Facebook eyes 2023 launch for smart glasses project


Facebook messaging apps
Zuckerberg has reportedly asked that the project be made a priority.
Photo: Facebook

Apple’s long-rumored AR glasses project could get some competition from the world’s biggest social network company.

Facebook is reportedly developing its own augmented reality glasses. The social network recently struck a partnership with Ray-Ban parent company Luxottica to speed the product along, according to a new report.

There’s a secret message in Apple’s iPhone 11 event supercut


Apple 2019 Fall press event invitation
Apple included a binary code in its two-minute keynote supercut.
Photo: Apple

Apple isn’t into Easter Eggs in the way that it once was. But in its two-minute supercut rundown of this week’s iPhone 11 event, it includes an amusing one.

On six frames of the video, there’s a flashed image that suspiciously resembles Microsoft’s dreaded “Blue Screen of Death.” But while a swipe at Microsoft would be enough to make many long-time Apple fans nostalgic, there’s also a hidden message written in binary.

Today in Apple history: Steve Ballmer freaks out and stomps an iPhone


Turns out using an iPhone at a Microsoft event is a bad idea.
Photo: Off2riorob/Wikipedia CC

September 11: Today in Apple history: Steve Ballmer freaks out and stomps an iPhone September 11, 2009: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reportedly snatches an iPhone from a Microsoft employee during a meeting and pretends to destroy it.

This isn’t the first time Ballmer behaves in a wacky way and incurs negative publicity as a result. However, it’s an embarrassing moment for a man who ranks among the world’s most powerful people.

Microsoft bakes the best of Wunderlist into new To Do app


The brand new To Do app is available now across all platforms.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft’s fancy new To Do app has arrived and is available now across all platforms. The big overhaul brings the best of Wunderlist and combines it with an improved design.

You’ll find more customization options, like the ability to set different backgrounds for each of your lists, and a new dark mode.

Microsoft’s revolutionary dual-screen laptop/tablet might launch this fall


Intel dual-screen concept device, code-named Twin River
Microsoft’s dual-screen concept device might resemble this one Intel demoed at Computex 2019.
Photo: Intel

Microsoft might take on the iPad and MacBook simultaneously if a semi-secret folding tablet is unveiled at a press event this fall.

The company just sent out invitations to an October event, and speculation is running high that the dual-screen “Centaurus” will be the star, along with refreshed versions of other Surface computers.