Google reveals its real face: unfocused, unoriginal and a little bit evil


Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web
Wednesday's Google I/O keynote offers a window into the search giant's world. Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web

Google’s keynote presentation at its I/O developer’s conference today offered a revealing picture of the company itself: meandering, unfocused, copycat and just a little bit evil.

The two-hours-plus keynote had a lot of everything, from a new version of Android to new phones, smartwatches, TVs, cars, Chromebooks and big data — but much of it was deja vu from Apple’s WWDC two weeks ago.

On the surface, Google puts forward a better face than Apple. Instead of Apple’s parade of middle-aged white guys, Google strutted out a multiethnic, multicultural mix of men and women onstage. There were plenty of allusions to the World Cup — a truly global sports event — and a shout-out to Google’s all-female programming team in Nigeria.

The main presenter, Sundar Pichai, is a self-made man; a smart, hardworking guy from a modest background in India who worked his way up the ladder.

Pichai showed off Android One, a low-cost platform for sub-$100 smartphones for the world’s poor. Noting that most of the world’s population doesn’t have Internet access, he described Android One as Google’s attempt to reach the “next 5 billion users” in emerging countries.

It looked great. I’d love to buy into it. It made Google look inclusive, altruistic and forward-thinking.

By contrast, Apple’s executive team looks like the villains in Elysium, building beautiful but exclusive gadgets for the rich in a floating space station.

But as Google protesters point out, it’s all an illusion. Google doesn’t really care about the world’s poor — it’s aggressively trying to grow its data-collection platform to sell more ads. Not that some good can’t come of Google’s expansionist plans: Android One and other initiatives will likely continue to bring Internet access and services to more and more people around the world, but ad revenue is the bottom line.

Meanwhile, Google is affecting other changes that attract protesters of different stripes. There are protests against its workforce, which is helping to change the socioeconomics of the Bay Area, and its passivity on the issues of Net neutrality, which threaten to alter the backbone of the internet.

One man in the audience at I/O protested Google’s purchase of Boston Dynamics, which builds robots for the military: “Don’t work for a totalitarian company that builds robots who kill people,” he shouted before being escorted out.

Apple’s truth trumps Google’s fake altruism

Apple’s public face is whiter, older and more corporate than Google’s, but its message — we want to build the best products — is more honest.

Yeah, Apple’s premium devices are expensive. Apple will probably never sell billions of cheap phones to users in poor countries. But with Apple you get what you see; there’s none of Google’s fake altruism.

Lots of the products shown at Google I/O today were clearly copied from Apple. Android’s new Material design UI looks like iOS 7 with shadows; Android now supports 64-bit CPUs; Android TV and Android Auto are straight-up clones of Apple TV and CarPlay.

The only original thing — details about the new Android Wear platform — appeared unfocused and underwhelming. Showing off myriad functions of wrist-worn computers just demonstrated that, like Samsung, Google still hasn’t figured out good reasons why you’d want to wear a computer on your wrist. We’ll see what Apple comes up with later on this front, but the long-rumored iWatch will likely focus on health and exercise.

Tellingly, most of Google’s presenters wore smartwatches — but not one of them wore Google Glass, which may or may not signal that Google is about to kill the headgear of choice for “Glassholes.” Those wearing Google Glass in the audience looked like they didn’t get the memo.

At the end of two hours, everyone was flagging. And as the keynote approached its third hour, someone joked on Twitter: “Will no one stand up and yell that this is going on for too long?”

At this point, the most revealing moment transpired. Eric Schmidt was introduced, but instead of Google’s chairman, an unknown engineer walked out. It perfectly encapsulated the WTF aura of the event.

In the end, the lineup of products looked like a hastily thrown-together imitation of Apple’s pipeline; any unity was marred by protesters; reporters had fallen asleep; Tim Cook had gone hiking in Yosemite; and somebody had already mocked up a T-shirt that captured the mood at the end of the ponderous presentation. “I sat through a 3 hour Google IO Keynote and all I got was a crappy watch.”

That and an unfiltered peek at Google’s unfocused, unoriginal and slightly soiled soul.

  • Josh

    Who starting paying you to write such incredibly over opinionated stuff?

    Cult of Mac is no longer in my RSS feed.

    • @Josh:disqus RSS feed? Are you joking? Who uses an RSS feed anymore?

      I’m the editor and publisher over here, so I pay myself to write this stuff.

      • Steve Chavez

        Slap! I heard that from here.

      • Shane Bryson

        Great job insulting a reader. This site went from a useful Apple news/tutorial site to a pile of overly biased tripe in a little less than a year. The articles posted today coupled with this comment are exactly why I will no longer be reading anything on your site again.

        Please, learn what true journalism is.

      • Your Mother

        You gave yourself 39 up vote too?

      • Maxwell S. Overholt

        Careful, don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      • João da Silva

        A little tendencious this article dont you think?

      • mrb101

        I believe a lot of smart people still use RSS feed. As it does provide a good experience.
        Mr. @lkahney:disqus with all do respect to your opinion. This article is really worthless. I really hope you take a look of how many features did Apple copy out of Gnome Project in their latest OS X release (Design). And how many features did they copy out of Android in their iOS in the last couple of years. To be honest that doesn’t matter to users. What matters really is who makes the experience better. And writing about that would make a good article.

      • John

        >> I believe a lot of smart people still use RSS feed. As it does provide a good experience.

        RSS is great for bypassing ads, for giving you the ability to organize how info is presented, and letting you scan and flip between lots of articles quickly regardless of the quality of your cell service.

        What kind of person mocks people for using excellent tools, just because those tools aren’t ‘popular’ any more?

        Oh, I know. People who choose technology not based on what it can do for you, but based on whether other people think its cool.

        I think I know the brand that is most loved by those kinds of people.

      • mrb101

        Agree and i think its still popular and will be for a long time.
        I just wondering if he still uses email ? You know its outdated for him i guess hehehehe :P

      • EducatedToPerform

        With all ‘do’ respect?

      • Tom Cruise

        If you pay yourself to write this then you should keep your writing to yourself. Because your writing is kind of “unfocused, unoriginal and a little bit evil”. Need less to say full of blind iFanism.

        If android is so unoriginal then why Apple has been ripping off features from android since last 3 iOS releases?

      • varase

        You forget the biggest rip-off of them all, which is: Android.

      • Matt

        wow you’re a dick….

      • John

        Yes. Yes he is.

      • Bull Winkle

        @lkahney:disqus Google Glass, self-driving cars, phablets,
        gear, widgets, third-party keyboards – all things Google copied from
        Apple, right? If it weren’t for Android in cheaper phones, poor folks
        might never have been able to afford a touchscreen smartphone. How
        ‘evil’ of Google, yeah? Look, I’m all for a scathing review… when it’s based
        in fact. What we have here is a fanboy who doesn’t even have the sense
        to mask it. Nowadays, both Google & Apple borrow from one another. More
        often than not, however, it’s Apple playing catch up – 4g, 4 inches,
        drop-down notifications, dual cores. You needn’t be a techie to know this, but you do have to be a not-so-discerning fanboy to ignore it. It’s
        amateur night at Cult of Mac, ladies & gents. Starring Leander
        Kahney. The guy who gets emotional or deletes comments when someone calls him out.

      • Brandon Franklin

        Like every feature u mentioned has nothing to do with googles innovation.4g apple chose not to include it at the time cuz it was a battery drain not cuz that couldn’t figure out how to install it in a phone! bigger screen? Again not a google innovation or really anybodies it’s just a matter of deciding to use it. Drop down notification? Was on jail broken iPhones from way back. Duel cores are not needed if the software is so efficient and well designed it runs smoother than duel core anything. In fact I would argue 90% of androids gimmick and features were copied from the App Store or iPhone jail break community

      • Bull Winkle

        Awww @lkahney:disqus doesn’t like my comment deconstructing his article and exposing him for what he is. I wasn’t slanderous or out of line, just truthful. He deletes the comments. …Gear, self driving cars, widgets, Glass – yeah, Google copies Apple. 4G, 4 inches, drop down menu – yeah that’s copying. If it wasn’t for Android, poor folks would never get a chance to have touchscreen smartphones. Your article lacks truth and discernment. You’re not even talented enough to check your facts or mask your fanboydom. When you’re called out, you get emotional on one commenter & you remove my messages. Grow up, Leander. It’s amateur night at Cult of Mac, ladies & gents. Leander is hosting.

      • Brandon Franklin

        Apple may have copied some features but google copied apples entire road map for the next 5 years. I think google got the better deal! The only future google thinks about is the next WWDC so they can figure out WTF to do with their OS.

    • DarthDisney

      Haha, butthurt fanboy.

    • andcore

      We’re on CULT OF MAC, glad to have you out.
      “Opinioned stuff” is the reason for what some foks read the site, (and probably have read the book).
      By the way, impartiality is overrated and doesn’t exist in any piece of news.

    • Mark Langston

      I’m guessing CoM was never in your RSS feed. Be that as it may you won’t be missed, but thanks for stopping by.

      • Josh

        Why would I lie? It was part of my Feedly, and now it is not.

      • Mark Langston

        Okay, so it was part of your RSS feed. Color me wrong. Not sure why you bothered to comment again considering you’re no longer interested in anything CoM related.

        Seems it’s harder for you to stay away than you thought originally.

    • H M

      WHY Such Giggle Worshipper like Ya EXIST Here in The First Place ???
      This is NOT ” Cult of Giggle ” but ” Cult of Mac ” !!!!!!

