Flip through puzzles in Sp!ng on Apple Arcade


Sp!ng debuted Friday on Apple Arcade
Sp!ng is designed to be challenging but not stressful.
Screenshot: SMG Studios

SMG Studios calls Sp!ng “a stress ball for your brain.” The goal of the new title is to maneuver a ball through a maze while collecting gems, but in a relaxed way. There’s only one control to grab the ball, spin it and release it.

The puzzle game debuted Friday on Apple Arcade.

“Experience the zen and skillful world that is Sp!ng,” says the developer. “With only one touch, flow through hundreds of hand-crafted levels.” Specifically, the SMG Studios built over 180 levels for the game. And it promises daily challenges.

While the game can be challenging enough to be entertaining, there’s no penalty for starting levels over if the ball is dropped. And there are no time constraints — take as long as necessary to collect the gems.

Watch a gameplay trailer to get a taste of the fun:

Sp!ng is ready to play now

Sp!ng launched Friday on Apple Arcade, a subscription gaming service. There are versions for iPhone, iPad Mac and Apple TV games, and selected Xbox and PS4 controllers are supported.

This isn’t SMG Studios’ first addition to Apple Arcade. Subscribers can also play the developer’s No Way Home, a light-hearted, space-themed action title that debuted in 2020. The Australian company makes games that aren’t part of the service, including Moving Out, Thumb Drift and One More Line.

Apple Arcade costs $4.99 per month, and over 100 games are included. In-app purchases, loot boxes and ads are banned so there are no hidden fees.