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Here comes Apple’s new Coding Lab for Kids session


Kids can code their first app in the new Today at Apple session.
Kids can code their first app in the new Today at Apple session.
Photo: Apple

Apple said Tuesday it will expand its coding education resources with a free new Today at Apple session starting December 5. It’s “Coding Lab for Kids: Code Your First App.”

The new session celebrates and coincides with Computer Science Education Week, the company said.

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The tech industry has exploded since the ’90s, and with that comes numerous opportunities for programmers. Fortunately, coding doesn’t require traditional schooling. However, to find success in the field, you absolutely need to show employers that you know your stuff.

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As iOS and Mac become more friendly to amateur programmers, learning to code and build your own apps has never been more tempting. And you don’t need to set foot in an expensive school to do so.

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Have you ever wanted to build games like the ones you fell in love with when you first started playing? Learning to design your own titles might be more involved than playing them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

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Learning to code is wildly useful — and it’s surprisingly fun once you get the hang of it. And one of the most well-loved languages in the world is Python.

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