacBook users, you won’t always have multiple desktop displays on hand.

Luckily, the Mobile Pixels Trio Max gives your MacBook a dual-screen setup. During our Fourth of July Sale, you can get 20% off your purchase of $100 or more with code JULY20. That means you can score the Mobile Pixels Trio for just $247.99 (regularly $359).

Stash all your files with this lifetime deal on terabytes of cloud storage


Store your favorite iPhone pictures bad practically anything else in this 15, 25, 35, or 50TB cloud storage.
Access years of pictures from any Mac or iOS device with this cloud storage.
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People tend to become digital hoarders during their student years. By the time you graduate and move into your career, you may already have a considerable digital library you’ll only add to as you work. Consider a file backup plan like Degoo if you always want to have room for the files you accrue.

During Cult of Mac Deals’ 4th of July Sale, if you spend more than $100, you can get 20% off your purchase with code JULY20. And for a limited time, you can use that sitewide coupon to purchase 15TB, 25TB, 35TB and 50TB Degoo backup plans for $119.99, $159.99, $199.99 and $239.99, respectively.

Learn languages and get flight deals sent to your iPhone with this pro traveler bundle


Learn languages, get flight deals, and become a pro traveler from your iPhone with this bundle.
This bundle featuring Rosetta Stone can put everything a world traveler needs on your iPhone.
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Oh, the places you’ll go, especially when armed with traveling knowledge. Taking a vacation can be exciting and romantic, but it requires a ton of planning and preparation to be fun and affordable.

One way you can prepare is by learning your destination’s local language, and the World Traveler Bundle can help you get there. Featuring a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, the bundle enables you to learn up to 24 languages — plus the language of finance and flight deals to boot.

This bundle is on sale for $159.20 (regularly $1,784) with code ROSETTA20, and it might be one of the best ways to hit the road in (well-informed) style.

Protect your Mac from its worst enemy: Human error


This security app could be what saves your Macbook.
This security app checks your Mac's security for you.
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Despite an old rumor about invincibility, Macs remain vulnerable to malware and hackers. However, one of the most common threats Macs face actually comes from a little closer to home: you.

The Pareto Security app helps you manage your Mac’s built-in security features so you don’t inadvertently compromise your computer or network just because you want to download a wallpaper from a sketchy website.

It routinely checks your Mac security settings, making sure everything’s up to snuff. And you can purchase a one-time lifetime license for this personal security tool for Mac for just $12 (regularly $17).

Pair this portable touchscreen monitor with your MacBook and see double


Even your iPhone can connect to this plug n play touchscreen monitor.
This plug-and-play touchscreen monitor can turn your MacBook into a proper workstation.
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MacBooks make great work computers, but their tiny little displays might be holding you back — especially if you zip through video edits and spreadsheets all day long. If you want the complete workstation experience for National Work From Home Day (that’s today, BTW), you may need a bit more screen real estate.

Desklab offers just that with this portable, plug-and-play 4K monitor, which could transform your MacBook into the dual-screen workstation of your dreams. During our 4th of July sale, it’s only $231.99 (regularly $700) with code JULY20.

This Apple TV remote lets you kick Siri to the curb


Grab an Apple TV replacement remote that doesn't require a conversation to change the channel
Finally, an Apple TV remote that isn't all talk.
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The Apple TV has a lot going for it, but the Siri Remote is pretty divisive, to say the least. If you like telling a robot what to do, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a better remote. However, if you want a traditional TV-watching experience, the voice controls might not be your cup of tea.

Instead, you may like the Function101 Button Remote. The Function101 was designed as a replacement remote for Apple TV and Apple TV 4K, and it may make it a little easier for you to use all the features built into your set-top streamer. For a limited time, you can get the Function101 Remote on sale for $24.95 (regularly $29.95) with code BUTTON5.

Charge your iPhone up to seven times with this 20,000mAh backup battery


Charge your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and Apple Watch with this massive portable Apple charger.
Get one backup battery to charge your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods.
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Think of the last time your iPhone died in the middle of the day. Whether you were working or simply going about your day, those low battery notifications probably led to some minor inconveniences. You can remedy those concerns with a high-capacity power bank such as this Extreme Boost from Aduro.

Sporting 20,000mAh of capacity, this portable charger lets you fully recharge multiple Apple gadgets at the same time. And you can purchase one for just $32.99 (regularly $89) for a limited time.