      Ya, Giggle Worshippers, GET READY that Very Crutial CRISIS is Happening to Giggle’s CORE BUSINESS ” Search ” !!!

      Ya OBJECT to Worship is on The VERGE of ANNIHILATION !

    • RJ

      You came to a site called “Cult of Mac” looking for impartiality? That is funny.

      The article made a lot of sense to me. But then again, I’m not smitten by Google.

  • codeslubber

    Wow, your warp is probably not fixable.

    WWDC was loaded with me toos. Did you not see them all? And you are calling google unoriginal because they have a watch and a plan for the car?? Um, everyone has those things.

    Their new design does not look like iOS 7, but wait, let’s assume for a minute that it did. You do realize Apple stole a bunch of those ideas from Microsoft right? Back on Google’s design, the idea of a z order depth that can make perspective stretch on touch is not in iOS 7. That’s kind of what the whole thing was about. You, not surprisingly, don’t even mention it.

    When people talk about how the tech press is just fanboy fodder, it’s pieces like this that make their arguments unassailable.

    • Sebastian

      Calm Down! It’s just an opinion about what was thought about the I/O conference. The fact that reporters and developers in the audience fell ASLEEP(including me, watching the livestream) says a good bit about what really happened there…

      • codeslubber

        Oh yeah, the fact that you weren’t entertained is a great barometer of the technological import of what was being talked about, lol….

        Seriously, if someone paid me $10 to summarize what went on there, I would do a better job than this. There were a lot of interesting things discussed and announced. Much less hyperbole than the Apple shows where everything is ‘magical’ and ‘revolutionary.’

        I think both companies announced some interesting stuff this time around. Frankly, it’s a good time for consumers because the two competing camps are actually doing stuff, vs. long periods in the past when the ruling power was just sitting on the throne and trying to shout down all comers.

      • Sebastian

        Then why don’t you go out and write a better post on this, in your opinion?

      • @codeslubber:disqus and @disqus_6S6km5pyFK:disqus I was about to say the same thing. Please fell free to use this space to provide your own summary of the keynote. I’ll send you at least $10 if it’s good.

      • Brandon Russell

        I think you should consider ponying up the 10 bucks for codeslubber’s contribution. While he did not explicitly fulfill the requirement of a summary, he did, in the end, provide some pretty good arguing points. Perhaps you could even consider inviting him to banter in the future. Not only might it be an entertaining read, iron sharpening iron may lead to people thinking about why and if they should be drinking the Apple Kool-Aid.

      • Jim

        You guys have to stop with the “magical” and “revolutionary” stuff. I watched WWDC carefully and I don’t recall either of those words being uttered. I think, in fact, Apple used them like once each in some previous keynote, and the haters grabbed that and ran and haven’t stopped running since. Let it go, please, because as soon as I see that, it also tends to discredit the person using from being un-biased and fair.

      • codeslubber

        You obviously never saw the remixes that have been done showing the hyperbole piled so high you couldn’t hear anything else… Your trying to throw me in with haters just shows what a simpleton you are: did you read what I posted?? That I thought both sides were doing good things? That I did NOT wish either ill? Read before you convene your kangaroo court and start trumpeting your judgments.

      • EducatedToPerform

        Don’t talk crap, you could do exactly the same with any Google key note.

      • John

        > You guys have to stop with the “magical” and “revolutionary” stuff. I
        watched WWDC carefully and I don’t recall either of those words being

        The fact that ‘you don’t ‘recall’ just shows how ‘carefully’ you actually watched the WWDC.

    • @codeslubber:disqus Yeah, I absolutely agree that Apple stole a bunch of ideas as well. That’s always been the case. Steve Jobs himself said it best (with a phrase often attributed to him but ‘stolen’ from Picasso) — “Great artists steal.”

      What I’m referring to are the big, important “steals,” like the basic functioning of all Google’s products. GoggleTV used to be much more complex. It had a quasi-computer interface. Now it looks and works just like AppleTV. Same with the Android Auto (CarPlay); Chromebooks (MacBooks); and Android itself, which until iOS came along looked a lot like Blackberry.

      You can say a lot of things about Apple — and in some ways, it’s can be an evil company itself — but being unoriginal is not one of them. In the last 35 years Apple has led every single important breakthrough in the personal computer industry, from the first PCs (Apple II), to the GUI (Mac), laptops (first PowerBook, which set the design), WiFi (Airport), iPod (portable CE), iPhone (smartphones), iPad (tablets), iTunes and app store (buying/installing software) — and on and on and on.

      • Sebastian

        I totally agree.

      • codeslubber

        Well my theory about that is they are less about originality and more about what is often referred to as ‘systems thinking.’ That was Steve Jobs’ true genius and why when people say he wasn’t an engineer they miss the point. There were a ton of music players around, he stepped into a mess of juvenile warring factions and shone a light forward.

        To me the really interesting things today were woven in, like the in place native editing of office documents, and some of the things about hands-free operation expanding.

        Dude, I spent a little more than a decade as an Apple only type. Having to do some Android dev turned me around, and then the Beats deal really finished me off. I just don’t believe in the current team. Jony and Tim are not a tenth of what Steve was (nor will they ever be). Which is fine. I do think they will still do some great things, but odds are not many really trailblazing things.

      • Mark Langston

        I forget who said this so I can’t take credit for it but I read on a forum once that when people start to doubt Apple, especially as it relates to the Beats acquisition, it’s usually a good sign that Apple’s on the right path.

        Most doubted the opening of the first Apple Store, Steve Ballmer openly mocked the iPhone for being too expensive and not standing a chance against the incumbents, Bill Gates and many in the tech world downplayed the iPad and many thought that a hardware designer getting carte blanche over the UI was a mistake.

        Everyone that’s bet against Apple has been on the wrong side of history. Not having Steve Jobs is certainly the elephant in the room but if we trusted Mr. Jobs’ decisions while he was alive we should hold equal trust that his choosing Cook wasn’t a mistake.

      • codeslubber

        Wow, there are so many things that are hilariously goofy about this comment, I would have to take the day off work to address them all. ‘Someone said once, on a forum discussing the beats acquisition…’ Ah, yes, in times of yore it was oft-said (um, three weeks ago)… ? Yeah so the doubt of others shows that they are on the right path. Gotcha. That sounds like someone who’s a member of the ‘I can’t really think for myself’ cult, and thus ‘I’ll have what he isn’t having’ crowd.

        The problem with that ‘logic’ (term applied loosely) is that all doubt is treated as equal. For instance, you mention Ballmer. That’s insane to compare those two things. Ballmer said no one would spend $500 on a phone (he was wrong). He was making a very specific claim: that Apple didn’t know the market. He didn’t even say that it was a crappy product.

        I have yet to find anyone who can even explain the Beats deal: a company whose headphones are mediocre and whose music service was something like 3 months old and had 110K members is worth $3B?? Makes the purchase of WhatsApp look like a Berkshire Hathaway investment. Furthermore, I take it as a VERY bad sign that once the bean counter is in charge, the value of tech weighs zero in the first big move. Is there any tech at Beats? of course not. Are Dre or Jimmy tech people? No. They started a company because they didn’t like the way their ‘music’ sounded on the new devices and they got others to do their bidding both on the phones and the service. Which would be ok, again, except that when you pay $3B for something, there has to be the presumption that there is a there there. And that the team who put it there could do it again.

        Instead, you have Apple behaving exactly in the manner that others held out as true but I think was not true before: they are making goods that they think should command a premium because they are fashionable. That their extra final strokes of styling are worth the doubled price.

        Let’s see how far that gets them. Want to make some predictions on the lift they will get from Beats? How long until they surpass Spotify and Pandora? Few months? Come on out of the new age ‘someone once said’ and put your money where your mouth is. I’ll take some action on those odds.

        The huge difference is you can build excitement and interest through secret plans that only you know, but at some point, you have to show your cards. When Steve showed up with the iPhone he had a device that was demonstrably [keyword] better than anything else in the marketplace. What is the parallel to Beats? There is none.

      • Jim

        You are harping on Beats, fine.. even if it was a nonsense purchase, how about the fact that it really looks like Glass is nearly dead or on its deathbed (consumers are not going to buy into that, its just way too geeky, we aren’t there yet as a culture), and Google’s project Aura or whatever that “phone ala carte” idiocy is called. That was obvious DOA, it’s a completely ludicrous idea that people are going to buy modules and build their own phones with missing components? Or with better or worse screens? That’s going to cost way more than a sleek fulling integrated built device. There simply no way economies of scale will accept that project. So why does Google waste money on that stuff? Just to grab headlines? Too fake the idea that they are so innovative that they just can’t hold back on anything, and have to play in every possible game? It’s still an ad company, and you and I are NOT Google’s customers. The advertisers are. So what does that make us? Some sort of product to Google, a data broodmare for them to sell data to target ads better? All of that is far more convoluted and bizarre than Apple buying a very popular headphone brand, with strong recognition, that actually posts profits. You and I know that Beats doesn’t produce the best sound quality, but most people don’t care or don’t hear the difference, and just want to look good or use what some athlete is using. You and I find that off-putting, but as a business decision, how is it a bad one? You have to stop looking at this from a techie’s point of view and then judge it on it’s business merits. Can’t have it both ways like that.

      • codeslubber

        No I don’t. If you want to live in the world of one king: the almighty dollar, have fun there. Thanks for the advice. Why don’t you go check your tobacco stocks: China’s got a quarter of a billion smokers! Great profit opportunity!

        Your response is so ludicrous it made me laugh. Oh, Beats generates a profit? How much? How many times does it go into $3B? Cause Apple’s P/E was 9 when they bought them.

