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Even your cat can’t destroy this chew-proof Lightning cable [Reviews]


Paracable, hard to chew but quick to charge.
Paracable, hard to chew but quick to charge.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

The charging cable Apple includes with each iOS device may not seem all that interesting, but to a kitten with razor-sharp teeth named Baxter, the rubber-coated cord was an exciting chew toy. Baxter gnawed through four iPhone 5 lightning cables and left Travis Beck no choice.

Beck formed Paracable, a company in Houston, that makes cat-proof charge and sync cords for iOS devices.

Protection from tiny teeth

Cord protection from destructive pets is not the only problem Paracable solves. Each cable is 5-feet long, which means not having to crouch down near an outlet to use a device as it charges.

With an Apple MFI stamp of approval, the Paracable Lightning cable also provides a faster charge to iPhone with up to 2 amps of capacity.

Keeping tiny teeth at bay is a cord housed in anodized aluminum and wrapped in a 32-strand paracord fabric in five, multicolored styles with names like Glacier, Matrix, Gecko, Continuum and 1.21 Giggawatts (spelled intentionally with an extra g for fun. The name is inspired by the flux capacitor in the movie “Back to the Future”).

Each cable reminds me of the multi-hued laces that come with some styles of hiking boots, or the fabric cord on a vintage toaster or table lamp.

Paracable offers a few styles as a durable and colorful alternative to Apple’s white Lightning cable.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

While I didn’t conduct a chew test with my own pet, I’m confident that the textured wrap on the cord would make biting it quickly tiresome and next to impossible. The Paracable should also withstand the random impacts of the everyday grind. Last year, I accidentally closed a drawer hard on a charging cable, the drawer’s edge biting through the soft coating.

I reenacted the drawer vs. cord showdown with a Paracable and, like a fighter with an iron face, it was unharmed by the shot.

Utility that is pleasing to the eye and fun to touch.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Paracable delivers power fast

For charging, the Paracable seemed to deliver the juice faster to my iPhone and iPad than Apple’s charging cord. This was especially true when I used the 2-amp power brick from my iPad to charge the phone.

Since the 6 series, iPhones are capable of charging at 2.1 amps. Apple provides only a 1-amp charger. Paracable recommends plugging its Lightning cable into the iPad power adapter for a faster charge.

I love the extra length in the cord and find myself zoning in on the bright colors. When not in use, the Paracable cords will go in a drawer that is a growing knot of cords and chargers for a variety of devices. Each cord is attractive enough to leave out in the open, but I dare not with a dog in the house.

The chewing isn’t the worry. Digging is now a thing. But should she bury it, the colors will make it easier to find.

Price: $23.95 for Lightning Cables and $15.95 to $17.95 for micro USB cables in two lengths for Android devices. Shipping is free when you buy two or more cables.

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