Track Your New iPad’s Order Status With The Apple Store App For iPhone [iOS Tip]



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11 responses to “Track Your New iPad’s Order Status With The Apple Store App For iPhone [iOS Tip]”

  1. CharliK says:

    This app is freaking awesome these days. Frankly I’m a tad shocked they haven’t just baked it into the iOS cause every iPhone owner (if not iPad) should have it. 

    I would say the same thing about iBooks as well. but I suppose they are worried about some kind of antitrust complaint on that one. 

  2. Blair Wilson says:

    This was the only way I was able to preorder yesterday. The Apple store online would never come up. (I saw that post-it note was up for hours on the web interface after i placed my order) I was super happy for the app yesterday.

  3. chrlormil says:

    Surprisingly, There’s still no ipad app lol

  4. tornacious says:

    Agreed, I was able to complete my order with the Apple Store app in a few minutes, while five different browser sessions on the Apple Store kept timing out. Obviously, Apple’s web servers were giving some serious preferential treatment to their own devices.

  5. Douglas Bubbletrousers says:

    I just checked my status and it’s already preparing for shipment!

  6. seanmcadams says:

    my order already says “Preparing for Shipping”…hmm…any hopes of a delivery before the 16th?

  7. Giancarlo Betteo says:

    mine is “preparing for shipment” as well. hoping for at least an early morning delivery

  8. bespokegrafiks says:

    My order already says “Preparing for Shipping” too. 

  9. Isaiah Pavia-Cruz says:

    mine isn’t appearing..

  10. neena_n says:

    I am off to download the app now.

    Just curious – why the 16GB wifi model? I find the thought process behind the choice to be interesting.

  11. Shell Bryson says:

    Mine shipped very early this morning. Still suggests delivery on the 16th, but I now have a shipping number (Scotland, UK)

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