Microsoft Is So Desperate For You To Ditch Your iPhone It Will Happily Buy It Off You



Nothing makes Microsoft happier than seeing an iPhone user ditch their device for a Windows Phone smartphone. In fact, the company will even buy your iPhone off you if you promise to make the switch.

Starting this Friday, you’ll be able to take your old iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 into select Microsoft stores across the U.S. and Canada and receive a minimum of $200 in-store credit for a new Windows Phone device. The move comes weeks after Microsoft kicked off an iPad trade-in program to encourage consumers to switch to its Surface tablet.

“According to an inside source at Microsoft, Microsoft Stores will begin giving a minimum $200 in-store credit for iPhones on Friday as part of its “#timetoswitch” campaign, obviously hoping consumers will use the cash to buy a Windows Phone,” Forbes reports.

Microsoft has been encouraging consumers to switch to Windows and Windows Phone devices for a long time, and this campaign is one of many that hopes to speed up the switching process by offering credit when you trade in rival devices. The software giant has been allowing customers to trade in iPads against Surface tablets for the past few weeks, and it’s also running an online campaign that lets you trade in any Apple, Android, or BlackBerry device for a Visa gift card.

But Microsoft’s new iPhone trade-in program may be a little too late. Apple launched its new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c last Friday, and both devices have been hugely successful, with a record 9 million units sold during the launch weekend alone. The company also launched its new iOS 7 software a week ago.

There’s clearly a lot of interest in the new iPhones, then, and users appear to be loving the new software. So trying to lure them away from their beloved Apple devices could prove to be more difficult than ever before.

Source: Forbes

  • That_Dan_Person

    Microsoft just need to stop with this attacking mode they seem to have.

  • tool022611

    They should focus in what made Microsoft Microsoft, software. Or how about focusing on making a mobile OS intead of putting windows 8 on a tablet and a somewhat Mobile OS on a desktop.

  • daov2a

    If I could swap my crappy, work iPhone, I would do it in a heartbeat. iOS 7 is horrible!

  • JShramek

    Microshit needs to work on their own crappy OS first…then worry about competition!

  • lwdesign1

    Anyone notice that the Microsoft store in the photo looks nearly identical to an Apple store? Same floor to ceiling glass front, same blonde wood tables spaced around the open layout of the floor. Oh, but it looks like there is a difference: The tops of the tables appear to be black. Wow, innovation! Well, there’s another difference: Hardly anyone is in the store. Part of the problem with being an Apple user these days is that the Apple stores are usually jammed with people, quite unlike the Microsoft stores in the same malls. I tried Windows 8 a few days ago and was hoping for an improved experience over Win7, and after experimenting and trying to find my way around 8 for about 3 hours, I gave up in disgust. Windows 8 may be even more counter-intuitive than it’s ever been. I’d been hoping for so much more, because I genuinely like the Start screen’s look and feel. It’s a great idea that fell on its face.

  • joewaylo

    Nothing would make me switch to a Windows Phone or Windows 8. Not every specific app I use on iPhone or iPad are on there.

  • artbytar

    I wouldn’t switch to anything with Microslop if they offered me stock in their fiasco they call a company! Nice try morons!

  • elvis56

    Oh Microsoft please give people a reason – one reason, any reason why one should buy a Windows Phone or a Surface. Give us that reason or reasons other than just throwing money at us.

    You’ve come off as desperate. It seems you are buying customers. Buying loyalty.

    Convince me. Don’t throw cash at me.