Apple rejects iOS apps that support the Pebble watch


Investors and consumers alike are skipping Pebble
Investors and consumers alike are skipping Pebble
Photo: Pebble
  • James Alexander

    Perfect time to upgrade to the Apple Watch. ;-) I know the Pebble has a longer battery life but that is the only thing it has going for it.

    • repoleved

      That’s just Apple strong-arming consumers into buying its new overpriced-complicated- short battery life watch.

      • James Alexander

        Overprices sure, Complicated not even super easy to use, battery life lame argument. No one needs it to last a few days since you will be sleeping and not using it so go ahead and charge it. I wish people would drop the battery excuse.

      • yankeesusa

        Well, right now battery hasn’t really been tested by reviewers and real life users. It will be interesting to see how they are. So far it’s been said that if you use it “normally” the battery only lasts about 6 hours. Hopefully that’s not true.

      • James Alexander

        Time well tell. Now sure where you saw 6 hours. One review that was collected on Cult of Mac said…even after heavy use it lasted all day and still had a few percent before he went to bed. I just hope people dont start playing games on it all day long. :-)

      • James Burge

        “According to the site’s sources [9to5Mac], final software tweaks and optimizations to the device have led to a battery life of approximately five hours of heavy application usage.”

        I like using my Pebble for sleep tracking so charging nightly is a deal breaker, for me; ultimately it depends what tasks you are planning on using a smart watch for. Pebble charges fully in just under an hour a week. If I need to see something at LCD quality I will just take out my phone. IMO its about simple notification and basic action on those notifications so I don’t have to pull out my phone everytime it vibrates or beeps, it’s not meant to replace the phone.

      • Fanboy 

        A quick Google search will have you learn that the watch HAS been tested by reviewers who received a unit a little over a week ago to test it. The battery life conclusion was that it without a doubt stands to Apple’s claims of “18-hour battery life”. In fact, some even said it lasted them MORE than that, reaching 1.5 days of battery life for some. So without a doubt it will last everyone their entire day (assuming you’re human and sleep at least 6 hours a day).

      • yankeesusa

        I don’t look at just 1 review, I look at several and from the several that I read non mentioned 18 hours for normal use and definitely not 1.5 days. Which review mentioned 18 hours after using it all day?

      • James Alexander

        Like Fanboy said do a quick search. I tried to post a link but Cult of Mac will not let me.

      • yankeesusa

        Just checked again, after 4 different articles, they all say that it will last about a day if it isn’t used much. If you use it for exercising and other activities it may last 8 hours or more depending on use. Until people start reporting their batteries after it’s released no one will know for sure. Reviewers help but from i see it’s not looking too good. At least no better than current smartwatches out there other than the pebble.

      • James Alexander

        search this… apple watch reviews battery life. Second link from BGR

      • Sorry, but battery life is super important:

        By needing to charge it overnight, you eliminate the ability to use it as a sleep tracker, smart alarm, or any sort of gesture alarm. These are huge awesome features you’re missing out on.

        By needing to charge it daily, you’re reducing battery life long term. What might be 18 hours today will be 17 or 16 hours in a year, etc.

        By needing to charge it daily, you can’t ever leave for more than a day without your charging cable, which means at some point, you’re gonna need to buy one while you’re away from home.

      • James Alexander

        I guess than you can stick with something other than the Apple Watch. All the things you just mention mean nothing to me so I am glad people have options. Dont care to track my sleep I know if I am sleeping or not. HEHEHE

      • Richard

        Battery life is a deal breaker for me, and I reckon most people.

      • James Alexander

        I would not say most since the Apple watch has sold probably more if not close to as many of all other smart watches combined. On many other sites I visit people seem to be more than fine with one day use. Again there are options for everyone which we need so everyone gets better.

      • Chris Salinas

        James Alexander, do you work for Apple. You said the battery issue was lame and then had various posters explain to you why the issue is important…and what do you do, brush it off. The number of sales does not mean a quality product. It means that there are a lot of dumb people that either do not understand the product and/or there are a lot of people that are willing to pay a crazy amount for an accessory. The watch is nice, but the flaws are obvious.

      • James Alexander

        No I dont work for Apple. I just get tired of people complaining about the same issue with battery life. If I had problems sleeping or stayed up for 2 days at a time I would care too but I dont. If one is going to complain come up with something better. If a product needs more power vs another that does not dont complain. My truck needs more gas than my prius. See lame argument. Yes it is a bit costly but the batter life is not a flaw at this point in time.

      • Richard

        We’ll have to agree to disagree. Battery life is essential to me. I am often away for 2 days or more with no access to power, so I can’t afford to have a watch that goes flat.

