Apple’s new ad shows the power of having 40 million songs on your wrist


Apple Watch
Feel the liberating power of 40 million songs on your Apple Watch Series 3
Photo: Apple

Apple Music and Apple Watch are a match made in tech heaven, based on the latest ad from Apple.

The company published a new one-minute ad on its YouTube channel today that highlights the new cellular capabilities of Apple Watch Series 3. Apple’s captivating commercial features skateboarder Killian Martin performing a dazzling array of tricks indoors while jamming to music on Apple Watch.

Check it out:

With the new LTE feature, Apple Watch Series 3 wearers can access Apple Music and its 40 million songs without being connected to an iPhone. Pre-orders for Apple Watch Series 3 opened up today. Shipping times of some versions of the watch are already backed up 3 – 4 weeks.