        There are still great things at apple, but the head is gone and the new one is showing clear signs of rot to me. Not to you. Great.

      • John

        >> No I don’t. If you want to live in the world of one king: the almighty dollar, have fun there.

        Its good to hear someone saying this. The New Apple has attracted some really terrible people, who think that the fruit companies ‘responsibility to their investors” is a good defense for some of apples socially harmful business tactics.

      • EducatedToPerform

        That is probably the longest piece of drivel on any comments system, ever.

      • codeslubber

        Probably. Did little baby need a juice box to get all the way to the bottom? Oh, speaking of bottom, probably time for a change, then he won’t be so cranky about people spelling due wrong… lol.

      • EducatedToPerform

        Spelling due wrong wouldn’t be so ironic if it wasn’t in a post talking about ‘smart people’. But I guess ironic is a pretty long word for you. Maybe you can write another wall of text which nobody reads to demonstrate how objective you are?

        And look who’s calling people cranky after your barrage of failed insults in the absence of a logical argument above. Ironic, no?

      • codeslubber

        Speaking of irony, you call yourself ‘educatedtoperform’ and you complain about having to read 3 paragraphs. Tells us what kind of education you have… lol.

      • EducatedToPerform

        That doesn’t look like ‘nothing more to say’ to me.

        And don’t confuse a declaration that your post is drivel with anything related to people who can actually write coherently.

      • codeslubber

        Yeah when I read your snippy, witless comments, I think ‘wow, Faulkner’s been reincarnated.’ You do realize you have NPD right? Oh wait: first symptom, can’t see your own symptoms. Well, good luck ETP. I know you’ll save us all from the horrible fate our ignorance has in store.

      • EducatedToPerform

        Yes your thoughts are very important to me.

        What I guess I should aspire to is calling you a clown or a series of other angry insults. One can dream, hey?

        And don’t confuse someone with a logical capability to deduce nonsense with NPD. That’s your inferiority complex surfacing. I say complex….

      • codeslubber

        Oh here we go, you lead with ‘drivel’ and all this other stuff then throw the ‘I’m the victim’ card when clown comes back at you. Hilarious. Central casting..

        What exactly have you deduced? I have not seen a single thing. That due was spelled wrong. Ok, but that’s not really a deduction (but then you wouldn’t know that would you…)…

        Thanks again for your gifts….

      • John

        I just had a brief exchange with this troll. I’m suspecting they have mental health issues.

      • codeslubber

        Sadly, this was becoming a decent thread until Dr. Troll burst in to tell us all how dark our respective pinhole universes are…

      • EducatedToPerform

        Or burst in to prove you wrong logically (above) to which you responded not with any logical rebuke, rather a series of angry insults which ironically did more to insult you than me.

      • codeslubber

        Ok, part of your NPD is obviously histrionic delusions. You proved, um, nothing. You deduced, nothing. You said nothing of any import. Except that everything anyone else said was either stupid or spelled wrong. And yes, for you, that is natural.

      • EducatedToPerform

        You obviously missed the part where I explained to you why your comment was wrong. In several ways.

      • codeslubber

        No they didn’t and had they, that would not have been irony. See I knew you did not understand it.

        You are right though, I should just respond to all your haranguing ‘your drivel’ ‘wall of nonsense’ stuff with ‘as the right honorable gentleman said…’ That would make a better case for me. Which, in your world, making everything somehow turn into a spotlight on me is the only programming in your brain. So that would make sense to you.

        I tried to respond with some humor. I am pretty sure that you didn’t get that either. Narcissists almost never have a sense of humor.

      • EducatedToPerform

        What on earth are you talking about. The irony in your posts is that your insulted me and that those insults did more to insult you than me. Quite simple. If you don’t understand how that is ironic, really you’re probably not worth my time.

        As for my comments ‘your drivel’ and ‘wall of nonsense’ – I don’t need you to reply, I didn’t offer any logical rebuke. I simply informed you that what you wrote was rubbish, and unnecessarily long. Hopefully you’ll learn from that.

        Above, however, I provided logical arguments and all you showed was a series of angry, pointless posts, which, as I pointed out to you – failed to address anything I’d said.

      • codeslubber

        Point to a single ‘logical argument’… ?? Oh that you could also say Google keynotes have hyperbole in them? Wow, that is logical? How so? That’s like saying ‘you called the ice cream blue and I pointed out that it was actually mauve and that is my logic that allowed me to do that.’ Completely laughable hilarious how much wing flapping you will do to defend the core nothingness you can’t stand to look at.

      • EducatedToPerform

        So you actually still didn’t see it.

        Maybe partial (selective?) blindness is your issue.

        Not that my factual clarification that you could do the same with Google keynotes didn’t absolutely destroy your attempt to make a point about the WWDC based on the same – but that wasn’t the demolition I was referring to.

      • EducatedToPerform

        No you led with drivel…. I just called it what it is.

        I deduced that your post was nonsense, like I told you in my first post. A wall of abuse which failed to address my previous posts followed. Naturally.

      • codeslubber

        Wait I just found the most hilarious irony on this thread: your name. Saul Kripke would be proud. You see you intend your name to mean that you were so well educated that you are going to be an amazing performer, like Secretariat at the Preakness. But it really means is that you are an educated performer, an actor, which is how all narcissists see the world: me, and my supporting cast.

      • EducatedToPerform

        Yes that’s a really great insult you came up with there.

      • codeslubber

        Shouldn’t you be saving a life? Start with your own, Doc. Seriously, get a goldfish. Do something that isn’t about how badly you want to prove your smarts…

      • EducatedToPerform

        I don’t really think any conversation with you is ever about ‘proving smarts’. That’s like trying to prove yourself with a pet dog. No, my purpose with you was simply to show you why your points were stupid. But since you still don’t realise that saying iOS copied Microsoft yet Android L didn’t copy iOS is ridiculous, or that arguing that iOS copied Android in some ways has nothing to do with the point of this article (which related to focus), you downgrade the conversation into what you seemingly think is how much you can embarrass yourself by coming up with as many really child-like insults as you can whilst I patiently wait for you to fail to refute my original arguments against you.

      • codeslubber

        They are not arguments. You clearly can’t see that. You are not smart enough to match wits with a dog. You are a classic example of someone who thinks he’s so smart he can’t be bothered to do any of the work required in thinking… you are a gadfly, a preening dilettante…

      • EducatedToPerform

        Yes that’s another completely empty post. I actually expected more from you.

      • codeslubber

        Will take your disappointment as a badge of honor.

      • codeslubber

        It says ‘one other person typing,’ clearly you have disqus fooled, lol. Really dude, GO AWAY. You got all bent about me calling you a clown, and you are name calling John one paragraph away. Pretty ironic, mr. irony is everywhere…. lol.

      • EducatedToPerform

        Name calling? Actually we’re having a discussion because he’s capable of it. You aren’t there yet, but I’m waiting…

      • codeslubber

        Please go wait. On the ash heap with your witless manservant (the other voice in your head)… (making literary allusions that you also don’t understand …..)

      • EducatedToPerform


      • codeslubber

        Oh wait, sorry I responded as though you understood irony.

      • Mark Langston

        “…I would have to take the day off work to address them all.”

        I couldn’t live with myself if someone used a vacation day just to respond to a comment. Please, I’m not worth it. Really.

        But allow me to retort.

        Some of what you said was a bit nonsensical (maybe you were rushed so I’ll give you that) but you also added words to my comment that I never made.

        I said that Ballmer openly mocked the iPhone. I didn’t say that he called the product “crappy”. Maybe it was implied but the larger point I was making, including the comment I impartially quoted, is that those that doubt Apple are on the wrong side of history.

        You say you’ve yet to find anyone that can explain the Beats deal in a way that makes sense. Interesting. Did you happen run your question by Dr. Dre, Iovine or Cook? Rhetorical question, but my point is that just because YOU can’t find anyone that can’t make heads or tails of the deal doesn’t immediately equate to an unnecessary or unwise purchase.

        I won’t pretend to know what Apple has planned for Beats but you can’t just dismiss the fact that Beats is a truly amazing American success story. Founded in 2008 Dre and Iovine all but took over the market for expensive headphones then inked deals with both HP and HTC to soon become a household name. Obviously Apple saw something or has plans that go beyond what any journalist or theorist can conclude.

        You also need to join us in 2014 where Apple doesn’t have exclusive rights to expensive hardware. A Samsung Galaxy phone, HTC One, even the new Amazon Fire Phone cost the same (unlocked or on contract) as an iPhone; the Galaxy tablet series is within the same pricing schema as an iPad with like or similar specs (but still way behind in the breadth of tablet-optimized applications); Google’s Chromebook Pixel starts at $1,900, and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 rings up at $930 (that’s the $800 base model plus the $130 TypeCover for all that “productivity” you’ll be doing on the Desktop) and that’s before you get to the $99 a year subscription to Office 365.

        Lastly, I think one of Apple’s most powerful traits is saying no and playing their cards as close to their chest as possible. They’re rarely first and sometimes fashionably late but there’s little question about their commitment to quality and the consumer experience.

        You don’t have to like it but one thing you have to do is not come to a site called “Cult of Mac” and not expect a roaring, and more comprehensible, response.

      • codeslubber

        I didn’t say you said it was crap. Apologies if it came off that way: your central contention was just that doubting Apple is usually a sign that you are wrong. I was saying that Ballmer questioned the marketing not the product. With the Beats deal, most people are questioning the product (a music service with 110K users and headphones that are mediocre). Important distinction.