      • James Alexander

        Agreed. I hope you have an option for a phone too. Same problem with most smart phone only lasting a day if you use it. HEHE

      • Chris Salinas

        James, the battery life is a big concern at this point. It wouldn’t be as much of a concern at a different price point, but when it is at least $350, you expect a lot more than 1.5 days battery life…especially from a company like Apple. This is not exactly a new market they are entering. Smart watches have been around a few years ago and there should have been some thought as to what is expected by an Apple watch. I love Apple devices and don’t mind paying a bit of a premium because they are decidedly better built and better thought out devices. (My home pc, phone, tablet and laptop are all Apples.) This watch is not on par with those devices. It is nice, but again it is just one of many that are nice smart watches.

      • James Alexander

        The price point is the better argument. Since it is a 1st gen for them I personally dont expect more since no other watch that is in the same league (moto 360) has any more battery life so it is right on par. People just seem to always compare the pebble to the Apple watch rather that a watch that can do mostly the same things which bothers me. They are working on that I am sure so in future GENS the battery life will get better like they did with all the other products you mentioned. None of them were the greatest out of the gate. :-)

      • Minotaur

        Apple themselves obviously class Pebble as a rival otherwise they wouldn’t be rejecting apps that mention it all of a sudden, so even they are comparing the two

      • Michael Smith

        To be fair, if you have a job that your off in the wilderness with no power for 2 days it is probably a good idea to carry a battery backup to recharge your devices. I don’t know how it is with the Apple watch but the Moto 360 fully charges in an hour or 2.

      • Richard

        Are you seriously suggesting that I should buy a power pack or a solar power pack to dangle off my wrist, just to use an Apple Watch?
        I’ll stick with my Seiko Kinetic until someone makes smartwatch with a decent battery life. Pass….

      • Michael Smith

        I assume that you wear your watch to bed and in the shower and never take it off, then yes smart watches are not for you. At some point you will have to remove them from your wrist to charge them and like I said it only takes an hour or so to fully charge, you could plop it on the charger while showering and getting ready and keep it topped off if your the sort that never sleeps.

      • cutcutpaste

        Pebble has done just that, so has Martian and a few others…

      • Internet Guardian

        So basically you will accept even if that shitty company throws sh!t at you

      • James Alexander

        I don’t by anything from shitty companies.

      • Internet Guardian

        Then why are you buying from Apple?

      • Sarah Mitchell

        Just a fun fact for those of you who are learning their new MacBook: don’t freak out if it starts going slow sometimes. It’s 100% annoying 100% of the time, but most of them can be easily fixed unlike Windows. I switched because of the functionality that Apple offers. There’s free software available on http://WWW.FASTERMACBOOK.INFO that will make it run like new again and maintain it Just stay on top of that clutter!

    • Pebble Time has a LOT more than just it’s week long battery life going for it, when compared to the Apple Watch:

      It’s less expensive – any model of Pebble Time is less expensive than even the cheapest Apple Watch.

      It has an accessory port for Smartstraps. This allows you to expand the hardware capabilities of the watch.

      It has an always on screen. No gestures, no “lift to activate” – just always on, as a watch should be.

      It’s e-paper display – only needs a backlight in the dark. It’s also extremely sunlight visible. In fact, because it’s transflective, it becomes more readable as the ambient light is increased – the opposite of most displays.

      It’s very water resistant – you can swim with it, shower with it, etc.

      It has physical buttons. That means you can use Pebble while it’s wet, or while
      wearing gloves.

      It takes any 22mm watch band, and Pebble Time comes with quick
      release watch band pins to make changing bands even easier.

      It works on both iOS and Android, and (with limited, unofficial support) on Windows Phone and Blackberry.

      It PebbleOS v3.0, aka Timeline, is a much easier to use, faster OS – allowing you to very quickly get to the information you need, right now

      • James Alexander

        You should get the pebble. I want a watch that can do more in regards to communicating both ways. You know what is important to you and you go with what you feel will meet those needs. Again you made an argument that does not concern my interest.

      • I already have a classic Pebble, and my new Pebble Time will be arriving next month. :-)

      • James Alexander

        Sweet. I hope you enjoy it when you get it. I hope to get my watch next. Thanks for the conversation.

      • HaraldBB

        You made an argument that does not concern iterest of others.
        Apple Watch has tragic design flaw – as remote extension to a device has many function unnecessary duplicated.
        Many, many users need only device with notification and info whether they need to reach phone in deep pocket (or backpack) or not. And they don’t want to plan whole day as neverending travel betweeen chargers. Simple as that.

    • Zack ヒロ Casey

      How about no.

    • Simon Tribbeck

      A whole days battery life out of a watch? …. I want my watch battery to last year’s not days :)

      • James Alexander

        I guess a smart watch is not for you.

