Clever 8-Year-Old Uses Find my iPhone To Recover $350k Worth Of Stolen Items

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No one likes a thief who gets away with stolen items and especially not 8 year old Landon Crabtree. After a burglar broke into his family’s house to get away with the family’s iPad and a few other items, the family got insurance money for the lost goods. But Landon wasn’t going to stand for someone else having his iPad and used Apple’s free Find my iPhone to recover the iPad. However, that’s not the only thing police found.

Using the address found with Find my iPhone, police were lead to a hotel where the thief stashed his loot. Along with Landon’s iPad, they found $350,000 worth of items, from a string of roughly 100 burglaries.

It’s awesome to see this clever little 8 year old save the day, but I think the moral of the story here is that we should all have Find my iPhone setup/installed. Check out the interview with Landon and his family over at MSNBC.

[via 9to5mac]

  • Jonathan Ober

    Jeff Foxworthy: Can you look into the camera and tell the people at home what you have learned.
    thief: I am not smarter than an 8 year old boy.

  • Lane Jasper

    Landon Crabtree, this Buds’ for you son!!

  • JoeRossignol

    I just hate how they keep referring to him as being so tech-savvy. I understand he’s only 8, but all he did is use the Find my iPhone app. It’s not rocket science. And the black guy on the news channel, who I assume is their local ‘tech correspondent,’ sounds really dumb.

  • univac

    Yes, but the biggest flaw in Find My iPhone is that anyone can turn it off easily. Most crooks aren’t that dumb. All you have to do is slide the FMi slider off. Apple should implement a secondary security level, asking for your iCloud password to turn it off. I lost an iPad because it never reported its location, probably due to the ease of being able to just turn it off.

  • Jairo Gomez

    good for him.

  • chrlormil

    I was robbed once and I was fortunate to get it back using find my iPhone.

    Pros: password lock, remote swipe,gps track
    Cons: must use a computer to use find my iPhone on or the find my iPhone app on iOS
    You cannot use an android phone’s browser to use as it forces you to download the app which is for iOS only.
    iPad must be connected to wifi or 3G to be able to track. Ipad can be easily turned off!

    It would be nice if you can password protect the shutdown process or remotely turn on the device via icloud

  • Alan Dreyfus

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    Good Luck

  • Mark Boyce

    you can add a restriction so you cannot turn gps off without entering a passcode or pin