We Just Beat Wired.com On Instagram, But Now We Have Bigger Fish To Fry



Holy guacamole, we won! To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how this happened. Wired is bigger than Cult of Mac in almost every measurable aspect (except sex appeal, obviously), and their magazine is cool as hell. But somehow, we went off like Tom Brady and managed to melt their faces off with our awesomeness during our “Insta-gram Challenge.”

Even though we were slightly somewhat heavily inebriated at the Wired Party in Las Vegas when we challenged them, you guys managed to pull it off for us. First off we owe a big thank you to our readers for making this momentous feat possible. Secondly, Wired deserves some credit for playing along with us and being good sports even if they obviously aren’t the better Instagramers. Thirdly, I guess we’re obligated to thank ourselves in that prototypical KanYe West fashion. I heard whispering around the office today that CoM’s John Brownlee credits the “Kobe System” for helping him come up with hilarious tweets and pictures during CES.

What’s next? Don’t worry, our Instgram feed isn’t going dormant until the next CES. We’ll be pumping out more Cult of Mac pictures for your entertainment because we realize that taking down Wired is cool and all, but who we really want to beat is The Biebs. We’re coming after you’re next Justin!

  • Geoff Bagga

    I feel used! Now that the comments are off again on the COA posts. I think it was pretty clear however that there are many COM readers who hate this cult of android nonsense you spit out, so i just hope that you find a more friendly execution so that the decent user experience isn’t tainted.

  • Jordan Clay

    if you know you are going to hate it, don’t click on the link.  it isn’t that difficult.

  • Commonman

    Forget about me helping CoM from now on…I’ll leave it up to the CoA users to be…well, used. Good bye and good luck CoM. I may stop bye on occasion but otherwise, it’s been fun. Cya!

  • Russ Anderson

    Its ok… when every story ends up with comments about the COA… then they will eventually turn it off. Honestly, I don’t have anything against Androids, and I like to know the news of them… but that’s why I go to their site, and not to a Mac site. Why are there only stories on here about Windows when it’s kinda big, and has an impact on Mac stuff?

    Cult of MAC should be about Mac stuff… when I want to read about Android, I go to Android sites. I know how to use my mouse, and keyboard, and am fully able to navigate my way there when I want without my mother holding my hand.