Wirelessly Mirror iOS Devices On Your Mac With X-Mirage [Deals]


CoM - Xmirage

If you’ve been hunting for a flawless solution to mirror your gameplay, videos, photos, presentations, and so much more right to your Mac then the application Cult of Mac Deals is currently offering will bring value to your life.

With X-Mirage you can wirelessly mirror your iOS device’s display to your Mac to take advantage of the big screen, and record everything onscreen with one click. This is a simple solution for showing off your iOS devices on a bigger screen. And the price is one that simply can’t beat – just $8.99 for a limited time.

Some of the top features of X-Mirage include:

  • Mirror: Mirror the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac, wirelessly. It’s so simple to display everything from your iOS devices to the bigger Mac screen.
  • Multiple Devices: Mirror multiple iOS devices to one Mac. You can name your Mac to distinguish it from other AirPlay receivers. Invite your friends to mirror your favorite games to one Mac and compete with each other. Sharing has never been so easy.
  • One-click Recording: Make demo videos, app design or showcasing, record lessons for teachers, record iOS games, iOS app tutorials. Whatever you do on your iOS devices can be recorded, then exported.

It’s simple and it does exactly what it says it can do. Moreover, it’s one of the best options on the market to record your iOS apps in action for demonstrations and video reviews.

So whether you want to enjoy your iPhone, iPad, and iPod games on a bigger screen, easily share your iOS photos, videos, and any presentations right on your Mac, or record your iOS touch screen activities with a simple click, you can do it with X-Mirage. Get it today from Cult of Mac Deals for only $8.99.