        The suggestion to ask Dre or Jimmy is weird. As I said, let’s stop just idly talking about what great guys all the parties are (grant you that): question, is this going to take a service that is totally irrelevant and lift it past all others? My vote: no. Do I consider them a great success story? No. They had a ton of money and celebrity and they got someone else to build a mediocre product. Ever heard the joke ‘what do you have to do to become a celebrity who designs things?’ a: ‘learn how to point at stuff.’ Maybe they did more, but I could find you 10 reviews that say spending money on their gear is utterly pointless.

        I frankly don’t get the rest of your response, except to say it sounds like you and I agree on a LOT more stuff than I thought. One of my main arguments contra Apple these days is that per the Christensen book, they are being pushed up into only being a luxury company, but the latest android phones and tablets show that they will get no rest or succor there. The LG G3 got insane raves from every place I saw that it was looked at. And the latest Samsung 10″ tablet has a screen that puts the Air to shame apparently (next generation).

        I still like some things about Apple. Again, I have said that. But I think they need to make some big strategic adjustments. Their current gameplay, close or far from the vest, is just going to make the gulf between them and android widen. For sure if you compare the progress the two platforms have made in the past year (e.g. KitKat vs. iOS 7), the round goes to android.

      • Mark Langston

        I feel like no matter what I say you’ll find ways to distort or put words in my mouth. It’s like you’re getting it and you understand my point but then adjust the verbiage to your liking.

        Again, when did I imply that Dre and Iovine were “great guys”?!!

        But I digress. What frustrates me to no end, when attempting to have a civil discussion with people who have similar sentiments to your own, is hyperbole for hyperbole’s sake. “…the latest Samsung 10″ tablet has a screen that puts the Air to shame…”

        So in your mind a pixel density the human eye can barely discern on the iPad is being “shamed” by a screen with even higher resolution. Again, a resolution most people can’t see unless you’re viewing all the content on the screen through a loupe, which might make it slightly more difficult to use since your face will be in the way of your fingers tapping icons.

        I guess we’ll just skip over the fact the Samsung has released, count ’em, eleven tablets in the first 6 months of the year to go against two. I suppose the next 6 months will mean another dozen or so tablets with the last one likely yielding a resolution of 1,000,000×8,000,000 pixel ratio all for the purpose of running stretched-out phone apps meant for 4.5″ screens.

        And let’s not pretend that you want Apple to somehow change their game plan to compete against Google and their free Android OS. That somehow the makers of admittedly higher grade (not higher priced, again, I already covered that) devices should instead bring themselves down to Google’s level.

        I’m sure there are a ton more Honda Civics on the road but that hasn’t compelled the makers of Lamborghini to start making $15,000 coupes.

        But I suspect if you choose to respond you’ll find a way to distort my Honda/Lamborghini analogy into some sort of farce. Do with it what you will. It’s very apparent that whatever world you live in Android is winning the war and Apple has no chance.

        Have fun there. Don’t send a postcard. I wish you peace and good fortune in the wild west of Android. I’ll stick with my walled garden. It’s nice in here.

      • codeslubber

        Wow, seriously, the garden you need to visit is a zen one. Dude, your paranoia is what knows no limits. You’re sitting here accusing me of vast conspiratorial word changes. Where did I say that you said they were great guys??? What I said was I bet they are great guys. Ok, here let me help (I think I can): when I say I, that means me, not you. We all better on that one?

        Now the one that really seems to have sent your little rowboat off its kilter is when I mentioned the new Samsung screen. Let me first say I hate Samsung. The point I was making though is this: if you are going to portray yourself as the Lambourghini who doesn’t care to sell Honda Civics, you better not have your competitors coming along with versions that are much better than your own. Unless, like the Lambourghini, you are just selling a Veblen good and you don’t really care. But even in cars, where you are paying a vast premium for stuff you will not use, there are still real elements of performance that you are getting like the old 0-60 in 4s. Because the super wealthy can’t wait around for the lag 0-60 in 10s that the horde has to settle for. Those extra 6s are what make them the early worm.

        What’s hilarious about your response there is that you have already decided that the new screen is useless because it’s just pixel density for density’s sake. That’s not what I read. For instance, here’s just one review: Now let me help you read here. The screen uses a technology called AMOLED, which they point out (they, not me, hope we’re clear on that):

        * lower power user
        * richer colors
        * true blacks
        * thinner screens

        So, for a guy who just finished pleading a heartfelt case of having had his own words changed, your characterization of the competition looks to be clearly insufficient.

        Then there’s the fact that they have released so many. That proves to you that the poor rats are trying every way they can to get to the cheese. Um, 24% decline in iPad revenue this past quarter, Android is now over 60%.

        BTW, you know what part of the Apple keynote pissed me off the most? Wasn’t even Tim Cook’s completely unprofessional quote about Android being a ‘toxic hell stew,’ it was that he lied when he put up the platform numbers, saying KitKat was still at 9%. Once you start lying about the essentials to make your case, AFAIC, you are Tricky Dick, even if you do still talk like Fred Rogers.

        You obviously have NO IDEA what I am talking about when I say that Apple should change their plan. I am not saying they should stoop to selling to poor people (omg, that would be HORRIBLE!!). I am saying they should mind that they don’t let ‘design’ that is mere fashion/styling become 95% of their focus. (Thanks for changing the intent of my words, I’ll write it up to misunderstanding, which as Hillary would say is, in your case ‘vast.’)

        Your H/L ‘analogy’ is already a farce.

        Yeah Android is the wild west, you should stay where the tooth fairy will come and get your latest and leave a piece of candy. Obviously the ugly world that is full of facts and competitors to keep straight is too much for you.

      • John

        >> Apple has led every single important breakthrough in the personal computer industry,

        Woah, hyperbole much?

      • Kevin Kuo

        They did popularize some of it. Much having to do with Steve’s marketing abilities.
        Some of the “breakthroughs” will have to come sooner or later due to the advancement of tech. e.g. WiFi, 64 bit mobile OS, home automation, smart car navigation systems…etc.

      • I think you mean Regis McKenna. Regis was a marketing God hired by Apple to rethink their image, and how they sold their products. He taught Steve how to make people respect him that disliked him. He knew he’d never be likeable. And he formatted Apple like a clothing designer. Because jerks like Steve work well in the fashion environment.

      • Kevin Kuo

        Wow. Behind every great athlete there is better coach!

      • John

        Yes, apple deserves lots of credit for popularizing key technologies, early. But their fans have done some re-writing of history to make apple seem far, far more ‘innovative’ than they are.

        You correctly list a couple of the inevitable developments; I would add capacitive touch. It’s almost painful to learn that so many people are so ignorant and naive that they fail to see that all touch, keyboardless devices were inevitable. That apple was only unique in their timing and their success at popularzing.

      • Kevin Kuo

        Ah yes, capacitive touch. I remember touch-screens being popularized in Asia before (at least 5 years) Apple came out with the iPhone and iPod touch. They were implemented in electronic dictionaries. Apple’s iOS has elements similar to these, like scrollable home screens with icons, ability to use as a media player, reminders, games…etc. Many elements in Apple’s products were inspired by features and elements already present in other products.

        It is painful to see fans, they are ignorant of features that already existed in other products until Apple adopted it. Due to their naivety, they are being used as free marketing tools. Actually, I wouldn’t think they are just free marketing tools, because they usually instinctively buy Apple products. In a way they are forking money over to Apple and at the same time being used.

      • Jim

        No one cares about individual features or inventions until they are mixed together to create something amazing. That’s what Apple does and there’s no ignorance to that.

      • Kevin Kuo

        People do care about those features, if not, why would Apple bother to put those into their products? There is ignorance that Apple pioneered the features.

      • John

        AMAZING!!! The fruit company is just AMAZING!!!!

        No matter that google combined many individual features into a very high quality product, while apple ignored those features for years, abandoning its users to a sh*tty experience wrt to keyboards, imessage issues, maps, battery life, etc…. no no no, we all know that ONLY the fruit company can be so magical and amazing and magical!

        SUPER AWESOME 64 BIT !!!

      • EducatedToPerform

        So John I’m keen to hear all of the massive innovations Apple’s competitors have come up with which were not ‘inevitable’ (since, inexplicably, that seems to be your idiotic definition of innovation). It’s got to be something that nobody else will ever come up with, right?

      • John

        The most important word in your post is “seems”.

        SUPER AWESOME 64 BIT !!!!

      • EducatedToPerform

        Not seeing a list of innovations there, Johnny John John. Try again please.

      • John

        Do please re-read, examine your assumptions, re-evaluate, and please try again. Show me you can practice the art of reason which that fictional character on your avatar demonstrated so well.

        The most important word in your post was ‘seems’, you used it correctly (as a short form of “Seems to me”) – the real question here is *why* does it *seem* that way to you? What did you miss? What assumptions did you make?

        Real dialog isn’t possible if you are overly eager to misunderstand others, put words in the mouths, erect straw men, fail to listen to them, and refuse to examine your own assumptions.

      • EducatedToPerform

        Oh Johnny John John John, learn the importance of communication. If you’ve failed to communicate clearly, that’s your failing, not mine. What seems to be portrayed by your messages is down to you, not me.

        Lets see if you can re-read your own post and perhaps you can learn what you missed and what assumptions you failed to consider that readers of your posts would naturally make:

        ‘You correctly list a couple of the inevitable developments; I would add capacitive touch. It’s almost painful to learn that so many people are so ignorant and naive that they fail to see that all touch, keyboardless devices were inevitable. That apple was only unique in their timing and their success at popularzing.’

