Hissgate: iPhone 7 Plus emits strange noise when under heavy load


iphone 7
Does your iPhone 7 Plus hiss?
Photo: Apple

The first crisis to hit the iPhone 7 Plus is already here, and this time it could be a lot more annoying than Bendgate and Antennagate.

Some iPhone 7 Plus owners are reporting that Apple’s new devices emit a strange hissing noise when performing processor-intensive tasks. And no one is sure what’s causing it.

Hear it for yourself:

Word of the iPhone 7 Plus issue hit Twitter this weekend thanks to Steve Hackett, who posted the audio recording above of his iPhone 7 Plus doing its best sprinkler impersonation. TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington has also reportedly been hit with the hissing bug on his brand new iPhone 7 Plus.

It appears that Hissgate only effects a small number of devices. Cult of Mac has not been able to replicate the hissing problem on any of our new iPhones.

Apple has not responded to requests for comment on what causes the issue. Engadget theorized that it could be a “coil whine” and is likely a small manufacturing defect instead of an overall design flaw.

Hackett said Apple has already offered to replace his device with a brand new unit. If you’re suffering from the same problem, try taking your device to a Genius Bar to get a replacement once supplies become available.

  • Pretty sure, it’s HerGate.

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  • Everyone’s Horrible 2016

    Can we stop putting gate at the end of everything?

    • Miguel Bertrand

      I TOTALLY think we should continue with the gate suffix. It’s pretty funny and makes my day every time I see one crop up

  • Paul

    I’m glad i’m deaf number one, but two this is always the main reason why i buy the “s” versions of the iphones. The kinks are removed and the phone is working proper.

    Iphone 6 was bendgate, iphone 7 is hissgate…the “s” versions have/will fix this.

  • DrMuggg

    How many are affected? Not many as I can understand. If there is a problem, you will have your faulty one swapped for another one easily.

    However, this is “food” for the trolls that must find a flaw in the new phone. I read some constructed crap the other day about the button that would not function if you were on a Saturn moon….

    Some people just have to search for flaws, if they don’t find any, they will invent flaws. They will construct obscure situations (What if you are forced to open it with your nose in winter and you are like Astronomer Tycho Brahe (he had lost his nose in a duel and had a silver nose))?? ha! Bet you didn’t think about that one!

    or if you really must write SMS:es from the BOTTOM of the swimming pool and…
    or if

    So many “happy idiots” doing Samsungs dirty job, all for free….

  • Matthew

    It’s really a non-story. Like the inability to use the home button through gloves. If you’re using gloves, you’re not going to be using the damn capacitive touch screen now are you? What’s the point?

    Kinda like how I won’t be using a high gain mic to listen to the back side of my iPhone.