Last Chance! The StackUp iOS App Bundle: Get 12 iPhone And iPad Apps At A Great Price


  • Lonas

    Is the offer USA only? Printer Pro and some other apps shows up with the original price here in Greece.

  • Ann

    The Readdle apps (Calendars 5, Scanner Pro, Printer Pro, etc) are not on sale.

    • Lonas

      Are you sure because they are included in the bundle (there is a regular and a sale price in the article)?

      • Marina

        Hi guys! Sorry about that. We’ve lowered the prices of Calendars 5, Scanner Pro and Printer Pro 12 hours ago. Unfortunately Apple Store doesn’t reflect changes.

        Currently in-app purchaes in Scanner Mini and free Calendars app are on sale.

        We do our best to resolve this issue.

  • JeremyBechtold

    be advised that the parallels offer, while a significant discount, is only a ONE YEAR option. neither this article, nor the deal page and description mention that it’s only a one year deal…

  • 2oh1

    “There are 6 more apps available in this bundle” Is there a reason why you don’t just list them all? That’s always a sign of a scam, in my opinion.

    • I didn’t list them because I haven’t personally tried them all. I only listed the ones I’ve put through the paces as I know I can endorse them.

  • syed haris

    ios and ipad price will be more low price for lower class.