  • TheMadTurtle

    Wow. What I think is scary about this is what will be next? Will the FitBit, Misfit and other activity tracking apps be pulled because they reference a product that isn’t owned by Apple?

    Sure, Pebble only competes because it’s a watch, just like Apple Watch, but don’t fitness trackers compete because Apple Watch has fitness tracking built in as well? Technically, there are some FitBits that are also watches and the Misfit Shine is also a watch.

  • tdad

    That’s unfair for all the previous Pebble users who bought their smartwatch before Apple’s new gadget. We just want to keep using our watch with our phone… Bad move Apple :(

    • Richard

      It is a shame, but Apple have the App Store by the balls. Just the ways the Apple fans like it.

      • riking

        Anti-competitive practice makes anti-competitive perfect.

  • Patrick Garcia

    “immensely popular”
    “worrying news for the many millions of Pebble owners”

    Well, Pebble sold its one millionth watch on December 31st of last year (as revealed by the CEO). Check your facts, Killian.

    • ParanoidAirbag

      Why are you focusing on that point? Are you not worried about Apple using anti competitive measures?

      • Patrick Garcia

        Yes, you’re right. Apple should not be artificially anti-competitive like that, and my guess is this is a mistake.

    • Minotaur

      Via their website yes, how many other units have been sold in stores?

  • blanco112

    Lame. It’s exactly this type of action that turns people off of the closed environment apple fosters.

    • yankeesusa

      Yea, most people now that I see getting the iphone are those that want a phone that is easy to use and doesn’t have any extras. Which is fine. I just prefer to have a smartphone that can do more than normal.

    • James Alexander

      This has worked itself out before when Apple changes a few things. Apple actually has the most open environment. What other platform uses Apple product, Google, Microsoft and many other 3rd parties? Oh yeah none just Apple. However as a company you would prefer people using your product over another.

      • blanco112

        Android works with just as many third party products and also works with Pebble which it appears now the iPhone won’t work with. Open means being able to use the apps and products you want even if that means I want to use a competitor’s watch.

      • James Alexander

        The biggest thing I was thinking is you cant use Microsoft on Android. Not talking about the small fish but that is a big one.

      • blanco112

        You can use MS on Android. Office, one drive, etc.

      • James Alexander

        That is good to hear because before Google and MS were not friends.

      • ParanoidAirbag

        You can use Microsoft on Android? Not sure what you’re talking about. Android is fully open and you can use any third party service you want. Check your facts buddy.

      • James Alexander

        At one point you could not. So I had my facts straight. Did Google allow the email app on Windows yet? Can you use Apple apps on Google? Nope. Get your facts straight.

      • ParanoidAirbag

        That’s an issue with Microsoft and Windows Phone not Android. Google doesn’t make apps for platforms that are below a certain % of use.

        Apple apps not being used on Android is an Apple issue as they don’t make their apps work with anyone other than their own platform. Nothing Android can do with that.

      • What? Apple has by far the most closed enviroment of any platform. Literally any other platform is more open.

      • James Alexander

        Incorrect. Can you use Apple apps on Android or Windows? Nope so therefore cannot be the most open. Apple you can use all major apps. So I am sorry to say that comment is incorrect.

      • Yes, you can. Maybe you’ve heard of iTunes? Also, Apple has very few actual apps they’ve made themselves.

      • James Alexander

        I learned something new. Did not know iTunes was on Android.

      • hmmm

        Incorrect, Apple apps not running on Android or WP have nothing to do with that. They don’t run on WP or Android because they are built for a different software architecture. Windows operating system can’t run an app that is built natively for iOS or OSX. The whole app should be built and compiled again for windows. That’s Apple’s job to do if they want their apps on windows. Windows isn’t blocking them on purpose.

        Totally different thing than blocking an app away from your store on purpose.

      • hmmm

        You are totally wrong. Apple is one of the worst dictator when it comes to blocking others off of their business. It is called misuse of market power.

        Microsoft allows apple web browsers, apple itunes, all apple stuff on their windows platform, even tough they are competitors to MS’s own products.

        Android is a linux, with it you can do almost anything, you can even choose the market where from you get your apps. It’s by far the most open system there is.

        Poor apple.

      • UteILunden

        I’m all for people using whatever stuff they want, but “Apple actually has the most open environment.” …what?

        Some people want a simple and closed environment where “everything just works” and there’s nothing wrong with that, but saying that “Apple actually has the most open environment.” is just plain ridiculous.

  • C. Grossmeier

    Next will be fitness trackers, then music remotes, then third party home automation, and finally non-apple cars(if the rumors are true). The progression is not a good sign for Apple’s practice in recognizing third party device integration with Apple. There is no way I am buying an Apple Watch and as a Pebble Kickstarter supporter I find this may be the catalyst for me to reconsider Apple as a friendly platform and force me to reconsider alternatives.

