The Lightning iOS USB 2.0 Data Cable: An iPhone 5 Essential [Deals]


CoM - iOS Cable

There is nothing worse than going somewhere and realizing you forgot your iOS charging cable. I’ve been there – and it sucks.

I’ve seen a number of cables – manufacvtured by Apple and by others – that could serve as my alternate charging cable (for travel or for home purposes), but there’s something about the one we’re offering here at Cult of Mac Deals that is particularly appealing. Perhaps it’s the length of the cable, making it more versatile than my stock cable. Maybe it’s the quality and the durability.

Actually, it’s both of those things – and the price is appealing as well…just $14!

Here are the features of this next-generation cable:

  • Durable design: Don’t get a discounted cord that will fray or burnout. This quality constructed cord will last for years to come.
  • Reversible direction: Fully supports iTunes, data sync, and charging.
  • Compatible with the newest iOS products: iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPod Nano 7th Generation, iPad 4th Generation, iPad Mini
  • 10 feet/3 meters long: Extra length for extra accessibility! This cable is 6 times longer than the stock iOS 2.0 USB cable.

Pick up one of these cables for the office, car, home, or anywhere else you may need connectivity. Lose your only adapter? Don’t go days without your iOS device or pay the premium for a USB 2.0 from your local retailer. With this cable you’ll be good to go no matter where you are – and that’s essential when you rely so much on your iOS device.

This kind of deal won’t be around for long. So grab this Lightning iOS USB 2.0 Data Cable for only $14 from our Cult of Mac Deals page today!

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