      • John

        A: I like oranges.

        B: Why do you hate bananas?!

        A: Listen to what I actually say please.

        B: It’s your fault for not realizing I might assume you hate bananas!!

        Edit: You are smart enough to do this. The question is, are you humble enough?

      • EducatedToPerform


        a) Context – conversation about Apple’s innovation

        b) Your opening sentence ‘re-writing of history to make apple seem far, far more ‘INNOVATIVE’ than they are’ (caps added for emphasis)

        c) Your backup for your claim that Apple’s innovation is overstated: That some of the ‘innovations’ were ‘inevitable’.

        d) If you could follow your own logic you would see the natural claim you are making is that something being inevitable lessens how innovative it is.

        e) You really aren’t smart enough to follow this, unfortunately, so you seem to believe that you opened with ‘I like oranges’ when you actually opened with ‘people think bananas are nice but their taste has been vastly overstated.’

        You should ‘listen’ to what you say before failing to follow it.

      • John

        You are doing better than I thought.

        I would have placed “perception of innovation, relative to actual” firmly as part of the ‘context’.

        Some Apple fans grossly overstate apple’s innovation, in part because some of them are in denial of the inevitability. This makes apple less innovative than apple fans perceive apple to be, and this occurs on its own independent of the degrees of innovation (and perceptions thereof) of other companies.

        Obviously this on its own does not make other companies ‘more innovative’ than apple. But as long as the fans of those companies don’t fall prey to the style of ignorance that affects so many apple fans, it could make the fans of other companies have a more honest evaluation of those companies degrees of innovation.

      • EducatedToPerform

        – I would have placed “perception of innovation, relative to actual” firmly as part of the ‘context’.

        Which you could only assess by knowing the ‘true’ innovation – which was the argument you attempted to make. What you refer to as the ‘perception of innovation’ was what your post distanced itself from by attempting to establish the actual level.

        ‘Some Apple fans grossly overstate apple’s innovation, in part because some of them are in denial of the inevitability. This makes apple less innovative than apple fans perceive apple to be, and this occurs on its own independent of the degrees of innovation (and perceptions thereof) of other companies.’

        Which necessarily makes inevitability a reducing factor of defining innovation. Which is exactly the definition I accused you of applying, and is precisely wrong. Every single piece of technology which has ever been invented was ‘inevitable’ – and by challenging you to list innovations by other companies (and note, I did NOT claim that you said any other company was more innovative), I was planning on leading you to this conclusion yourself. By claiming capacitive touch (which isn’t even the innovation Apple made – multi touch gestures are) was inevitable, you are making no argument whatsoever about the level of innovation involved.

        Your final paragraph is already covered by my informing you that I didn’t claim you said other companies were more innovative.

      • John

        >>Every single piece of technology which has ever been invented was ‘inevitable’

        Yes. Undoubtedly.

        >> I was planning on leading you to this conclusion yourself.

        Yes, it looked a lot like you believed that this was not already my position. You could have asked more directly.

        >>Which you could only assess by knowing the ‘true’ innovation –

        I need only be able to place bounds on the degree of innovation, I don’t need precise knowledge of it.

        While there is no such thing as ‘innovation so great, it was not inevitable’, there are however many people who believe that there is such a degree or kind of innovation – that our species is at times completely dependant on the genius of certain individuals for certain tech advances. It makes for more compelling narratives. yuck.

        As long as these people exist and spread their memes, then its appropriate to remind people of the inevitability of these advances.

        >> Which necessarily makes inevitability a reducing factor of defining innovation.

        In a conversation limited to you, me, Kevin, I would agree that the only reality based use of the word ‘innovative’ would presume recognition that all innovations are inevitable; so inevitability doesn’t play any role in evaluating the innovation.

        But when some people believe as stated above, then I would say we have to address their notion of innovation. Inevitability makes the reality of the innovation less than their perception, for those people in those cases. I assert this while also asserting that all culturally significant tech innovations are inevitable.

      • Jim

        1) The personal computer being popular and accessible to non-business and education.

        2) The GUI (licensed from Xerox, yes, but they had no idea what they had until Jobs saw it and saw the future of computing).

        3) The mouse (same story related to Xerox).

        4) The tablet (see Newton).

        5) The modern day capacitive touch screen smartphone, the iPhone (smartphones are mini computers so they fit this list).

        6) A smartphone display with invisible pixels (retina).

        7) The re-invention of the tablet and the entire tablet industry (iPad).

        8) The Ultrabook (MacBook Air) and the entire Ultrabook industry.

        Yup, that’s a lot of major important breakthroughs in the computer industry, which Apple did first.

      • Sp

        2) It is very difficult to think that the *real* inventors, who have obviously invested time and creativity, didn’t have any idea. Why then they invested all that time and resources? Just for fun?

        Well, I think they deserve the merit of the innovation. If I see an iPhone 1 and see “the future” in it and buy one immediately, it surely speaks well about my vision, but it doesn’t reduce the merit of Apple for designing and making it.

        The same with the GUI, it certainly speaks well of Job’s vision, but it does not give him credit for inventing it.

        I think that when it is an improvement in size or capacity, like in bigger (or smaller) screens, more pixels (in screen and cameras), more speed it is not a “huge” innovation, like in points # 6 and 8. If so, then give credit to Samsung and its “Galaxy Note” line, which (it is rumored) Apple will “follow”.

        As in the last paragraph, Apple is behind many important breakthroughs in the tech industry, just not all of them.

      • Kevin Kuo

        After reading your comment, huge debate on defining originality, innovation and breakthrough erupted in my head….

      • Sebastian

        Leander Kahney, This is my opinion on this… I am an obvious amateur:

        Google I/O Conference & Apple WWDC: How do they compare?

        As you are probably aware, Google held its I/O Conference today at Moscone West in San Francisco. Along with it came many announcements including: “Android L”(a major overhaul for Android), Android Auto(a new interface designed for cars), Android Wear(a smartwatch platform), and finally, Android TV(basically, a Google Now for TVs). This is not the complete list as this conference took three hours to complete, boring the audience and, reportedly, causing sleep amongst the reporters. Google could have just done a simple, great presentation like Apple did back in the beginning of June, but no.

        The I/O conference was supposed to spark excitement across the entire development world, but instead, caused Twitter to completely bore itself. Many of those announcements were put together quickly to give a least SOMETHING to the developers. Not to mention, announcements that were a given. Also, they were a complete mess; it was all over the place. Google was trying to patch holes that Apple did not have. Apple TV was patched by Android TV; Carplay was covered by Android Auto; Android Wear was put in before the to-be-announced iWatch. Android “L” was basically the iOS 7 for Android, but with shadows.

        Let’s talk about Apple’s WWDC. It was short, sweet, funny, and to the point. It did not drag for 3 hours like the I/O conference. They kept the audience active. Everything was completely focused on the developers; product announcements can be saved for later. Wasn’t the I/O conference FOR developers? Many of those announcements actually surprised us; I mean, who expected Swift, a new programming language? Or iCloud Drive(sure, the name has been used everywhere and by everyone, but that can be fixed)? Or third-party keyboards? There where quite a few surprises in there, even a brief summary for that Enterprise guy in the back.

        There were flaws in the WWDC, don’t get me wrong. Apple Maps should have been updated and more features to iOS 8 should have been introduced, like maybe split-screen multitasking for iPad, customizable Control Center… These are what I would’ve wanted.

        There is a big winner when comparing both presentations: WWDC. Active audience, good jokes, professionalism and complete focus on developers. Something Google missed.

        Both companies obviously have their pros and cons; Apple has presentation, as in keynotes, design, etc., and ease-of-use, and Google has customization and functionality. There are many more pros and cons to each, but let’s just leave it there.

      • Twitter doesn’t matter.

      • Joshua D.

        you do realize these Keynotes are not thrown together in one week right?? Usually it takes months and even sometimes a year of planning ahead.

        To Say Google rushed to copy is idotic.

      • Sebastian

        Then Google should learn to prepare itself, if this is true.

      • Larizard

        I am glad you were really surprised and delighted about 3rd party keyboard support.

      • John Davids

        “Apple’s truth trumps Google’s fake altruism… its message — we want to build the best products — is more honest… with Apple you get what you see… as Google’s protesters point out, it’s all an illusion”

        Perhaps you should follow your own advice and be more honest. Tell your readers that the only thing that matters when you are writing one of your “articles” is generating ad-click-revenue for via liberal use of hyperbole.

        “In the last 35 years Apple has led every single important breakthrough in the personal computer industry”


      • billdamon

        I would say the last 3 years of Apple have been incredibly unoriginal. The Apple dev conference was basically trying to make up for the last 2 years of falling behind in both software and certain parts of the hardware.

      • Mark Langston

        That’s one way to look at it or it could be that Apple just prefers to take their time and refine features before they add them to the OS?

        When I look at the kitchen sink of features on most Android phones it’s no wonder they have to have huge batteries and desktop-class processors because they’re asked to do so much. Apple took a REALLY long time to adopt 4G because they knew it was a battery hog. But rather than succumb to the pressure of the media or consumers they held off until they could get it right.

        Most everyone that frequents tech blogs knows Apple’s wait-and-see history. MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, copy & paste, the aforementioned 3G and 4G, etc.

      • starkiteckt


      • Larizard

        I understand why Apple would wait years to implement LTE, but copy & paste? Really?>

      • Sammy Guergachi

        Yes, it took that long for a reason. It was both a technical and a design feat to make it work the way it does. It seems obvious now because it exists, but imagine yourself having to come up with a way to copy and paste that would work on all apps and across the entire OS without any great examples of it being done well already.

