As Companies Abandon The BlackBerry, MobileIron Offers Free iOS /Mobile Management Training


MobileIron now offers free training for BlackBerry IT pros who are considering moving to iOS and other platforms.
MobileIron now offers free training for BlackBerry IT pros who are considering moving to iOS and other platforms.

There’s a growing consensus among IT leaders that organizations need a contingency plan in the event that RIM experiences a sudden and unexpected meltdown. That concern is so strong that 70% of IT managers are planning to replace RIM’s BlackBerry management tools with third-party options over the next one to two years – a move that could ease the transition away from BlackBerry devices to iPhones, iPads, and other mobile technologies.

Seeking to capitalize on that concern, mobile management powerhouse MobileIron announced yesterday that it is opening its training and certification services to any IT professionals that are administrators of RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).

MobileIron, which we profiled during our Mobile Management Month series, offers one of the most full-featured mobile management solutions on the market, and is the only company to offer training and certification centered specifically around mobile management technologies. Until now, however, the company’s MobileIron University training service was available only of MobileIron customers and partners.

The move is an excellent opportunity for MobileIron and for companies looking to migrate away from RIM products, including BlackBerry devices and related backend technologies, like BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Messenger. (We highlighted TigerText as a potential multi-platform replacement for BlackBerry Messenger earlier this week.)

The advantage for IT professionals, particularly those who haven’t managed devices and mobile services beyond the BlackBerry platform, is that it provides an excellent and well-rounded understanding of the management capabilities for all major mobile platforms. It also helps get them up to speed quickly with respect to the current techniques and concepts in the broader mobile management industry.

For MobileIron, the advantage is acquainting IT professionals that will be moving to a multi-platform approach with its range of solutions – a move that could translate into a number of new business and enterprise customers.

MobileIron is making a specific package of on-demand learning available to BES administrators that includes the following topics: working with LDAP and local users, registering devices, policies, enterprise apps and app control, digital certificates, and integration options with Microsoft Exchange. The program and certification exam can be completed by BES administrators at their own pace.

MobileIron supports managing iOS devices in addition to other mobile platforms – Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia’s Symbian platform, and HP’s webOS.

BES administrators can sign up for the training and certification at MobileIron University.

Source: MobileIron