Father Uses Find My iPhone To Locate Teenage Son Following Car Accident


Are you using Find My iPhone yet?

Apple’s Find My iPhone service is often used to locate thieves who have stolen iOS devices, but it can also be a life saver. A 17-year-old was air lifted to hospital on Friday, November 2, following a car accident in Santa Barbara, California. But if it wasn’t for Find My iPhone, paramedics would have struggled to find him.

The boy’s vehicle was found 200 feet away from the road following the accident, but he wasn’t in it. He had attempted to walk to get help during the night, and was located 150 feet away by his father using Find My iPhone.

The boy was then air lifted to the Cottage Trauma Center in Santa Barbara.

This is just another example of why Apple’s Find My iPhone service can be priceless. If you have iOS devices and you’re not already using it, you should be.

Source: KSBY

Via: @m4tt