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Handsome desk shelf brings calm to chaos [Setups]


Fenge monitor stand setup
The white Fenge monitor stand, or desk shelf, is one of the coolest choices we've seen lately.
Photo: tombaconart@Reddit.com

Monitor stands, aka monitor risers or desk shelves, are often unsung heroes of computer setups. Even just a single shelf can add so much in terms of organization and ergonomics. In today’s colorful and artistic Mac mini workstation, the Fenge monitor riser is crucial. Without it, the desktop would devolve into chaos. 

Artist loves his iPad Pro stand for good reason [Setups]


Lab22 Infinity Adjust iPad stand
This M1 Mac mini setup features a lot to look at, but don't miss that cool iPad Pro stand on the right.
Photo: tombaconart@Reddit.com

Sometimes what stands out in a computer setup isn’t a major piece, like a computer or display, but a cool accessory. Today’s colorful M1 Mac mini workstation with dual displays and loads of artwork features a cool accessory one could easily miss — a Lab22 Infinity Adjust iPad stand.

Big curved Dell 4K display serves MacBook duo [Setups]


Dell 4K curved monitor
This 40-inch Dell 4K curved monitor makes a great external display.
Photo: chrisonhismac@Reddit.com

A Dell curved 4K monitor — especially a big 40-incher — can make an excellent external display, if today’s featured MacBook Air and MacBook Pro setup is any indication. The user put the dramatic display together with a 27-inch 4K monitor after trying two other configurations. 

Dual-display rig boasts speedy M3 and M2 MacBooks [Setups]


M3 Max MacBook Pro setup
With an M2 MacBook Air and an M3 Max MacBook Pro from work, this setup is highly productive.
Photo: chrisonhismac@Reddit.com

Who doesn’t love a good MacBook? Or maybe two MacBooks, like in today’s setup. The guy has his own M2 MacBook Air, a formidable machine. But he’s lucky enough to add to it an absolutely screaming M3 Max MacBook Pro courtesy of his employer. Nice perk, that.

He can also thank work for his second 4K display. But it doesn’t top his own.

42-inch smart TV may be user’s best display ever [Setups]


LG C2 smart TV setup
This photographer said the 42-inch LG C2 smart TV is better than other displays he's tried.
Photo: johnnyphotog@Reddit.com

Today’s Mac Pro and smart TV setup is a rare find for two reasons. First, Mac Pro costs so much that we rarely see it in the wild. Second, while big smart TVs used as computer displays continue to gain popularity, we don’t often hear users saying they’re one of the best they’ve ever had. But that’s the case with this LG C2 smart TV setup, used by a photographer and musician. 

In it, a powerful cheese-grater Mac Pro drives a gargantuan 42-inch smart TV as an external display.

Classic iMac G4 looks on as Mac Pro drives monster display [Setups]


Mac Pro setup
Music and photography appear to big big jobs for this powerful Mac Pro setup. Note the iMac G4 as well as Wall-E and Eve above the cheese grater.
Photo: johnnyphotog@Reddit.com

It’s somewhat rare that we come across a Mac Pro setup on social media for the obvious reason that Apple’s top desktop computer costs a fortune. And the ones we see are often older than 2019’s cheese grater design. But today’s Mac Pro and smart TV setup is a welcome exception to that rule.

It sports a powerful cheese-grater Mac Pro driving a gargantuan smart TV as an external display.

And what’s more, a classic iMac G4 that still works and Wall-E and Eve toys from the Pixar movie look on from a shelf!

User’s first Mac workstation is a doozy [Setups]


Mac mini setup with LG external display
In the user's first Mac setup, a Mac mini drives an LG external display. A Magic Keyboard also sits on the desk shelf, with an iPad Pro on a stand to the right.
Photo: KSen420@Reddit.com

Mac mini may be Apple’s smallest desktop computer, but that doesn’t make it meek. It’s anything but meek, in fact. Today’s M2 Mac mini setup is the user’s first Apple rig, and the computer, working alongside a recent 12.9-inch iPad Pro, drives an impressive 35-inch LG ultra-wide display.

Pro Display XDR completes powerful MacBook Pro rig [Setups]


Pro Display XDR setup
The third, final and best display here is Apple's stellar Pro Display XDR.
Photo: nachoal@reddit.com

In the computer setup arms race over bigger and better external displays, one monitor reigns supreme (with a price tag to match) — Apple’s phenomenal Pro Display XDR. Today’s M3 Max MacBook Pro rig just added one to its two other displays, including the oddly square LG DualUp.