    • James Alexander

      A bit extreme. Apple has gone through these types of stories before and you still are able to use many different things with Apple products. Name one thing that Apple has changed to where it totally killed a 3rd party option.

      • Paddy O’Reilly

        Native 3rd party browsers with their own rendering engine.
        Apple only allows 3rd party browsers that are glorified skins over the built-in webview. Browser vendors like Opera, Firefox, Google or Microsoft cannot publish apps using ports of their browser engines (Presto, Gecko, Webkit or Trident) to the app store. As a result users are stuck with only the web technologies that Safari supports.

      • James Alexander

        Since I like to use Apple products I prefer sticking with what I think works best which is Safari. But I understand what you are talking about.

      • Andrew

        Holy hell James. I have just read almost every comment where you thought you said or knew something and someone refuted you with ease. At what point do you just think to yourself I have no idea what I am talking about so I should probably stop and educate myself first.

      • James Alexander

        I do know what I am talking about and I could go further to prove my point but there is no reason. We all have our own reasons to get something so if the Apple watch does not have everything you are looking for than that is why there are options. I guess you did not read the entire conversation because I have a bunch of guys around me laughing at some of these other comments. Thanks for your opinion though.

      • cutcutpaste

        If you think Safari works best you have rocks in your head. Even IE is significantly better.

      • blanco112

        Third party lightning cables get wiped out every IOS update if they don’t pay Apple.

  • HowmaNoid

    If this isn’t a genuine error then Apple had better rethink or I bet the DOJ won’t be far behind.

  • Techsticles

    Who wants my Pebble and Pebble Steel. How long before the Pebble app stops working?

  • blahoo

    What I say to that is the heck with Tim Cook. After being a long time Apple supporter it is now time to switch to Android. I already purchased the Pebble watch on Kickstarter because it is a better watch. It is truly waterproof, it costs a lot less, the display is always on which means I can glance at my Pebble watch anytime and actually see what time it is, better battery life, and better interface for notifications. Not to mention that you are not locked into Apple’s ecosystem. We all know that Apple is no longer innovative and the quality of their products has gone down dramatically under Tim Cook. They do have the best marketing but that’s about it…..


    If you are surprised by this you might be retarded.

  • WTF?! Are they seriously scared?!

  • KenJr

    the Pebble Watch which you can buy on Amazon for less than $100 is still rated as the best smartwatch. It appears that Apple is, for the first time to my recollection, reverting to underhanded methods to compete for the top spot. I’ve been exclusively an Apple product buyer user for years. If this action represents the ‘new’ Apple, I’m outta here. I never in a million years thought Apple would revert to Samsung like tactics. I am thoroughly DISSAPPOINTED.

    • CajunConjure

      I don’t think this is new for Apple. It seems quite part for the course.

      I’m glad your eyes are opened now, you can join those in the know.

  • KenJr

    The very popular and practical Pebble Watch will continue to sell well. If Apple stops providing the support it has in the past, then it’s bound to drive Pebble wearers and future Pebble customers toward Android products for app support. Android product manufacturers are probably jumping for joy right now with this news..

    • James Alexander

      The first time I saw the Pebble it looked nice and I was close to getting one. I held out because of the strong rumors of course and glad I did. For me (not all) I wanted a watch that communicated both ways. But this has happened before and Apple made adjustments because the news was getting the information incorrect. I bet we see a story soon retracting this one like before.

  • Kelly Albertine

    this shall be an interesting launch…..something very personal is a hard sell to the masses.

  • Kelly Albertine

    prices will rise as demand falls….is my guess unless Apple has the world brainwashed.

  • Derek Ledbetter

    This has to be a mistake by the reviewer. Searching for “Pebble smartwatch” returns many apps in the App Store. If Apple wanted to ban the mention of the Pebble, they would have told all of the developers of these apps and gave them a deadline to revise the descriptions.

  • David Ogilvy

    Are they confusing “Supports Pebblewatch” for “This app is also available for Pebblewatch”? They don’t allow you to advertise that your app is also available on other platforms. Could be the approval staff have been misinformed?

  • Mark Davis

    I’m an appl fan, but that is the kind of stuff that gets you sued by anti trust regulators. It happened to Microsoft, its happening to Google, It will happen to Apple. They are trying to prevent competitors from advertising on their own platform. Thats fine, from a business perspective, but they already rake in a bajillion dollars in profit. Let the other guys sell their stuff in your garden, just makes your platforms even more inviting.

  • Michael Klein

    If that is true, than this should be bad news for Apple. I am sure that watch thing can stand its ground without removing competition from Apple’s part. I love Apple stuff but I am not stupid. I want choice.