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Apple’s Black Friday Deals Include Gift Card Giveaways But No Discounts



Hoping to get a nice discount on your next Mac or iOS device this Black Friday? Then you’d better buy it from a third-party retailer. Apple has taken a new approach to its Black Friday deals this year and decided to give away gift cards rather than discount its goods.

The Cupertino company’s Black Friday deals have already gone live in Australia — where it’s already November 29 — but none of its products have been reduced. Instead, they come with Apple Store gift cards. Customers can get up to AU$150 ($137) with the purchase of a new Mac, AU$75 ($68) with a new iPad, and AU$50 ($46) with a new iPod.

It’s unclear why Apple isn’t offering discounts this year, with last year’s Black Friday sale consisting of $100 off new Macs, up to $41 off iPads, and up to $31 off iPods. But it could be something to do with the fact that a lot of the products included in the sale — including the new iPads and the Retina MacBook Pro — are just weeks old.

The new Retina iPad mini in particular is still in short supply, and with these devices being so fresh, they’re likely to sell well throughout the holiday season regardless of Black Friday discounts.

Those hoping to save some cash rather than get gift cards will still find reductions on Apple’s latest products, with the likes of eBay, Target, and other third-party retailers offering discounts on iPods, iPads, and more.

Source: Apple Australia