Gmail for iOS gets a fancy new look and new features

Gmail for iOS gets a fancy new look and new features


Gmail gets some much-needed love on iOS.
Photo: Google

Google’s official Gmail app for iOS is finally getting some much-needed love. The latest update brings a “fresh new look” that makes Gmail feel like a real app that Google actually cares about — rather than just an ugly wrapper for a mobile webpage.

We know Google is capable of making pretty apps, but the Gmail app for iOS has never really been one of them. Android users have always enjoyed a great experience, but those who choose to use iPhone instead have been missing out. Until now.

[contextly_auto_sidebar] The new Gmail app is better looking and smoother to use. It has fancy transitions just like its Android counterpart, and features like swipe to archive or delete. Google has also improved the search function and added “instant” results.

The Gmail app has also adopted the useful Undo Send function from Inbox, which allows you to recall emails you instantly regret sending moments after you hit the send button.

Gmail is still missing a unified inbox, which sucks, and for some crazy reason there’s still no dedicated interface for iPad (you still get a blown-up iPhone app). But if you can ignore those things, Gmail for iOS is a lot better now — and actually worth using.