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Clips gets iPhone X-powered update with 360-degree selfies


Clips 2.0 is available now.
Photo: Apple

Apple is coming out with a big update to its video-making app Clips today that will be sure to delight users if you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone X.

Clips 2.0 is launching with an all-new feature called “Selfie Scenes” that takes advantage of the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera to create augmented-reality scenes and stages behind the user.

The update is the biggest new addition Apple has made this year and also comes with iCloud support. With the Selfie Scenes feature, you can move around and interact with the digital background. It’s essentially like an advanced version of the green screen.

Apple’s new 360-degree digital stages open up some interesting creative possibilities for iPhone X owners. The Verge got an early demo of the app and got to explore a Star Wars-themed scene that lets you look around the spacecraft and see BB-8 rolling by.

Clips gives creators more options for filming a scene regardless of their location. It’s great if say you’re stuck at home and don’t want to use your dirty bedroom as the background. Hopefully, it will inspire other apps like Instagram and Snapchat to create similar features using the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera.

The addition of iCloud support allows users to start making a movie on their iPhone and then finish the process on their iPad, or vice versa. Clips 2.0 also comes with new Pixar and Disney filters and stickers plus some new interface and content updates.

You’ll need to update to iOS 11 to install the new Clips update. Download it from the App Store now.