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Apple’s new ad shows the power of having 40 million songs on your wrist


Apple Watch
Feel the liberating power of 40 million songs on your Apple Watch Series 3
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Apple Music and Apple Watch are a match made in tech heaven, based on the latest ad from Apple.

The company published a new one-minute ad on its YouTube channel today that highlights the new cellular capabilities of Apple Watch Series 3. Apple’s captivating commercial features skateboarder Killian Martin performing a dazzling array of tricks indoors while jamming to music on Apple Watch.

Check it out:

Google search just upped its lyrical game


It's as easy as that!
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Sometimes you don’t need to click on Google links to get the information you’re looking for; it’s just presented to you instantly right inside your search results. Now the same can finally be said for song lyrics — if you live in the U.S.

This song was written by iOS 8’s autocomplete function



I’ve always liked Jonathan Mann, the YouTube artist who became popular for writing and uploading a brand new song each and every day. Mann’s a big Apple fan, too, and over the years has put together numerous songs concerning everything from the iPhone 4’s Antennagate (which Steve Jobs actually danced to,) to duets with Siri, to a recap of the Apple Watch unveiling.

In his latest song (number 2,110!) he uses iOS 8’s new autocomplete function to compose a nonsensical song that — how do I put this delicately? — is still more entertaining and listenable than a large percentage of the music on the radio.

I won’t reproduce the lyrics here, since they’re essentially meaningless, but it’s a fun exercise nonetheless that may just be able to displace Mann’s WWDC song, which is still kicking around my head months later.

Via: The Loop

Listen to the Song-A-Day Man performs ‘Apple Watch: The Musical’



For the last 2,078 days, musician Jonathan Mann has been composing a song a day.

For his latest ditty, Mann summed up Apple’s entire iPhone 6/Apple Watch event in song form, covering everything from the rather underwhelming iPhone 6 debut to the excitement of Apple announcing its first new product category in years. There’s even a funny chorus about the bizarre Chinese voice-over in the livestream.

Tell Siri It’s Your Birthday And She’ll Try To Sing To You [Image]



A person’s birthday is the one day of the year where it’s totally ok to gloat as people shower you with their affections throughout the day. It’s the one day where it’s ok to want to feel a little special.

Even Siri wants to make you feel special. If you tell Siri, “It’s my birthday,” she’ll start singing a sprited version of “Happy Birthday” before remembering that, oh crap, that song is copyrighted. Better luck next year.


Via: Reddit

OS X Gets Automatic App Downloads Just Like iOS In Latest Mountain Lion Release


It's not working just yet, but you can bet it will be by the time Mountain Lion goes public.
It's not working just yet, but you can bet it will be by the time Mountain Lion goes public.

One of the features that I love most about iOS 5 is Automatic Downloads, which allows me to purchase an app, book, or song on my iPhone and have it installed on my iPad at almost exactly the same time. It’s great for users with multiple iOS devices, and it’s also coming to the Mac.

One developer has discovered the ability to turn on Automatic Downloads for Mac App Store purchases under the latest OS X Mountain Lion release.

iTunes User Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple After Paying Twice For One Song


One iTunes user is pushing for a better refund process after paying $2.60 for one song.
One iTunes user is pushing for a better refund process after paying $2.60 for one song.

An iTunes customer who was billed twice for the same song has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple after the Cupertino company refused to refund his money. Robert Herskowitz $2.58 for Adam Lambert’s pain-inducing pop song “Whataya Want From Me,” but he should have paid just $1.29.

He’s now taking Apple to court in an effort to make refunds easier for iTunes customers.

Lyricalizer Automatically Fetches Song Lyrics In The iOS 5 Music App [Jailbreak]


It's a beautiful day.

Have you ever wanted to have access to the lyrics of your favorite tunes in the iOS Music app? Do you not want to take the time to manually add lyrics for every song in iTunes? A jailbreak tweak called Lyricalizer automatically fetches the lyrics for songs as their playing on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and lets you view them right in the default Music app.