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Got a new iPhone? Sell your old Android phone to us.


Got a shiny new iPhone? Sell us your old Android device.
Got a shiny new iPhone? Sell us your old Android device.
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No matter how well you take care of an Android phone, the time will come for it to count its last electric sheep. Selling a smartphone, even a functioning one, can be a hassle — and less than rewarding when dealing with the typical Android buyback program or Craigslist buyer.

If you’ve got a Samsung, LG or HTC phone, even one that’s gone completely kaput, Cult of Mac’s buyback program makes it easy to trade it in for the best price.

Whether it’s a cracked old Galaxy S3 or a pristine HTC One M9, we can offer you more dough for your device than other big names in buyback, like Gazelle and Walmart. Even if it’s been mangled into scrap, we’ll make sure your Android gets recycled safely — you won’t even have to leave the house.

We offer the most money for old Android phones

We offer the best price for Android devices in any condition, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. A Galaxy Note Edge in good condition will get you a $160 if you sell to us. Let’s compare that to Best Buy, who will pay only $95.

It’s not just Best Buy, of course. Gazelle, the biggest name in buyback, offers $120 for an HTC One M9, if it’s in *flawless* condition — as long as it doesn’t have any cracks and works well, we pay $125.

In either case, even if your Android is really, really busted, we’ll give you $5. The other guys won’t pay you a dime.

Properly recycle that broken Android

Just because your Android has outlived its use doesn’t mean it isn’t worth something. The materials and components can be recycled and reused to keep other devices kicking.

Modern phones also contain caustic, toxic chemicals and compounds that contaminate soil and water, while adding to the growing problem of landfills. In fact, e-waste is the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. That’s why Cult of Mac’s buyback program is dedicated to making sure your devices are properly disassembled and disposed of.

Even if we can’t offer you any money for your defunct device, we’re happy to recycle it for free — no muss, no fuss, no environmental mess.

Sell your old Android phone to us

There’s really no reason selling or recycling your old gadgets should be tough. It’s better to keep this simple for everybody involved, which is why Cult of Mac partnered with Arkansas-based startup MyPhones Unlimited.

Their low overhead is why we’re also able to offer the best prices. Instead of dropping major coin on big advertising campaigns, they keep a lean operation and employ a top-notch team of techs who tirelessly take apart, repair and recycle discarded electronics.

But you don’t have to worry about any of that. All that’s required of you to get rid of your old Android is to visit our buyback page and choose the device and model you’re selling or recycling. We’ll send you a box with the shipping label already attached. Just return it with your device inside, and in a week or so you’ll get a check. Done.

Visit the Cult of Mac buyback page and see what your old Android phone is worth.


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