Powerful speakers flank smart TV display [Setups]


IK Multimedia iLoud MTM speakers
You can also stand them up vertically, as shown here.
Photo: IK Multimedia

High-quality speakers in MacBooks and Studio Displays and the like are all well and good. But if you want great sound in your computer setup, you’re better off with studio monitor speakers like those in today’s MacBook Pro setup. They’re IK Multimedia iLoud MTM speakers.

The powered pair of studio monitor speakers pump out 100 watts of sound apiece. And right now they’re 25% off at $300 each. Find them in the gear list below if you want to level up your setup’s sound.

Can you handle a display this massive? [Setups]


Big OLED smart TV display setup with MacBook Pro
When it comes to OLED smart TVs as computer displays, how big is too big?
Photo: Katert@Reddit.com

Is bigger always better? Nope. And the debate rages on over how big an OLED smart TV display should be to best-suit a computer setup. Would you go large at over 50 inches, or stick to, say, 42 inches or smaller?

Today’s MacBook Pro setup raised the issue again, surfacing some sensible advice. And the smart TV in question is on sale!

Satechi’s great USB-C hub and stand isn’t just for Mac mini [Setups]


Satechi USB-C hub Mac Studio
Satechi's USB-C hub is also an ideal stand (for either Mac mini or Mac Studio).
Photo: Satechi

Satechi makes an awfully cool USB-C hub and stand for Mac mini that also suits Mac Studio perfectly. We’re surprised we don’t see that particular Satechi hub and stand more often in computer setups online.

But today’s Mac Studio rig with three big 4K displays makes perfect use of it. It greatly expands the machine’s capability and it blends right in like it’s not even there.

Triple 4K displays: Too many or just right? [Setups]


Triple 4K displays in Mac Studio setup
That is an awful lot of screen real estate.
Photo: Imtog@Reddit.com

How many external displays would you consider ideal in your computer setup? Surprisingly, a lot of folks who assume it’s at least two end up regretting the idea. Today’s Mac Studio rig with triple 4K displays — three 32-inchers — sparked some debate on the matter.

That’s an awful lot of screen real estate that calls for a lot of head turning.

Slick new Yamaha speakers blast rapper’s soundtrack [Setups]


MacBook Pro setup with new Yamaha speakers
This setup replaced big ol' Yamaha speakers with smaller new ones the user said sound just as good.
Photo: jonyoungmusic@Reddit.com

For those who get by with audio from a laptop or display speakers in their computer setup — as good as that can be these days — an upgrade to desktop speakers offer a real treat for the ears. Today’s MacBook Pro setup from a Florida-based rapper just got a nice set of brand new Yamaha speakers and jacked them in to a huge subwoofer under the desk. 

No regrets on move from monster PC to M3 MacBook Pro [Setups]


M3 Max MacBook Pro setup
The M3 Max MacBook Pro in clamshell mode offers plenty of power in a small, mobile footprint.
Photo: juicemaistro@Reddit.com

If you have a powerful custom desktop PC, why would you switch to a MacBook Pro? We’ve seen plenty of setups that opt to include both, but today’s setup made the swap and its user feels zero regrets.

The Mac laptop is just that powerful, and the option for mobile use proved irresistible.

‘Small’ MacBook Pro rig punches well above its weight [Setups]


MacBook Pro setup
Despite appearances, there's really a lot going on here.
Photo: dartiss@Reddit.com

Isn’t it great when someone on social media humbly displays a well put-together and complete computer setup that makes yours look like random debris? Well, at least it’s a good learning opportunity. And today’s MacBook Pro setup is an exceptional example, as it doesn’t look like “all that” — even though it is.

At a glance you might not guess that it packs about two dozen components, and the user is happy to explain how he uses most of them.

Good monitor arms ‘go a long way’ [Setups]


Mac Studio setup with three mounted displays
This user swears by the arms his 4 displays are mounted on.
Photo: TheJTizzle@Reddit.com

Sure, you can buy a computer monitor and set it up on the stand that came in the box. But what if you want to easily move the external display around? And what if you want to have multiple screens and move them around?

Keeping monitors up off the desk and mobile can really improve your setup. And the best way to do that is to mount your screens on arms. It takes some effort, but as today’s user points out below, it’s worth it.

Can removing a 4K external display count as an upgrade? [Setups]


MacBook Pro setup with LG UltraFine monitor on stand
Once again, a monitor riser (and other updates) elevates a computer setup.
Photo: jonyoungmusic@Reddit.com

Multiple-display computer setups are all the rage, but can a workstation benefit from losing one of its external monitors, even one with 4K resolution?

