Even beginners can learn to code with this massively discounted bundle


This course is perfect to kickstart your coding career
This inexpensive course is perfect to kick-start your coding career.
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Want to start an exciting new career in coding or land the promotion you’ve always wanted? The Master Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle will teach you everything you need to succeed, and it’s on sale right now for just $34.99. That’s a huge 98% discount off the regular price of $2,594.

Get 7 of the best digital skills courses of 2020, for up to 98% off right now


Here's 7 of the best online courses of 2020
Get some serious tech skills with one or more of these discounted educational bundles.
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What better way to round out the old year and kick-start the new one than by learning a new skill from home, in your own time? From Google Analytics to coding and app development, we selected some of the top-rated online courses of 2020 to level up your personal and professional skills.

Even better, all of these e-learning courses are on sale, with amazing discounts of up to 98% off right now.

This $40 training bundle will advance you from beginner to iOS developer in 41 hours


This bundle will help you become an expert mobile app developer
This bundle will help you become an expert mobile app developer.
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The iPhone 12 lineup accompanied what was arguably the biggest iOS update in years, and, as we all know, new features open the door for new apps. That, too, presents opportunities for aspiring app developers to make it big in the ever-expanding app market.

Quickly learn SwiftUI to build beautiful apps for Apple devices


SwiftUI Apps for Apple Platforms
Score two great courses that'll teach you the inner workings of Apple's go-to programming language.
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Building apps for mobile or desktop devices might seem like magic — heck, Apple even described its SwiftUI coding language as “magic.”

But anyone can do it, if they have some basic knowledge about languages like SwiftUI. This pair of courses offers an accessible but comprehensive entry point, so you can start working with Apple’s powerful tool for building apps.

Boost your resume with these online courses in our surprise Cyber Tuesday sale


Cyber Tuesday, Resume-Boosting Courses: Make yourself more marketable with these online courses, all at big savings.
Take your nerd factor up a notch with these online courses, all at big savings.
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If you’re looking to learn a new skill before the year ends — and earn a fat promotion (or even a make a big career change) by 2021 — look no further than these four top online courses. Whether you want to learn to code or master Adobe, these four online courses are sure to give your resume the boost it needs to help you meet your goals.

For a limited time, you can get all four courses at a whopping 65% off the sale price by using promo code CMSAVE65 at checkout for Cyber Tuesday — so be sure to snag them now!

For Black Friday, get huge discounts on these career-enhancing courses


Premium Learn to Code 2021
With these four educational bundles, you can add Apple's SwiftUI, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Excel and more to your skillset.
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Black Friday is going largely virtual this year, with people snatching up deals from their couches instead of descending on their local department stores.

You might miss out on the in-store excitement (and the ridiculous Black Friday brawls), but it’s not all bad. One huge benefit of shopping from home is that you can get deals on stuff that doesn’t come in a box.

Take, for instance, these absolutely awesome lesson bundles, which are available for as much as 98% off the usual prices. With these career-boosting courses, you can learn to code, master in-demand software and generally get set for a breakout 2021.

Apple offers free coding classes and learning materials


In December, Apple will offer free coding classes to teach kids and teens.
In December, Apple will offer free coding classes to teach kids and teens.
Photo: Apple

Next month, there will be thousands of free Hour of Code sessions at all Apple Stores around the world. These will help people at a variety of skill levels learn coding

In addition, the company also just introduced new materials to help teach coding inside and outside the classroom.

Learn to code like a wizard with this Harry Potter wand kit


Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit teaches muggles to code
Progammus Swiftus: Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit teaches muggles to code
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You can’t go to Hogwarts to learn magic, but the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit teaches programming as if you’re in the Wizarding World.

It comes with a wireless wand, and you flick and swish through the basic concepts of real-world programming. Professor Flitwick would be so proud.

Name your price to master mobile app development [Deals]


CoM - Pay What You Want- Mobile Cross Platform Development Bundle
More than 100 hours of training will prepare you for a fruitful career in mobile development.
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Mobile is the platform of the future, and learning to build apps for mobile devices is where the work is for developers. In a vast and fast-changing field, you’ll want a leg up to get started. That’s exactly what this massive bundle of nine iOS coding courses offers.

Clocking in at more than 100 hours of lesson content, it will teach you a wide range of tools, techniques and languages to build scalable mobile apps. The best part? Right now you can name your price for the entire Mobile Cross Platform Development Bundle at Cult of Mac Deals.

Learn to code for Alexa and the smart home revolution [Deals]


CoM - Amazon Alexa Coding Bundle- From Zero To Hero
Learn to code for the device that's leading the smart home revolution.
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Like it or not, our houses are getting smarter. If you’re sharp and interested in coding, you’ll want to learn to develop for Alexa, the digital assistant popping up in homes around the world due to the amazing success of the Amazon Echo.

Echo and Alexa are the opening shots of the smart home revolution, and with this bundle of comprehensive coding lessons you can get positioned to make your mark. Right now, you can get access to the whole thing for just $19 at Cult of Mac Deals.