      • Your Mother

        You don’t even know what you’re talking about. Apple did not invent the GUI, the App Store is just like the app stores of the 90’s with Palm and windows CE devices being the top gadgets of that time.

      • Mark Langston

        Which is why Palm and Windows CE devices are still popular and dominant today.

      • John

        Do not mistake innovation with commercial success.

        Apple has been very successful. That doesn’t prove any degree of innovation, any more than samsungs success proves their innovation.

        Apple is given a great deal of undeserved credit for alleged innovation. Apple is far, far less ‘innovative’ than most people think. Apple succeeds at *tricking* people into believe they are innovative, in situations where they are not.

        Apple copied the GUI, and apple copied the app store.

      • Kevin Kuo

        I could make a list of the features that Apple adopted in their products, but I don’t have enough time because I have a full month of midterms….

      • Jim

        No they did not copy the GUI. Xerox invented the GUI and had no idea what to do with it. Steve Jobs was invited to check it out and HE saw the future immediately and licensed it from Xerox. Knowing how to take raw technology and turn into something amazing for regular people IS A FORM OF INNOVATION, a very powerful one, and that’s what Apple does best and that’s why they are so successful.

      • Jim

        Apple did not invent the GUI, but they were the first computer company to put it into a computer OS, which made the home personal computer possible. Before the Mac, most computers were only for business. See raw technology (which Xerox had no idea what to do with) and realizing it’s potential and having the skill and drive to turn it into something amazing for millions of people, is a form of innovation. Perhaps the best form there is.

      • Your Mother

        So you switch gears from Apple made to Apple implemented?

      • John

        He’s switching lots of gears. And trying very, very hard to stretch the boundaries of sensibility to fit his worldview. I’m not sure if he is a cultist, or just a shareholder with an agenda.

      • Sp

        First PC:

        GUI: Xerox

        Smartphones: there where several before iPhone, just not with finger touch screens.

        Tablets: There where touchscreen Windows laptops, which when folded worked as tablets, before iPad. The tablet concept is even seen in old SciFi TV shows back from the 70’s.

        One thing is inventing something and other is improving something. Both are good things.

        There are also several also important innovations done in other competing companies.

    • Arjun Kaushal

      And sharing amongst apps called ‘sandboxing’ is another thing apple just copied. Not to forget the notification centre and widgets.

      • Kevin Kuo

        Android browser tabs.
        Ok Google.
        Slo-mo camera? (not sure)
        Background apps.
        Multitasking interface: Web OS.

    • EducatedToPerform

      ‘WWDC was loaded with me toos. Did you not see them all? And you are calling google unoriginal because they have a watch and a plan for the car?? Um, everyone has those things.’

      It had me too’s, yes, which have been better implemented than Android. It also had a lot of original, focused ideas, and the combined direction of all of these features was extremely clear.

      It’s like you didn’t understand the article at all.

      And by the way, this quote just sums up your total fanboyism:

      ‘Their new design does not look like iOS 7, but wait, let’s assume for a minute that it did. You do realize Apple stole a bunch of those ideas from Microsoft right’

      So Apple stole from Microsoft, but Android L looks nothing like iOS. You’re ridiculous.

      • codeslubber

        Yeah that really is ridiculous to attempt to refute a few points. Better to just fly in with your wincing stupid pic of someone else and make fun of people’s english, imbecile.

        You clearly understood exactly what was said in all aspects of each presentation to the exclusion of every other being on earth, but you are apparently too busy being a floppy-footed clown who thinks he’s smart to impart any of that supposed wisdom.

      • EducatedToPerform

        ‘Yeah that really is ridiculous to attempt to refute a few points’

        = not addressing anything.

        ‘Better to just fly in with your wincing stupid pic of someone else and make fun of people’s english, imbecile.’

        = not addressing anything

        ‘You clearly understood exactly what was said in all aspects of each presentation to the exclusion of every other being on earth’

        = not addressing anything

        ‘but you are apparently too busy being a floppy-footed clown who thinks he’s smart to impart any of that supposed wisdom’

        = not addressing anything.

        Please educate yourself further before failing to reply again. Thanks.

      • codeslubber

        If you are the poster child for education, time to make a big donation to an illiteracy campaign somewhere.

        You addressed all the objects of your flybys with laser precision so it is a good measure for you to use in evaluating others.

        Seriously dude, mommy told you how special you were a few too many times. How long will it take for you to find out that your piece of paper the wizard gave you is not going to turn into a pot of gold… ?

      • EducatedToPerform

        Yep, sorry – swing and a miss. I reiterate my previous comment.

      • codeslubber

        Good news: I have nothing more to say to you.

        ‘Paging Dr. Emptyhouse… paging paging, code blue, critical material depletion…’

      • EducatedToPerform

        Yeah you should have opened with that.

  • JuanGuapo

    Spot on.

  • Kevin Kuo

    Not sure if this is sarcasm…or being serious…

  • iEmaaans

    I think you went too far with this article!

  • TP

    For a minute, I thought they were going to show a promo video with Jony Ive when Google presented their new UI

    • Because…. they copied themselves? Material Design is the evolution of Holo. Apple copied Holo in iOS 7.

      • TP

        Everyone including Google knows they’re just a follower who relies on a data driven culture with no imagination or taste. You seem like a good guy, so I’ll tell you this, please don’t wear or show off those Google Glass. It makes you look like a douche

      • In what fantasy world do you live in? Google is the most popular and most loved company in the world. It has the most valuable brand. 87 percent of us polled trust Google and love them. This isn’t nutball anti-google world. You don’t represent the majority. Just a bizarre little weird bunch of geeks that hate Google.

      • Dcupcattleranch

        “Just a bizarre little weird bunch of geeks…”

        Says the weird little Google Glass wearing geek.

      • Tried them on for a picture. Not even mine. Like you’d pass up a chance to get your photo taken wearing the most exclusive tech in the world.

      • Dcupcattleranch

        I wouldn’t be caught dead in a picture wearing Google Glass.

      • lol. Well, you’d have to either be able to afford them, or know somebody that has a pair first. They aren’t like the cheap Apple crap you buy at walmart. I believe the failed iPhone 5C is 30 bucks. Tell your friends.

      • Dcupcattleranch

        You sound just like an angry little glasshole.

      • Angry? Does it make you feel better to pretend I’m angry?

      • Dcupcattleranch

        Who’s pretending? All one has to do is read your posts.

      • Reading your posts makes me imagine yosemite sam. An angry little GOP redneck with guns and lots of Apple products.

      • Dcupcattleranch

        GOP? You’re crazy.

      • Most of the anti-google crowd are crazy redneck GOP types. They have a bomb shelter full of MRE’s and a bunch of guns. They think google glass is always on recording because they are so ignorant, think they are actually worth recording. Self absorbed. The basic GOP Apple user. It’s like Apple’s target demographic. Folks that don’t mind that Apple ripped off the entire world with an e-book price fixing scam, or quietly let children in the congo die to mine their precious conflict metals. Yanno, republicans.

      • Dcupcattleranch

        Oh man. You *are* insane.

      • No man. Apple lost the bleeding heart liberal. Google stole that crowd. Apple is all nutjob jesus freaks now. Other than the militant gays on Secret mind you. But those are the “line standers”. People that wanted really bad to be one of the popular kids in high school, but it never happened. So they keep trying to “buy cool”. They’d kill their own mothers to be first in line on iPhone day. But those are essentially the two types of Apple users now. The nutball freeper, and the image obsessed twitter addict.

      • Dcupcattleranch

        Wow. Just wow.

      • I’m sorry, and poor people. I mean, if you watch Catfish the poor people always have iPhones. It’s the poor people phone of choice. They had one doctor on, and he had a Note 3 lol.

      • Dcupcattleranch

        Get a life.

      • Now who sounds angry

      • Kevin Kuo

        I’d like to see their reactions once iGlass is released. Going to be quite entertaining…

      • Kr00

        Mate, you seriously have a problem. Just get over it and enjoy your life. All you have done by commenting here is make yourself look like a dick.

      • Brandon Franklin

        That’s cuz poor people can’t afford to be stupid with their money! $200 for something that will be working and updated 3 years from now is better than a $.01 pos that won’t be given the time of day after they get your money

      • EKIMMMMM

        1. 5C was one of the top 3 selling smartphones for every US carrier.
        2. you are the first person to ever call an apple product ‘cheap’
        3. how many failed android phones do u see for Free or $0.01?

      • The 5C is not one of the top 3 selling smartphones worldwide. It was briefly on release in December when Apple zealots do sales figures and memorize them. I’m not even sure it’s top 5. Losers like AppleInsider want to pretend the 5C was a success based on China sales figures. But if you had been on the investors call (I was) you’d know it was the iPhone 4 that sold in China. Not the failed 5C. So unethical sites like AppleInsider that think they are doing Apple a favor by lying for them immediately jumped on those numbers and claimed them for the 5C. The 5C was a failure. Apple made a plastic phone. I bet they never do it again.

      • John

        Apple zealouts do memorize the sales figures that are convenient for them, and ignore the others.

        @ssholeInsider does, in fact, bend over backwords to cherry pick their ‘evidence’, use straw men and topic-shifting/equivocation with abandon; a-insider basically lies for apple every day, and huge numbers of apple zealouts believe and propagate those lies.

        But everything I’ve read suggests that the 5C has still done very well, on a model-by-model comparison, compared to most android phones. Calling it a ‘failure’ invites the question: what do we even mean by ‘failure’.