If today’s featured MacBook Pro rig is any indication, yes, it can — especially if the outfit sees a bunch of other cool upgrades at the same time, like a cool new monitor riser, an open stand for the MacBook Pro and a great new office chair.

Dual 5K displays and giant DIY desk distinguish this rig [Setups]


MacBook Pro setup
Cleaned, reorganized and beautifully underlit, this MacBook Pro and Studio Display rig is ready for work in the new year.
Photo: dominicmannphoto@Reddit.com

People often compare LG’s UltraFine 5K display to Apple’s Studio Display because they’re directly comparable, with the same size and resolution. But rarely do you find the two in the same setup. That makes today’s dual MacBook Pro and dual 5K display setup something of a rarity.

That, along with the rarely seen Wacom drawing tablet and the truly massive DIY desk, fashioned from a kitchen countertop and mechanized legs.

This MacBook Pro workstation enjoyed a very merry Christmas [Setups]


MacBook Pro setup with dual monitors
Sometimes the holiday season turns a half-empty desk into a powerful computer setup.
Photo: TemporaryAd_4202@Reddit

Ah, the magic of Christmas. Even a grownup can get deliriously excited about unwrapping a rich haul of computer gear that turns a Charlie Brown Christmas tree of a setup into a powerful workstation that would intimidate Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Today’s user had a decent MacBook Pro and iPad Pro to begin with, but ended up with a proper, highly functional setup. And commenters had further suggestions for additions, too. Hey, the more the merrier!

Slammin’ Mac Studio is just the start of this rig’s massive upgrades [Setups]


M2 Max Mac Studio setup with two 4K displays
This user went from a 2012 Mac mini to an M2 Max Mac Studio plus a MacBook Air.
Photo: PBRarq@Reddit.com

A big upgrade to a computer setup is a major boost to any user. And today’s featured rig, though it may look unassuming, got a doozy of a makeover. A Mac mini dating all the way back to 2012 finally retired after a long career. And a powerful new M2 Max Mac Studio took over, with a late-model MacBook Air riding shotgun.

But that’s not all. Read more about other bonuses in the rejuvenated setup besides the laptop, and check out the full gear list below.

Thunderbolt 4 dock helps M3 MacBook Pro share massive display and more [Setups]


Setups with two MacBook pros and an LG smart TV
A powerful M3 MacBook and its older sibling -- an M1 Max -- play nice with a big LG smart TV via a Thunderbolt 4 dock.
Photo: Halzen@Reddit.com

Today’s featured setup packs two powerful MacBooks Pro — an M1 Max for work and an M3 Pro for play. To give them hassle-free equal time with peripherals, including a big, beautiful OLED smart TV serving as a display, the user employs a Thunderbolt 4 dock bristling with ports for maximum connectivity options.

Super-cool vertical Mac mini stand does it all [Setups]


M1 Mac mini setup features vertical stand with SSD enclosure and 5-in-1 USB-C hub.
The unobtrusive vertical stand holding up the Mac mini at right does a lot.
Photo: eljelipe@Reddit.com

Mac mini, Apple’s small-but-mighty desktop machine, does a lot of things well — especially the M1 and newer models. They make bigger desktop computers unnecessary for people who don’t need truly massive computing power.

And today’s featured M2 Mac mini user found a way to greatly expand his computer’s capabilities with a vertical stand that also saves space on the desk.

Old and new MacBook Pros work in harmony [Setups]


This setup features an M2 MacBook Pro, but it still uses a 2015 Retina model, too.
This setup features an M2 MacBook Pro, but it still uses a 2015 Retina model, too.
Photo: izzyontheweb@Reddit.com

Who says an 8-year-old MacBook Pro is too old? Today’s featured setup relies on a new M2 MacBook Pro for most of the real work, but a 2015 Retina model still contributes regularly.

“Used it for school but recently graduated in May, only use for it now is YouTube/visuals until it dies,” graphic designer and Redditor izzyontheweb said. “Could you believe it’s a 2015 model and still works amazing?”

Separating work and personal life with 2 MacBooks and 3 displays [Setups]


That desktop wallpaper is distracting, to say the least.
That desktop wallpaper is distracting, to say the least.
Photo: ImCoolInMyHead@Reddit.com

A problem users face with home computer setups is how to separate work from personal use. Today’s setup brings work and personal laptops to the mix — both M1 Max MacBook Pros, coincidentally — along with three displays, including a massive OLED smart TV.

And as is often the case on social media, solid advice sounded loud and clear above the noise.