iPhone 7 will be as slim as an iPod touch


The iPhone 7 may be Apple's thinnest handset yet.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone 7 is set to be a whole 1mm thinner than the iPhone 6s, according to a new report — making it the same 6.1mm thickness as the fifth-generation iPod touch.

Considering that the first generation iPhone was 11.6mm thick, this means that Apple will have successfully shaved off almost half the thickness of its slimline iPhone over the course of the handset’s lifecycle, should this rumor turn out to be true. That’s a pretty amazing statistic!

The iPhone 7 is also unlikely to look fundamentally different from its predecessor, although it will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, add stereo speakers for the first time in iPhone history, and boast a slightly thinner Lightning port — but thankfully not thin enough that you’ll need to change connectors.

Finally, the report notes that the iPhone 7 is unlikely to be waterproof. While this is certainly a disappointment in some ways, it should be pointed out that Apple has been working to make its iPhones gradually more water resistant, adding a series of valves to the iPhone 6s to help keep water out of the handset, for example.

Macotakara’s report doesn’t differ hugely from the predictions made previously by reliable Apple analyst KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo, but it does seem to corroborate those rumors.

Personally, I’d rather that Apple provide a bigger battery than focus on slimming down the iPhone even more. I’d also like the designers to try and make the iPhone 7 less slippery than the two previous phones, although it doesn’t seem like that is on the cards. Stereo speakers certainly sound good, though.

What changes would you like to see Apple make for the iPhone 7? Leave your comments below.

Source: Macotakara

  • Peter Wolf

    More battery life, I say, away with those who talk about thin!

    • Juliomagana

      Apple has To make something new, when Steve job was the CIO everything was different I love apple and I never change my iPhone but sincerely they have to create something different instead to put the speakers in the phone ,Apple is lose a lot of people right now with Samsung product!

  • Ben Kenon

    “The iPhone 7 will also feature a 50% smaller battery than the iPhone 6s, but Apple says you shouldn’t worry, because a combination of ‘software enhancements’ and a hideous battery case will put battery life on par. Additionally, because of its thinness, the iPhone 7 will be easy to bend and shape so it matches the curve of your hand/face.”

    Android, here I come.

  • imtough

    If they could reduce the surface area of the phone while keeping the same screen dimensions (i.e. shrink bezel, move/remove home button) even if it means keeping the same thickness as the 6/(S), I would be happy. I have relatively big hands, but using the 6S+ with one hand is still a struggle. I believe the prospects and potential inherent in 3D Touch and gesture control will make the home button an unnecessary and obsolete technology. I don’t necessarily need slimmer, just makes the frame more susceptible to bending/fracture and with a case, who cares anyway.

  • wilberforce55

    Headphone port. I have some very expensive headphones and the thought of no headphone port, even using a dongle which screws up the weighting of the headphones, makes me think for the first time that i may move away from Apple

  • BreMO

    I would rather see them reduce the size of the bezels slightly and improve the battery life (at least another 20% on the 4.7″ model would be great) than make the iPhone any thinner. Water proofing would be great too.

  • Edward Blodgett

    Me personally I like thinness because I put it in a wallet case, which probably makes it around the original iPhone thickness. I use mine throughout the day and as long as it last until I go to bed (which is does), I’m good. That being said….Holy cow, APPLE quit with the thinness! The consumer wants MORE battery.

  • Aron

    Why not have two models, the iPhone and the iPhone Air? Base the first model on the shape of the iPhone 3-4 with plenty of grip at the sides and lots of space for better/more components (better camera and/or better battery life) at the new screen sizes. Make the model under discussion here the iPhone Air. While we’re at it, why isn’t the new macbook the macbook air and the old macbook air (updated with a retina display) the macbook? It would make a lot more sense for the thinnest product to always be the Air model as a clear signal to those who value elegance and portability over power, giving new customers simpler choices.

  • digitaldumdum

    Gotta love this. The cover of the new Cult of Mac Magazine asks, “Do we really need thinner iPhones?” The the only source for this rumor is, “a new report.” Far down in the article, “Macotakara” is cited as the source of the rumor, and compares it to •another• rumor, adding, “but it does seem to corroborate those rumors.”
    So basically, we have two sources, which do not agree with each other, and neither has any credible evidence of a change to the iPhone’s size.

    I love you, Luke, you know that(!), but this is kinda silly. Sunday tech news often is. :)

  • Dave Hitz

    I want BATTERY LIFE! Not fewer millimeters.