Why Your Old Mac Could Be Worth Big Bucks, This Week On Our Newest CultCast | Cult of Mac

Why Your Old Mac Could Be Worth Big Bucks, This Week On Our Newest CultCast



It’s our T-Day edition CultCast! This time: Jony Ive’s golden touch makes millions for charity; Apple teases underwhelming Black Friday deals; how Apple’s blacklist keeps bad press at bay; the new money in old macs; and we pitch our favorite Thanksgiving Day foods on our holiday edition Faves ’N Raves!

Have a few laughs whilst getting caught up on each week’s finest Apple stories! Download new and past episodes of The CultCast on iTunes or hit play below and let the audio enjoyment commence.

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CultCast #102 – Gobble Gobble Y’aaaall!

On The CultCast this week

Leander Kahney – Cult of Mac Editor-in-Chief, loyal subject of the Queen.
Erfon Elijah – Cult of Mac writer and host of The CultCast
Buster Heine – Cult of Mac writer and community manager
Alex Excelsior Heath – Cult of Mac writer, actor, and alien probe expert.
Ken Ray – Host of the popular Mac OS Ken podcast.

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