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Wireless charger suggests AirPower’s problems are solvable


wireless charging
Set it and forget it. Source changes smartphones without a search for a precise charging connection.
Photo: Spansive

We waited two years for AirPower and in the end, Apple could not deliver. Numerous engineering challenges forced Apple to do something it rarely does – give up.

But the hurdles facing the team producing Apple’s first multi-device wireless charger are not insurmountable.

Consider the Source – a wireless charger and first product by tech startup Spansive that goes on sale today for $189. Its multiple charging coils allow a person to simply set their phone on the surface without having to move it around until a precise charging point is engaged.

Scosche’s new USB-C to Lightning cable packs fast 1-2 punch


Scosche StrikeLine
The Strike Line charging cable delivers power quickly.
Photo: Scosche

Scosche Industries unfurled its first line of USB-C to Lightning power cables, which will bring a 1-2 data-power punch to iPhones and iPads.

Pair the new StrikeLine cable with Scosche’s USB-C PowerVolt charger and get a fully charged iOS device three times faster than a regular charger.

Travel battery will keep your iPhone and Apple Watch juiced


Ready to give charge on both devices.
Ready to give charge on both devices.
Photo: Elevation Lab

The iPhone helps with an endless number of tasks, but with a finite amount of battery life. So extra power is easy to find, whether it’s in an external battery or a battery integrated iPhone case.

But that battery is one more thing you have to charge. Strap on an Apple Watch and soon you are looking for a bigger bag that makes room for the charging needs of your various devices.

Portland-based Elevation Lab has a travel battery that takes virtually no room and can charge both your Apple Watch and iPhone a few times before it needs to recharge.

Even your cat can’t destroy this chew-proof Lightning cable [Reviews]


Paracable, hard to chew but quick to charge.
Paracable, hard to chew but quick to charge.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

The charging cable Apple includes with each iOS device may not seem all that interesting, but to a kitten with razor-sharp teeth named Baxter, the rubber-coated cord was an exciting chew toy. Baxter gnawed through four iPhone 5 lightning cables and left Travis Beck no choice.

Beck formed Paracable, a company in Houston, that makes cat-proof charge and sync cords for iOS devices.

Sleek power bank charges Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously


The ZENS Power Bank  for the Apple Watch and iPhone.
The ZENS Power Bank for the Apple Watch and iPhone.
Photo: ZENS

Our Apple devices are designed, in part, to make our lives easier. But the chargers they come with add a burden. Tangled cords and bulk become nuisance cargo in our bags and that’s if you don’t lose track of one of your chargers.

The Dutch company ZENS has prided itself for the last five years on cutting our cords and its latest wireless power bank offers an Apple MFi certified one-stop charging solution for the Apple Watch and the iPhone or iPad.

New magnetic charger lets you juice up iPhone wirelessly


The STACK PACK takes the cord out of charging your iPhone.
The STACK PACK takes the cord out of charging your iPhone.

We are wireless, but not quite wire-free. One company wants to help iPhone users cut a couple of cords with a magnetic charging solution called the STACK PACK.

It’s all capital letters for a product that sounds more like workout vitamins. The STACK PACK promises to pack just as much power as that soon-to-be obsolete charging cord — except with shorter charging times and a satisfying feeling as your iPhone magnetically clicks onto a battery or charger.