Purported iOS 6 Beta Shown Off In Hands-On Video


Is this iOS 6? Probably not.
Is this iOS 6? Probably not.

We’re all itching to see what iOS 6 has in store for our iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, and we’re expecting Apple’s keynote address at WWDC next week to provide the first look at the new update. But the software could already be out in the wild. One YouTuber has published a three-minute video in which a purported iOS 6 beta is shown off for the first time.

Some of its features include new “iStore” and Dictionary apps, improvements to Spotlight search and the Maps app, enhancements to multitasking, and more.

The clip was published by YouTube user JakeTechWizard. It’s unclear at this point whether it is indeed genuine, and there’s a very good chance that it isn’t, so please bear that in mind. But it seems a pretty convincing fake, and all of the changes demonstrated certainly seem like plausible features for iOS 6.

The beta apparently comes with build number 10B24, and from the home screen, you wouldn’t necessarily notice it’s any different to iOS 5. However, this particular iOS release is claimed to bring Siri to other iOS devices — including the iPod touch, as you’ll see in the video. It also features a new “iStore” app, which has the App Store and iTunes marketplaces rolled into one.

There’s also a new Dictionary app, similar to that built into Mac OS X, and some improvements to Maps. As expected, Google Maps are no longer present, and new features include voice directions, and dedicated zoom buttons for when you cannot use fingers to pinch — like when you’re driving.

Multitasking has also been enhanced a little, allowing you to quickly switch between apps in both portrait and landscape mode. Finally, you can also make instant calculations and quickly find definitions simply by typing them into Spotlight search.

Once again, we can’t stress enough that this video could easily be a fake. It’s from an unknown source with no proven track record, and anyone who already has access to iOS 6 would be under a strict NDA from Apple, which means there’s no chance they’d be showing it off in YouTube videos that also include their name.

Source: YouTube

Via: Reddit

  • marclequime

    Lots of problems with this, firstly:

    touts the “battery percentage” as proof it’s iOS 6. well, no, sorry, I have the battery percentage on my iPhone, it’s a setting.
    Secondly, look at the maps app he’s showing. Firstly, it’s using OSM. Apple have their own resources and wouldn’t use that. Secondly, it’s identical to Google maps, lacks the 3D button with the silver location icon that was shown off in a previous screenshot.
    Next, look at all the new apps. They’re shoddily designed and the icons are unbelievably out-of-house design for apple, the dictionary app icon is literally lifted straight from Mac OS X?
    The calculator implementation is pathetic and probably a jailbroken app.
    Also, it’s fairly likely that Apple are adopting the new silver theme for iOS (as shown in the WWDC app and the slight screenshot of Google Maps). 
    Again, this (and i stress) KID has acquired 2 Apple Betas which are normally only for employee developers? If he was an Apple developer he’d definitely have been fired by now.
    All in all? The fakest fake possible. 2/10 would not use.
  • iNsaneOS

    If this really is iOS 6 beta, then Apple has lost its touch, so I definitely do NOT believe this kid at all. It’s really easy to create a demo like that, especially when jailbroken. This just seems so fake haha. Anyway, if it was real (which is highly unlikely), then kudos to the kid, but this is definitely fake. That would be a terrible iOS anyway lol

  • bedbug

    Check out ‘JakeTechWizard’s other posting of what appears to be iOS 6 Beta (Build 10A010) – youtu.be/2F4u4gk6pfc. During the demo of the dictionary app, there’s a typo in the definition displayed (incidentally, not present in the beta preview video). Ok, so a typo in an beta dictionary application isn’t impossible, but is unlikely. Then watch the same video’s subsequent preview of the ‘revised spotlight’; in this, the same dictionary definition is displayed, only this time, without the typo. We’re to believe that even in beta, iOS6 would be using two different dictionary definition DBs? Busted! #Fake

    Also, check out the Springboard first page; at the beginning of the video clip, the Video application is shown at the top left corner; when exiting the Spotlight demo and returning to the front Springboard page, suddenly Video has been replaced by ‘Facetime’ application (which doesn’t exist except in the jailbreak world for the iPod Touch proported to be shown). He’s managed to jailbreak iOS6 beta?! Busted again.

  • Georgesab

    This is just fake, this kid just discovered jailbreaking…

  • Jeremy O’Brien

    Watch the kid tap the screen in the “iStore” app during every loading screen to get the next screen to show. It’s a stupid slideshow. Definitely 100% fake.

  • rogifan

    OK you go out of your way to say this is an unknown source with no proven track yet you post the video anyway. I wish COM would quit with the click bait.

  • wizard32843

    Ultra GAAAYYYY, uh sorry, FAAAAKEE.

    :insert seal here:
  • ppanah

    please remove this kids crappy fake video… geez cult of mac do u fall for anything or are you just after posting more articles to fill ur site? lol..look at the “dictionary” app … he made it himself in 1 minute. LAME. Go play some WoW kid…and level up your character.

  • MacHead84

    BAHAHA so absurdly fake. The kids like hey guys heres iOS6 beta… likes it some run of the mill demo video not a freaking major leak.

  • Alexander Bogatskiy

    These are all simple jailbreak hacks

  • InternDom

    He also has another video that proves this is fake http://youtu.be/2F4u4gk6pfc?t=33s

    Pay close attention to about :30 seconds in when he is “demonstrating” the “iStore” when he’s switching between Apps and music, the icon he taps to get to music first off says, “top rated”. Secondly the tab icons don’t highlight on “top rated” or “search” when he switched to both of those tabs.

    Anyone else see this?

  • ApplePr0n

    THIS IS FAKE! Why?

    1) When he shows the dictionary app, it clearly mispells the word “Natural” to “Natrual”

    2) Where are the updates? Apple wouldn’t change this little on a _.0 update.

    3) He just used Google Maps to illustrate Apple Maps.

    4) Hate to say it, but he’s a kid. This is for Apple employees that have it, and they would be more than fired for leaking this. Plus, if thousands of websites are begging to get ahold of this, how did one kid manage to do it.

    All in all this is a fake, somewhat well done, but a fake nonethelesa

  • shagans

    If this is iOS6, Im switching to Android (specifically the Galaxy S3)…….

  • BanterClaus

    I think I could make a more convincing iOS 6 beta video than this…

  • extra_medium

    Its a long shot but it could be that his name isnt really jaketechwizard

  • Flyphoenix

    This is so fake! I bet he’s fooling a lot of people!

  • InternDom

    If this is iOS6, Im switching to Android (specifically the Galaxy S3)…….

    Unless it gets banned by Apple for stealing Siri patents.. haha

  • Zoe_RILLA

    Huh? Battery percentage has been a part of iOS for a while now…

  • Oleguer Txdr

    If this was iOS 6, I just have to say I’ve got a far better jailbroken iOS 5.1.1 with a better dictionary app, real-landscape app-switcher, full-screen safari, and a long etcetera. If iOS 5 upgrades to iOS 6, a brand new way to understand your iPhone will be involved, that’s what I expect and what we all want from Apple.