Apple how-to videos help you make the most of iOS 11 on iPad


how-to videos
Apple's new how-to videos showcase the best new iPad features in iOS 11.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Six new how-to videos from Apple show how to do things with your iPad running iOS 11. The minute-long episodes are engaging, informational and make iOS 11 look super-exciting, which it totally is.

If you want to get an idea of the neatest new features in iOS 11, these videos make a great place to start. Even better, you might want to send them to somebody else to show them what they will be able to do with their own iPad when Apple releases the final version of iOS 11 in a few weeks time.

6 new iOS 11 how-to videos

iOS 11, which should launch in September after months of beta releases, brings tons of new features — especially for iPad. In fact, iOS 11 makes your iPad a legit desktop replacement at last.

The videos cover marking things up with Apple Pencil, using the new Files app, drag-and-drop and other new gestures, scanning and signing paper documents, multitasking, and how to use the new iOS 11 Dock.

Of course, you probably already read all the Cult of Mac how-tos on these iOS 11 features, but the videos are pretty fun all the same:

A great look at new iOS 11 features

These videos might be most useful as a way to explain iOS 11 to less-nerdy family members. I often get asked for tips by friends and family, and — as you’d expect considering my job — I’m pretty good at helping people to learn how to use their Apple devices.

Sometimes, though, I find myself getting too in-depth. These videos offer a great way to demo the new features. Then you can help folks learn how to use them. They’re also a great demonstration of how much you can cram into a minute-long video without it seeming rushed or stressful to watch, which is something most other YouTube how-to video makers could learn from.