      • EKIMMMMM

        you have serious issues.

        look at any carrier’s sales numbers…

        and its funny you point out AppleInsider for being unethical, but you probably use an Samsung phone. do u see the hypocrisy?

      • John

        > you point out AppleInsider for being unethical, but you probably use an Samsung phone. do u see the hypocrisy?

        Using a product from an unethical company like apple or samsung really is a very different thing than using info from unethical info sources like appleinsider or the samsung blog.

        The purpose of the product is to perform tasks for you, which may or may not be affected by the ethics of the company behind it.

        The purpose of the info source should be to give us accurate information. An unethical info source is a broken info source. Its not even doing its job correctly.

      • EKIMMMMM

        nope. no difference. if it makes you feel better though…

      • John

        I’m guessing that you are thinking there is ‘no ethical difference’, and that you are not interested in practical differences.

      • EKIMMMMM

        so practicality trumps ethics?

      • John

        Seeing that two different process occur, or two different sets of relationship exist, is not the same as saying that one is better than the other.

        Edit: in other words: appleinsider is a broken information source, whether or not you think its ethically okay to support a particular company

      • Brandon Franklin

        A better deal is two galaxy s5’s and some 12′ Samsung craplet for $.01 at sprint

      • John

        You were right that Apple copied Google in iOS7. Apple has been copying google a lot lately.

        But now you are going full on wingnut when you say sh*t like ‘Google is the most loved company in the world’, 87% polled trust….

        Are you a troll?

        Are you an apple fan pretending to be a google fan, in order to make google fans look like total morons?

      • Um, no. Google passed Apple for brand loyalty and value two years ago, and extended their lead. I think some folks just hate accepting that.

      • John

        Not according to Forbes nor Interbrand. I just checked and apple is #1 on both. Admittedly Forbes is an apple whore, with a mysterious but extreme pro-apple bias, but interbrand, as far as i can tell, is not.

        One cannot objectively, uniquely evaluate a brand’s value – all are estimates based on complex calculations with subjectively chosen weights – but the fact that two respected (by some) brand evaluators disagree with your sources suggests you cannot in good faith make this sweeping statement.

      • I think your problem is you are only counting your tiny little part of the world. The US isn’t the only country.

      • John

        Sigh. Why make assumptions when you can do research?
        You are wrong. This is global brand value being estimated. Which obviously is biased towards 1st world nations, as our entire global economy is bias so.

        Please provide links to your two claims:

        1) [Google] has the most valuable brand.
        2) 87 percent of us polled trust Google and love them.

      • This will go nowhere. You’ve already seen links to what I’m saying, and you immediately hopped in a time machine to find links that support the reality you prefer. I’m sorry you are delusional.

      • John

        Put up or shut up. Show us links.

        At the moment, you are looking like the most ignorant and pathetic google fanboy… like a typical apple fanboy.

        The apple cultists keep keep insisting that there are a lot of you out there. But you are the first one I’ve seen in the wild.

      • You know damn well you hopped in google like a good little Apple zealot, saw I was right, then kept searching to find ANYONE that would say the opposite. Get over yourself.

      • John

        Links, please. Links.

        If that’s what I did, then do it yourself and show us links.

      • If I do a google search for “google most valuable brand” I get 8 million search results, and every site on EARTH saying it. Cnn, business insider, time, yahoo, theverge, Forbes, Telegraph, bloomberg, USA Today, Cnet, MAC RUMORS. APPLE INSIDER. Yanno, EVERYONE.

        Again, get over yourself.

      • John

        Scott, I hate to say this, but you really do have some problems thinking clearly. If you wanted to know why and how, I could explain it with care, but I doubt you will listen.

        But I’m happy to say that you are also correct, that it looks like Google has surpassed Apple in brand value.

        It also looks like it did so within the last two months. Do you have the integrity to address this statement?

        ” Google passed Apple for brand loyalty and value two years ago, and extended their lead.”

      • John

        Maybe you are at lunch. When you come back, I do hope you will have the integrity and humility to address what you actually said:

        ” Google passed Apple for brand loyalty and value two years ago, and extended their lead.”

        If you are going to be a google advocate, you will be at lot more effective if you do it with integrity.

      • John

        Are you too proud to admit you were wrong?
        How can you effectively advocate for your beloved google if you are too proud to admit you are wrong?

      • John

        The Cultism is strong with this ‘TP’.

        Edit: And, apparently, with this ‘Scott’ as well, lol.

  • Anthony Velazquez

    LMAO, soooo basically this was a copy of Apple’s keynote but just stretched out to bore everyone to death. Good job Google!

  • mrb101

    I would say that i am not a big fan of Google But with all do respect to your opinion. I have to say.. YOU ARE DUMP.
    Google is copying Apple !! really ? hahahahaha

    • Kevin Kuo

      I thought this article was extreme sarcasm.
      After reading the comments…I doubt that’s the case.

    • John

      I don’t get your comment.

      You would be right to say that apple is doing a lot *more* copying of google in 2014 than google is doing of apple.

      But google is still doing a (smaller) amount of copying of apple. All companies do some copying.

      Some are more full of themselves than others, some are more prone to litigation, but they all copy.

      • mrb101

        The whole ecosystem is built on copying others features and maybe polishing their ideas to improve it. Looking back in history Windows vs Mac GUI. same story.. Linux itself which is my favourite OS is a copy of unix idea but its working better for people. Unix is still there as BSD’s which Mac OS X uses somehow. It doesn’t matter. as long as someone is giving me a good experience. i will be happy. if apple takes an idea from google and makes it better. thats awesome and vice versa.
        I don’t know why we waste our time talking about this stuff anyways. it really bugs me when i see all these amazing companies wasting all this money on Lawyers.

      • John

        I completely agree. The only reason anyone is talking about it, is because apple has a history of brainwashing their cult followers into overstimating apple’s innovativeness, and overestimating the importance of their inovation, which lead to apple having undeserved credibility in the market, and a means of feeding some weird kind of self righteousness or pride that some apple cultists and apple lovers have. This has lead to spin off dialog in which apple cultists spread tons of lies about apples alleged innovation, and insinuations that there was something immoral going on when other companies did exactly what apple has always done: copy.

        Now that apple’s 2014 wwdc has shown very clearly that apple has been very busy copying features from android, and now that apple is busy following HTC, sony, and samsung into a market that they created starting three years ago, most of the apple fans have toned down the idiocy.

        Soon, maybe, we call all just accept the truth that everyone copies and move on.

      • Brandon Franklin

        Let’s see apple copies the drop down notification bar. And google copies iwear, car play, apple TV, 64 bit architecture, skuemorphism, do not disturb. One’s a cool feature the other is a suite of products and services that roadmap the next 5-10 years of doesn’t copy…nay wait and hang on a apples every move? Bullshit! pull your headout of ur ass

      • John

        Oh my. Witness the extreme ignorance and irrationality of a typical apple cultist.

        Google copies wearable tech from a company that HAS NO wearable tech on the market? Really? And this fool needs to reach so badly that they reach for skuemorphism to pad their list? They even count the inevitable accommodation of a wider instruction as ‘copying’. Sigh.

        Everyone who followed the WWDC knows that apple is trying really hard to catch up to android, and has been busy copying android in 2014. Everyone except the apple cultists.

        All you need to do is google “list of features apple copied from android 2014”

    • Well, which OS had widgets first?

      • Radi Muliawan

        Which OS had widget ? MAC OS had widget on dashboard long before android exist

      • mrb101

        The question should be. Who gives you a better widget experience ? :)

  • David Hickes

    Is this an Onion article?

  • Rak S

    Really, who cares?!?!
    They’re both copying each other at this point and they’re both (pretty-much exclusively) interested in the bottom-line.

    • mrb101

      Thank you

  • Arjun Kaushal

    Can’t really expect much from a website titled ‘cult’ of mac. Bloody isheep. Even though I like apple products this article was the worst 5 minutes one could spend. Apple is goo d because it makes premium products and google is evil because it wants more ad revenue. What kindaa idiotic logic is that

    • codeslubber

      Frankly, Google is finally starting to show signs that they know they have to find another revenue source. 90+% of their revenue from ads is a disaster long term. I think they could very well figure it out and avoid the Microsoft drift into senescence and stupidity…

  • Steven Read

    Glassholes? Bring on the mini-era of wrist bitches! Wait that doesn’t sound cool. Never mind.

    • Mark Langston

      HA!! I’m ruined now. I’ll NEVER forget that one!! That was awesome!!

      I’m still laughing as I type!! Hilarious!!!

    • Brandon Franklin

      Actually I like it!

  • Brenden Finnerty

    It is my opinion Apple and Google have become almost mirrors of themselves. There are some differences obviously but one issue is the expectations we have set for these companies to launch a groundbreaking product every time they have a keynote. It’s just not possible. There is too much attention, competition, and media exposure. How many times has Apple been written off by every blogger over the last 2 yrs? What we are seeing are “safe andmimicky type roll outs” The integration into auto, home, and TV isn’t earth shattering it’s evolving.

  • Guru

    This is dead on! It was pretty uninspiring today.

  • Daryl B

    Everyone steals from everyone. Apple? Pleeeeeease. Ever heard of a little company called Xerox? Look, I use an iMac, a Samsung phone (no, they NEVER steal from ANYone) and sport a Galaxy Gear watch. they all work together. Leander, how can you say that Google has “clearly copied from Apple?” Were is the proof? So what if it “Kinda” looks like iOS 7 or whatever the &$%#@. Get over your Apple Head self and start realizing that Apple is not the only tech company out there and if your confused about anything i’ve said here, Google “why doesn’t Apple have a search engine”

    • Jake Casino

      Because Apple is not a search engine company. They could be if they want… But they are not. There’s no need to Google it… Just saying

    • Apparently you are one of the millions of ignoramuses that doesn’t bother with facts. Maybe use DuckDuckGo to search on “Apple Xerox license” and discover that something you thought you knew was a lie. Apply that discovery liberally to your other beliefs, and see what survives.

