Apple’s Black Friday deals offer up to $150 gift cards with purchases


Apple's bringing out the gift cards!
Photo: Apple

As a premium brand, Apple’s not exactly known for its discounts or plethora of special offers. This year’s Black Friday is no different if you’ve been holding out for 50 percent reductions on the cost of a new iMac, or a buy-1-get-1-free deal on new Apple Watches.

That doesn’t mean Apple skipping out on a spending holiday altogether, though. In a “one day” shopping deal, Apple is handing out gift cards to anyone who buys certain products.

Check out the details below.

Apple Store employees stole $700,000 in gift cards


iCrime doesn't pay. Photo: Apple

In my experience, Apple Store employees are some of the hardest-working, most reasonable and (despite the fact they’re employed to sell you things) trustworthy people in retail. According to Manhattan district attorney, however, that description isn’t universal.

The DA is indicting four former Apple Store employees, plus a dental office receptionist, for an Apple-related scam that ultimately defrauded Barclays Bank of $700,000, using ill-gotten Apple gift cards.

Here’s how it happened.

PayPal Starts Selling iTunes Gift Cards



PayPal has been making a creep into gift cards lately, announcing just a week ago that it would start accepting prepaid gift cards as a form of payment online. Now it’s going even further, launching a digital gifts store where you can buy iTunes Gift Cards and, for now, only iTunes Gift Cards.

Target Is Giving Away Free iTunes Money With Purchase Of Apple Products [Deals]



Do you like free money? Who doesn’t like free money? And free apps, music and movies are essentially free money.

So listen up: Target is now giving away free iTunes gift cards with the purchase of any iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or iPod touch. Buying an iPad will get you a $50 gift card, an iPad mini a $40 gift card, an iPhone 5 will get you a $25 gift card, an iPod touch a $20 gift card, and an Apple TV a $10 gift card.

Not shabby!

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Square Integrates With Apple’s Passbook To Help Promote New Gift Card Feature



Square, the Apple-like mobile payment service that’s all the rage right now, just integrated with Passbook in iOS 6. Before you get too excited, the integration only allows iPhone users to store and use the new gift cards that can be sent via the Square iOS app. Square lets you pay for your stuff with your bank credentials while Passbook still does not.

Now you can send a digital gift card from any merchant that partners with Square, and the recipient can choose to open the gift card in Square’s Wallet app, print it off, or use it in Apple’s Passbook.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide For Gifting Apple Products [Holiday Shopping Guide]



Apple Settles iTunes Gift Card Class Action Lawsuit, But Don’t Expect A Bonanza



Did you buy a song off of iTunes for $1.29 before May 2010 with an iTunes Gift Card that said each song cost only $0.99? Thanks to the efforts of lawyers at Kurtzman Carson Consultants, you may be eligible for a class-action payout!

Make room in your piggy bank: you could be up to three dollars and twenty-five cents richer today than you were yesterday!

The class action lawsuit basically deals with iTunes Gift Cards that had been purchased when Apple was transitioning to $1.29 iTunes plus DRM-free songs from their previous standard of $0.99 DRM-protected tracks.

The cards claimed that each iTunes track only sold for about a buck, when actually, Apple had jacked the price of their songs by thirty cents. The class-action lawsuit filed by Gabriel Johnson in July 2009 claimed that consumers became confused by the discrepancy, and deserved their money back.

It seems ridiculous — Apple clearly wasn’t trying to rip anyone off — but the lawsuit continued for the past two years. It has now finally been reconciled, with both parties agreeing to settle out of court to prevent future expense.

If you’d like to file for your three bucks, head on over to Kurtzman Carson Consultants.