Apple Mini-Stores May Be Coming To Your Local Sam’s Club



A report claims that in an effort to expand their US retail presence, Apple is in talks with Walmart subsidiary Sam’s Club to open new Apple stores inside the company’s warehouse retail locations. Both Walmart and Sam’s Club currently sell a number of Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods, but the retail giants are looking to combine forces with Apple to capitalize on the company’s astronomical success.

9t05mac’s sources claimed Apple is looking to expand its current retail programs beyond their partnerships with Best Buy and Target in the United States. Apple already has a prominent display inside most Walmart retail locations, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for them to extend that into Walmart’s warehouse chain Sam’s Club, by implementing something similar to the Apple-store-in-store’s found at Best Buy. The new partnership would put an Apple store inside Sam’s Club’s 47 warehouse retail locations that are currently open in the United States. A backup plan is also being discussed that would have Sam’s Club “simply selling Apple’s Macs, but without the Apple Store features.”

Many detractors claim Apple is a luxury brand whose products are priced beyond the financial means of the average American, however we view this news as another example of how Apple cares more about getting their products into as many hands as possible with little regard for the mystique of maintaining the appearance of an overpriced luxury brand. Discussions for the retail expansion are still early. so a timeframe was not given, but it is believed the store-in-stores will not be coming soon.

[via 9to5Mac]


  • imajoebob

    Walmart/Sam’s abhorrence of decent pay, training, and education for their employees makes this doubtful.  Apple can’t afford to allow them to operate a store with its good name; the potential of damaging the brand is too high.  Not just to snark, but Apple’s need for retention of qualified workers is not compatible with Walmart’s business model.

  • Rowanova

    Sam’s Club stores are more like a Costco than just another Walmart. And I’m sure Costco would like to have this opportunity too, along with many other retailers. Many, if not most, of the Costco shoppers are middle income and above, which is probably the case with Sam’s Club also. So I think they could sell the products to their existing clientele. 

    The real issue will be if they and Apple can agree on the Sam’s Club staff having the knowledge and experience qualifications to properly represent the Apple line of products.  

  • Debi Wong

    Costco is actually a cut above Sam’s Club.  Though Costco might not be as price competitive as Sam’s Club, they have the reputation of being one of the better wholesale club retailers to work for.  As a health care provider, I saw many of their employees who told me they had good benefits, pay and working conditions.  I would hope Apple would consider Costco, as it would seem more consistent with the principles of what they are trying to do with their overseas suppliers. 

    Sams Club is a part of the Walmart family of stores.  I was told that they were not subject to the same poor reputation of Walmart in terms of gender discrimination, pay and working conditions, but I am skeptical.

    I am sure one could bet dollars to donuts that Costco has better employee retention than Sam’s Club, however I think the market reach of Sam’s Club may be more extensive than Costco.

  • Ryne McClaren

    Only in America can you complain with a straight face about Sam’s Club’s treatment of their first world workers when carrying a product line assembled in Communist sweatshops.

  • Ryne McClaren

    They won’t be Sam’s Club employees, just like the Verizon workers in wholesale stores don’t work for the wholesale store.

  • Ryne McClaren

    Hahahahahaha!  Oh, you were serious.  Never mind.

  • CharliK

    Apple had a partnership with Sam’s Club and yanked it because SC refused to abide by Apple’s display rules. If this is in anyway true I suspect that in fact it wasn’t Apple that started the talks but Sam’s Club that contacted them saying they would play by the rules if Apple will give them a second chance. 

  • blazzingsaddle

    I like their innovative products, but lets be honest. 
    Apple works it workforce to the bone and destroys them if they dare step out of line.
    In their communist warehouses and the lilly white stores.

    Have walmart/sams suppliers installed suicide nets at factories?