      • Daryl B

        You, sir, are an idiot. I suggest you pull your Apple Head out of your ass and look at the facts. Steve Jobs, as brilliant a man as he was, could not have done what he did without STEALING.

    • Brandon Franklin

      Why no search engine? Because apple doesn’t want to have to sell your private data to pay for their execs Ferrari. They rely on skills and knowlage gained over decades to earn their billions.

  • billdamon

    Wow. What a terrible article. All these TV products are copies of Roku. All these Auto pieces are copies of Microsoft. I’m personally fed up with both aspects of Google and Apple. google is getting better at transparency with customer data, but they have along way to go. Apple’s lockin factor is OFF THE CHARTS. My iMessage problems are the single worst thing any tech company has ever done to me. Inexcusable that I can’t get texts now.

    So…. time to leave this website for good. What a bunch of misinformation this is.

    Wait…. is this an Apple PR firm site???

    • John

      >> My iMessage problems are the single worst thing any tech company has ever done to me. Inexcusable that I can’t get texts now.

      Seriously! I thought they were going to fix that this month, but it seems they haven’t. Apple sucks.

      As far as this being an apple PR site – when you really do have a cult of loyal followers, you don’t need to build your own PR site. You just let your more intelligent investors advocate for you, and let your less intelligent lemmings repeat that advocacy endlessly.

      Apple has an army of propagandisers, many of who either lack critical thinking skills, or are dishonest, or both.

  • Why did this moron go to I/O?

  • Raphael Allewar

    damn it… I have to delete this shit blog from my feedly like NOW

    • Josh

      As did I.

  • John Davids

    “Apple’s truth trumps Google’s fake altruism… its message — we want to build the best products — is more honest… with Apple you get what you see… as Google’s protesters point out, it’s all an illusion”

    Perhaps you should follow your own advice and be more honest. Tell your readers that the only thing that matters when you are writing one of your “articles” is generating ad-click-revenue for via liberal use of hyperbole.

    “In the last 35 years Apple has led every single important breakthrough in the personal computer industry”


    • Brandon Franklin

      Funny how some commentors can discredit this article with everything but facts what the EF has google or Microsoft done to move the industry toward?

      • John Davids

        You actually think my post was a fanboi “Google v Apple v Microsoft” statement? Newsflash: There are in fact more than 3 companies / people who have contributed to the “personal computer industry” over the past 35 years. This is of course completely ignoring the hilariously vague “PC industry” qualification. So Apple has led the innovations in PC manufacturing for 35 years? Advertising? Search? Silicon synthesis? New code languages? But I digress…

        If you can not identify the statement of “In the last 35 years, Company X has led every important breakthrough in Industry Y” as being flagrant pandering to the audience, then I am afraid the entire point of my post has escaped you.

        Oh and PS, tone down drinking the kool-aide on sites like this. It has blinded you so horribly you are lashing out at people who share the same love of Apple. I am predominately an Apple guy (I REALLY hope the new Photos app is sick. I really like Aperture) yet simply because I didn’t nod in agreement that Apple has been the principal muse of all-things “PC industry”, you automatically assume I don’t play for your team. Have an independent thought.

  • Shaun79

    Another great piece from Leander. Keep them coming! :D

  • Damon

    Anyone who expects fair or good coverage from the Apple Cult blog must be a special kind of stupid.. stick to android fun blogs ….The piece is spot on… Google is the glass-hole evil empire ..

  • Daryl B

    This blog sucks. Plain and simple. The more I read it the more I like my Galaxy S5.

  • Luke

    Haha this is hilarious. This article was meant to be a joke right?

    • Kevin Kuo

      No. The writer is serious…

  • Kadir Hebat

    Google stole from apple ? whatttt????

    • John

      We all know that apple has been doing far more stealing, copying, and following this last few years than google has.

  • TJ

    (There’s an ADD version below for those that don’t like to read thoughtful insight…)

    Leander, I’m really glad you wrote this article because it was exactly what was going on in my head while watching I/O. Something clicked in my head finally. This whole time the archetype of Google the all-knowing, all-powerful all-superior is reverberated over the internet time and time again. But what I saw today was Toto pulling back the curtain. Google looked worried, unready, and quite frankly a lot like Samsung. The whole operation was laughable. Demos didn’t work, dudes in hoodies talking about next generation technology (this guy never saw the previous generation!), protestors screaming from the audience to stop making killer robots. It was totally eye opening. Google is the emperor with no clothes on.

    Then another thing hit me. Google is destined to end up like Microsoft. There is only one difference between Google and Microsoft. Microsoft wanted to only make software around a closed source platform and let the hardware OEMs fight it out for drivers and compatibility. Google wants to only make software around an open source platform, and let hardware OEMs fight it out for drivers and compatibility. In both cases, the user suffers and only because Microsoft bullied everyone until they were sued into submission did it work for so long for them. Now Google is getting sued for anti-trust and people are much more savvy now. It’s simply not going to work.

    So ignore the reverberations that Google cannot possibly copy anyone, that they are superior and the only innovators. These are children (at least in the mind) that don’t understand that technology serves people, it doesn’t replace them, it doesn’t reverse the relationship. If you’re not in it to serve PEOPLE, (hint: Google’s in it to serve their knowledge base) you WILL fail in a democratized environment. Just like Coca-Cola and McDonalds gave cheap food the third world countries, and the ensuing backlash and hatred of these companies due to health problems in communities that never had such problems, Android and the big data vacuum cleaner with the cheap price will make short terms gains, but ultimately feel the backlash and fail. Maybe Apple will lose their way one day, but I firmly believe that the people in charge there have seen 3 generations of computing, and can use those data points to extrapolate what is best. And I believe they care about PEOPLE and getting PEOPLE to empower themselves to do great things.

    Here’s the ADD Version:
    Google is the Borg
    Apple is Starfleet.

    They both use computers, but the Borg becomes the computer, Starfleet’s computers work to make their people better.

  • Peddda

    There is sooooo much fucked up, apple fanboyisch information in this article… incredible!

  • Todd

    Watch the original ipod, iphone and ipad keynotes. No one did anything close.

  • Todd
  • Joshua D.

    Fuel the Fire Much?

    I swear Its annoying enough that ios and android users go back in forth about who’s better but why the Bloody Hell would you Egg it ON? Both Companies Copy, Both Companies Harvest Data, Both Companies are no Different. in many aspects.

    Honestly learn to Be Balanced and Objective.

  • Tom Cruise

    Guys Please read all the responses from Mr. Leander Kahney in following comments.
    Sir, you are the best, best example of !gnorant and arrog@nt journalist. I think your rights of publishing anything should be revoked. You do not like or love technology you love apple, steve jobs and all those products which start with i. Hence you have no choice other than hating everything else. Shame on you man!

    What saddens me the most is, you don’t even have any point. This is a senseless piece of —- article and you make it even worse with some of the comments you have made below.

    • Brandon Franklin

      Its OK we understand…the truth hurts a little.

  • mahadragon

    Don’t understand all the vitriol here. I’ve read many summaries about Google I/O and while Mr Kahney did seem to vilify Google a bit need I remind you people this website is called: “CULT OF MAC”. If you aren’t down with Apple get off this site. Why is it so important to be neutral? If you go to a Democratic Convention do you think the people in the crowd are neutral? You think they will give a Republican a fair shake at a Democratic Convention? No, they won’t.

  • Bull Winkle

    @lkahney:disqus is getting a little emotional in the response. ;-) He’s right, though. Google Glass, phablets, gear, widgets, self-driving cars, third-party keyboards, dual cores… all copied from Apple, right? ;-) In truth, Apple is playing catch-up, as it did with 4G and 4 inches and drop-down menus. Nowadays they both borrow from each other, but Apple is usually doing more of the catching-up. If it wasn’t for cheaper offerings w/Android, poor folks might never have been able to have a touchscreen smartphone. How ‘evil’ of Google to open up the smartphone market to poor folks. How noble of Apple overlook them… until they copied Android and offered a cheaper 5c. Again, playing catch-up. Look, I’m all for a scathing review.. when it’s accurate and well-done. This article is just the musings of a fan boy.. a fan boy who doesn’t possess the skill to mask his biases & clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Then gets his panties in a wad when someone calls him out. Real pro here. I was expecting him to rip Google a new one. I was ready for it. Instead, it’s amateur night at Cult of Mac, ladies & gents. The Fox News of tech reporting has landed.

  • Gość

    Biased opinions are my favorite.

  • Hugh Roberts

    Thank you Leander, for a spot on article, and for bringing much needed reality into the media’s hagiographic reporting about Google and I/O

  • Andy

    I’m totally adding CoM to my RSS feed

  • starkiteckt

    Wow… I… have no words for this article.

  • Jason

    As someone with a toe in each pool, I get that this is an Apple centric site and that the fanboy wars will never end but I expect more than this non-objective troll bait from a ‘reputable’ news site. Adds to the sour taste of the ‘malware’ comments from the Apple keynote. I thought apple was the ‘classy’ camp?

  • Jonathan R Wegner

    Great article. Sounds exactly my thoughts watching the keynote.