Use Siri And The Find My Friends App To Locate Your Pals By Voice [iOS Tip]


  • Clark Wallace

    Isn’t working for me here in the U.K. just pulls up the contact’s address.

  • MercuryFumes

    Instead of substituting the name Joe Bloggs, I renamed one of my friends Joe Bloggs. Worked well.

  • ramunasbl

    It seams there is one more “or” – it works in US only.

  • Forest Walker

    now if Apple could just get the Find my Friends app to work.

  • Rob Scanlan

    it does work fine in the UK. i use it without any problems.

  • Ashley ‘Gash’ Towers

    You have to make sure their email address is in contacts that matches up to the find my friends email address they use … had the same problem but it works now i’ve figured that out.