Cult of Mac Magazine: iOS 12 vs. Android 9 Pie, and more!


In this week's Cult of Mac Magazine: Which wins the features arms race, Android 9 Pie or iOS 12? Here's how they compare.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: How does Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system compare to the new Android platform? We give you a blow-by-blow comparison of all the best (and worst) features.

You’ll find that top story and much more. See why you should use Do Not Disturb at Bedtime 24/7. Plus: Learn how to connect an external keyboard to your iPad. Get your free subscription to Cult of Mac Magazine from iTunes. Or read on for this week’s top stories.

Cult of Mac Magazine, Issue 257

ios 12iOS 12 vs. Android 9 Pie
Android 9 Pie has landed on Google Pixel devices just a month before Apple rolls out iOS 12. Both come with a long list of new features and improvements, but is one better than the other?
Here’s how Android 9 and iOS 12 compare.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 prepares for 2018 iPhones
This spring’s Galaxy S9 hasn’t sold all that well, so Samsung is pinning its hopes on the Galaxy Note 9, just announced this morning. This 6.4-inch Android device will have to compete with the iPhone X, and also the new smartphones Apple will introduce in a few weeks.

do not disturbYou should use Do Not Disturb at Bedtime 24/7
iOS 12’s best new feature may be Do Not Disturb at Bedtime. That sounds boring, but ask anyone who has been using the beta and they’ll tell you that it rocks. Apart from being active overnight, the main difference between regular Do Not Disturb and the new “at Bedtime” flavor is that all notifications are hidden from the lock screen until you deliberately swipe up on the screen.

ios 12iOS 12 makes iPhone’s Portrait mode better
iOS 12 packs a whole host of significant improvements that Apple didn’t get a chance to showcase during its WWDC preview. One of those, according to one developer, is a greatly-enhanced Portrait mode for compatible iPhone models.

lighteningEU may make iPhone go from Lightning to USB
Apple has its Lightning connector and everyone else has USB. But EU regulators are considering whether they need to force a common standard for phone chargers. The idea is to cut down on the 51,000 tons of old chargers and cables thrown away each year.

n7Keyboard shortcut revolutionizes copy & paste
Did you ever copy some text from a Word document, or from the web, and paste it into an email, only to have the pasted text keep its stupid 24-point Comic Sans formatting? Maybe you had to select everything, then start futzing with the Mac’s font panel to get the new text to match.

iPadHow to connect an external keyboard to iPad
We’ve brought you plenty of tips on using an external keyboard with the iPad, but I’ve never written a how-to on actually hooking one up. Today we’ll fix that, with a guide to using pretty much any keyboard with your iPad (or even your iPhone).

properYour Apple Watch deserves a Proper charger
Sadly, most Apple Watch charging stands look like utter crap. For a device beloved by Apple fans — some of the most design-savvy people on the planet — the Apple Watch accessories selection seems strangely miserable.

casetifyCasetify stainless steel Apple Watch bands get colorful
Stainless steel meticulously weaves its way through the Mesh Band for Apple Watch — Casetify’s answer to the significantly more expensive Milanese Loop by Apple. Casetify’s version is just as stylish, and now comes in three brand-new finishes: Space Gray, Yellow Gold and Fuschia Purple.