Thinner iPhones, Mac malware and 10 mobile Safari tips you need to know


Thin is in, baby.
Thin is in, baby.
Cover Design: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

With Bendgate not that far behind us, is it really wise for Apple to contemplate an even thinner iPhone?

Sure, it’s an easy selling point for new iPhones, but thinner can also mean more bendable. Take a look at this age-old Apple theme in this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine, along with 10 fantastically useful mobile Safari tips, a way to find out if you’ve been infected by sneaky adware, five amazingly great new iOS games, and some awesome product reviews to help inform your purchasing plans.

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Here are the top stories of the week:

iphone6bendtestDo we really need thinner iPhones?
Has Apple’s drive to produce ever-more-slender smartphones gone too far? Plus: iPhone 7 will be as slim as an iPod touch

Safari-780x52110 mobile Safari tips you need to know (but probably don’t)
iOS’ built-in browser possesses a few subtle features you’ve probably never heard of. Plus: Forgot your Apple ID password? Here’s how to reset it

macbook-780x520Find out if your Mac’s infected by sneaky new malware
Is your computer harboring newly discovered software ostensibly created to give hackers remote access to your machine? Plus: How to eliminate the adware that’s plaguing your Mac

Best-Apps_Feb-780x5855 utterly awesome new iOS games
Ready to load up your iPhone or iPad with zombie-slaying action, challenging puzzles and rampaging robots? These new games fill the bill (and some of them are free).

zagg-slimbook-ipad-mini-780x585Product reviews: A pair of great iPad cases + more
Long before the original iPad debuted, some of us dreamed that Apple would create the ultimate affordable, portable netbook. Well, that day is here. Sort of. Plus: Beefy iPad Pro case is worth its weight in protection

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