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Get more use from your Apple gadgets with this iOS device manager


This iOS device manager is on sale for multiple devices.
This iOS device manager will backup your files, move music and more with this great deal.
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For how useful a lot of our mobile devices are, keeping them updated, organized, and safe can be a lot of work. Between backing up your data, managing your apps, updating your music, and even just cleaning up your message folders, there’s a lot to do with mobile devices that isn’t actually using them. iMazing makes all of those necessary, but tedious tasks a lot easier, and it works for iPhone, iPad, and your computer. Right now, iMazing iOS Device Manager is on sale with coverage for two devices at $20, three devices for $25, and five for $30. 

Scosche’s new USB-C to Lightning cable packs fast 1-2 punch


Scosche StrikeLine
The Strike Line charging cable delivers power quickly.
Photo: Scosche

Scosche Industries unfurled its first line of USB-C to Lightning power cables, which will bring a 1-2 data-power punch to iPhones and iPads.

Pair the new StrikeLine cable with Scosche’s USB-C PowerVolt charger and get a fully charged iOS device three times faster than a regular charger.

Even your cat can’t destroy this chew-proof Lightning cable [Reviews]


Paracable, hard to chew but quick to charge.
Paracable, hard to chew but quick to charge.
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The charging cable Apple includes with each iOS device may not seem all that interesting, but to a kitten with razor-sharp teeth named Baxter, the rubber-coated cord was an exciting chew toy. Baxter gnawed through four iPhone 5 lightning cables and left Travis Beck no choice.

Beck formed Paracable, a company in Houston, that makes cat-proof charge and sync cords for iOS devices.

Apple Maps now dominates Google Maps on iOS devices


Apple Maps instructions might get a lot more 'human' soon.
Apple Maps has turned over a new leaf.
Photo: Apple

It’s hard to think of too many Apple-related bombs bigger than Apple Maps, the disastrous mapping service introduced in 2012, which resulted in widespread ridicule, at least one major executive leaving the company, and Tim Cook himself recommending that customers use rival services.

But just a few years later a new report suggests that Apple Maps is used “three times as often” as Google Maps on iOS devices, with “more than five billion map-related requests each week.”

How’s that for a turnaround?

Apple could sell 320 million iOS devices in 2015


Photo: Cult of Mac
Photo: Cult of Mac

Last year, despite the constant cries from naysayers that Cupertino had lost its edge, Apple blew past all expectations by shipping over 259.5 million iOS devices.

So how many iOS devices will Apple ship in 2015? According to one reputable industry analyst, a staggering 320 million iOS devices.