“Jumpy Jack” Adds New Twist To Flappy Bird Formula [Video Review]



When going into the App Store it’s inevitable to find clone applications everywhere based off of the late “Flappy Bird”. While many clones can feel exactly like the original experience, the new app Jumpy Jack has taken a new twist on the gameplay genre. Are you up for the challenge in this fast paced game?

Take a look at Jumpy Jack and find out what you think.

This is a Cult Of Mac video review of the multi-platform application Jumpy Jack brought to you by Joshua Smith of “TechBytes W/Jsmith.”

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One response to ““Jumpy Jack” Adds New Twist To Flappy Bird Formula [Video Review]”

  1. Tomer Gott says:

    check out this flappy clone twist game, control 2 birds at once must check!

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