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Win Valentine’s Day with this $20 deal on $200 worth of restaurant gift cards


Be your Valentine's hero with this $20 deal on $200 worth of gift cards from Restaurant.com.
Find the perfect Valentine's Day dinner with this $20 Restaurant.com deal.
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If you haven’t dined out in a while, you might be counting the minutes until Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect excuse for a date night. Here’s the problem: You may not have noticed, but that swanky eatery you and your partner love has probably gotten more expensive this year.

Luckily, Cupid is coming to the rescue just in time. As a special Valentine’s Day promo, you can now get $200 worth of electronic gift certificates to Restaurant.com for only $20.

Save the next time you dine out: Get a $100 Restaurant.com gift card for just $14


Save big on meals via dine-in, takeout or delivery with this deal.
Give the gift of a date night with major savings on this Restaurant.com eGift Card that applies to many restaurants.
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If you’re looking for outside-the-box, last-minute gift ideas this holiday season, a surefire way to reach people’s hearts is through their stomachs.

If you’d like to send your favorite couple out for an overdue date night, help a friend with a few meals, or even plan to do all the eating yourself, we’re offering a limited-time deal through Restaurant.com that’s worth checking out. You can pick up a $100 electronic gift card that works at thousands of establishments across America for only $14.

Get a $100 e-gift card valid at over 62,000 US restaurants for $11.11 this 11/11


Celebrate 11/11 with an $100 Restaurant.com gift card for just $11.
Grab a $100 restaurant.com eGift Card for $11.11 on 11/11 and plan that fancy date.
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It’s hard to budget when even staying in to cook dinner costs more than it used to. Since August 2021, food prices have rocketed up 11%, but we’ve got another 11 that might interest you more. To celebrate 11/11, we’ve got a $100 Restaurant.com E-Gift Card for just $11.11, so start planning that fancy date or give your dishwasher a break. 

Give them the power of choice with a Bluetti E-Gift Card


When you send a Bluetti E-Gift Card, they can choose whatever power products they want.
When you send a Bluetti E-Gift Card, they can choose whatever power products they want.
Image: Bluetti

This post is brought to you by Bluetti.

Power stations, power banks, solar panels and related accessories make great gifts, but it’s not always easy to know exactly what your giftee needs. That’s what makes a Bluetti E-Gift Card so great — they can choose whatever power products they want!

And even better, Bluetti E-Gift Cards offer great savings and make for a quicker way to pay.

Earn cash back and gift cards with the free Fetch Rewards app


Fetch Rewards is your free ticket to the luxe life.
Fetch Rewards is your golden ticket to free Apple Gift Cards.
Image: Fetch Rewards

This post on earning cash back and gift cards is brought to you by Fetch Rewards.

Who doesn’t love getting great deals? If you’re into shopping, you probably look for every advantage in your favor. You want low prices, or course, but how about also getting rewards points that give you cash back or let you earn a variety of gift cards for shopping and dining?

If you want your in-person and online shopping to be truly enriching, Fetch Rewards might be the best app for you. After all, it’s not “America’s No. 1 rewards app with over 13 million users” for nothing.

Even better, it’s free. We tell you how it works and how you can benefit from it below.

Plus, there’s an exclusive for Cult of Mac readers: Earn big and get 2,000 points for free! Before we get down to the app, let’s take a moment to share the Cult of Mac referral code, so we can both receive an excellent bonus for your loyalty: CULTOFMAC.

Apple’s Black Friday deals offer up to $150 gift cards with purchases


Apple's bringing out the gift cards!
Photo: Apple

As a premium brand, Apple’s not exactly known for its discounts or plethora of special offers. This year’s Black Friday is no different if you’ve been holding out for 50 percent reductions on the cost of a new iMac, or a buy-1-get-1-free deal on new Apple Watches.

That doesn’t mean Apple skipping out on a spending holiday altogether, though. In a “one day” shopping deal, Apple is handing out gift cards to anyone who buys certain products.

Check out the details below.

Apple Store employees stole $700,000 in gift cards


iCrime doesn't pay. Photo: Apple

In my experience, Apple Store employees are some of the hardest-working, most reasonable and (despite the fact they’re employed to sell you things) trustworthy people in retail. According to Manhattan district attorney, however, that description isn’t universal.

The DA is indicting four former Apple Store employees, plus a dental office receptionist, for an Apple-related scam that ultimately defrauded Barclays Bank of $700,000, using ill-gotten Apple gift cards.

Here’s how it happened.