Find My iPhone Will Now Give You Driving Directions To Your Lost iDevice



We’ve seen a number of stories over the years where Find My iPhone helped iPhone and iPad owners reunite with their lost devices. Now Apple’s making things even easier for people hunting down their devices by including driving directions to each device.

Find My iPhone for iOS will now tell you the exact route you should take to get your lost iPhone back. To use the driving directions features, users must be updated to iOS 6 because Find My iPhone gives driving directions through Apple Maps.

To get the driving directions, users can select their lost device from the app to see where it is located on a map. From the location view, an info box will show the name of the device with a car sign to the left of the name. Simply tap on the car and Apple’s Maps app will open up with driving directions to the device.

You can still use Find My iPhone to play a sound, lock, or erase lost devices. If you lost your only iOS device, you can still use Find My iPhone via The web version of Find My iPhone has all the same functionality as the app other than driving directions.


Source: iMore

  • kylemccown

    They better not use Apple Maps!

  • MacAdvisor

    The improvement to Find My iPhone that is really needed is for the application to remember the last known address. When my iPhone was stolen, I received notification it had been turned on, but by the time I received the notification and logged on to find out where it was, the phone had been shut off. The application did show any location. Once the “It’s Been Stolen” part has been activated, the application should keep a viewable log of all locations it picks up.

  • Manuhk

    Frankly speaking, I don’t think this is good news! Apple hasn’t corrected all the errors in Maps, here in Hong Kong even the shore line of Hong Kong Island is not correct. How are they giving direction when the location your phone is in does not exist? Most of the reclamation done during the last 10 years in Hong Kong is not on Apple’s Maps.