Indian actor teases ‘Apple VR’ after meeting Tim Cook


Virtual reality was one of the first iPhone accessories Apple considered. Photo: USPTO/Apple
Is Apple finally getting eady to make this a reality?
Photo: Apple

Is Apple finally going to dip its toe into the fast-growing world of virtual reality?

Everyone’s been waiting for the Cupertino company to make its move as devices like the Samsung Gear VR become increasingly popular, and according to Indian actor Emraan Hashmi — who met with Tim Cook this week — “Apple VR” is on its way!

Apple has patented VR headsets for the iPhone, and hired people with experience in virtual reality technologies. Some analysts believe the company is investing heavily in this space, and that VR could even replace the iPhone entirely one day.

It certainly doesn’t look like Apple’s ignoring the demand for virtual reality, then. Hashmi, who met with Cook during his trip to India this week with other Apple executives, “Apple VR” is real, and he’s “eagerly awaiting” it.


Now, if you’ve ever seen an interview with Cook, you’ll know he never talks about upcoming products. It seems highly unlikely he would have revealed anything to Hashmi or anyone else he’s meeting in India this week, then.

Don’t get too excited for Apple VR just yet, then. Although Apple certainly appears to be experimenting with virtual reality technologies, that doesn’t mean they’ll ever see the light of day — but we can certainly keep our fingers crossed for a surprise at WWDC next month.

Via: OnlyGizmos

  • Emmi Nitin jangid

    Emraan hashmi is a best indian actor & maybe forever.he always appreciates other not teases or make fun of other.

  • VR just got more interesting.

  • User

    “Is Apple finally getting eady to make this a reality?”

  • 29un

    Apple used to be the leader……… now it’s just following the market………iphone 6plus after galaxy note.
    ipad pro after surface pro (although there is nothing pro about it).apple music after spotify.
    apple watch after android wear…….And now, after hololens, htc vive, or even google cardboard, Apple is busy putting 480p cameras on 2016 macbooks, putting charging port under the mouse, making the most beautiful battery case out there and selling the same phone once again, again………..

  • aaloo

    lol. man, we all know apple is working on VR. some random indian actor firing up a random tweet.