Apple Staff Already Have Siri On The iPhone 4 And Soon You Will Too [Rumor]



Hackers have been hard at work attempting to port Apple’s new Siri assistant to older devices, but according to one report, their efforts may be wasted, because Apple is doing the same thing. The Cupertino company has reportedly issued a “special build” of iOS 5 to its staff, which introduces Siri to the iPhone 4 for testing.

The beta was only issued for a few days, according to sources speaking to AppAdvice, but testing is said to have gone “really well.” The A4-powered device is clearly capable of running the software — and so is the fourth-generation iPod touch — based on recent hacks, so there aren’t many reasons why Siri shouldn’t come to the iPhone 4.

Though there is one pretty big reason we can think of: Siri is one of the iPhone 4S’ biggest selling points, and without it, the device would only have its A5 processor and 8-megapixel camera to separate it from its predecessor. We’re not sure Apple would eliminate that selling point so soon after the launch of the fifth-generation device, but it’s possible it could come later.

If Apple really is allowing its employees to test Siri on the iPhone 4, some of which are even said to be outside the Cupertino campus, then that’s a pretty good indication the company plans a public release at some point. There’s no chance it’ll arrive on the fourth-generation iPod touch, however.

According to another source, the microphone in the iPod touch isn’t as good as that in the iPhone, and this could “hold Siri back.”

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  • larrymadill

    I was about to pull the trigger on an iPhone 4S next month but now I am wondering if I should wait. Eh, the A5 is still worth it.

  • Guingui Miguel

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  • Cincotta_e

    iPhone 5 will blow your mind.

    and mine.

    and everyone. else’s. 

  • Guest

    seriously? You, and Apple, think a “nifty toy” feature is the main reason for people to upgrade from an iPhone 4 to the 4s? I would say, much faster processor, much better camera, having the latest and the greatest would be head and shoulders more important to anyone who is considering it….

  • GregsTechBlog

    I think the faster processor and amazing camera in the 4S are enough to convince people to upgrade.

  • WVMikeP

    It’s only a toy if you use it as one.

  • Ryan Simmons

    Field testing of Siri on the iPhone 4 and actual field testing of the 4S before release must have been really easy for Apple. There really is no way we can tell the difference between the 4S and the 4 without actually using the device. For all we know, there could have been Apple engineers walking around with iPhone 4S’ in public months ago. We all would have just assumed it to be a 4. 

  • MacHead84

    Not for the D-bags who think only a redesigned shape matters

  • rockarollr

    I believe Siri will eventually ship with all future Apple products, including OS X version 10.8. I also believe that Apple will add Siri to two previous Apple products (iPhone 4 and iPad 2) with an iOS 5 update after the holidays.

    Siri is part of Steve Job’s “thermonuclear war” strategy against Google that he spoke of before his passing. Apple will want this feature across all of its devices – if for no other reason than to carry out Steve’s wishes. Think about how it eliminates the need to “google” everything and will cut into Google’s ad revenue and its relevance. Apple will eventually eliminate the need for any of Google’s products and services on all of its platforms. It’s an awesome strategy, if you ask me!

  • prof_peabody

    This won’t happen until at least January.  Why would they screw over the holiday sales of the 4S by releasing it before Christmas?  

  • aga

    Siri is only really effective if it is driven by Apples servers. In the UK, we do not get that level of support. If Apple introduces Siri on earlier devices, it is going to have to supply the server support for it. There may be sufficient capacity to do that for the US, but what about the rest of the world? Apple will invest in massive servers for other countries?

  • SupaMac

    You’re right. Apple won’t release this before Christmas (if at all) …There are plenty of people that I know with iPhone 4’s that are jealous of my Siri commands. Apple wants this to continue to occur.

    I am predicting that it will be used on more devices when it comes out of the beta state.

  • SupaMac

    I’m’ll just sell my 4s when the next gen comes out.

  • James McGhie

    You have friends with 4’s who are jealous of Siri? Seriously? 

    It’s NOT a premier feature of the 4S, I’m sorry, it’s not. The A5 chip is the standout feature, the true reason to upgrade. It will provide a quality of app, graphically, never seen before on iPhone, and also provide future proofing beyond that of the iPhone 4.

    Siri, in my eyes, is like FaceTime. FaceTime was the iPhone 4’s “One More Thing”, it was the big unveil at the end of WWDC 2010, it was “iPhone 4 to iPhone 4” anywhere there’s WiFi. Soon though, it became a standard, and was on iPod’s, iPad’s, and Macintosh’s. 

    Apple want to take on Google, Steve himself mentioned a “thermonuclear” war on Android and this will come by bringing services to iOS users that replace, and better, those from Google such as Google Voice (Siri) and Google Maps (upcoming Apple maps using the recently purchased C3 technology).

    Siri might not come to iPhone 4 in a matter of weeks, but I think it will come.

  • Alexis

    So D-bags are now people who don’t think hundreds of dollars are worth it for a upgrade to a cell phone camera that was already pretty good, and an upgrade to a cell phone processor that was already pretty fast.

    I like Apple stuff. But the camera already passed the ‘usable and pretty good’ bar with the iphone 4, and passed the ‘comfortably fast’ bar with the 3GS.

    Siri was the only thing that was exciting. And if you’re not into Apple because of the exciting stuff then you can go for any smartphone. All of them get camera upgrades and processor updates like, all the time.

  • Fred Maxwell

    People who are still under contract with their iPhone 4 will be unlikely to upgrade to a 4S — the cost is prohibitive.  And don’t tell me about some clever method for doing it cheaper.  Most consumers go to their carrier’s store, ask what the upgrade would cost, and that’s the cost as far as they are concerned.

    Siri is important because someone who uses it will be unlikely to replace their iPhone with an Android device.  It’s important because it gives Apple a strong Google/Bing search competitor.  

    Think about this:  Apple had to work out the service issues with Siri using the 4s.  Providing it to the entire market of iPhone 4 subscribers at the launch time could have crippled Apple’s Siri servers.  This makes perfect sense:  Roll out the service on the new product with the least market presence. Work out any problems.  And then go back and offer it on the previous generation device.

  • iMac

    You may call it a toy now, but in a few months it’ll be incredible and a 100% must-have feature. Apple are going to upgrade and develop the hell out of Siri, it’ll just keep getting better and better and then you will regret those words. 
    It’s mostly the case with Apple things, people slated the iPhone when it was released back in 2007 due to it missing a few features. Look at it now. Best phone in the world. Give it time and it’ll turn into something great. :)

  • SupaMac

    Yes, I have friends that are jealous of Siri. Maybe they’re just victims of the marketing campaign. And I agree, I think it will come to many other iDevices, just mot before the Christmas holiday. And I also agree that the A5 chip is the premiere feature – never said that Siri was..

  • 9to5mac

    Im sorry to say this but, if apple does’nt release Siri soon then other people will. I have my sources and I know what is going to happen, either the release of Siri soon by apple and prepair there servers or be overloaded by the iPhone 4 users because hackers aren’t going to stop for anything, What they want is gold so there going for it. Many people are jelouse of Siri but there not going to waste $650.00 on a iPhone 4S when there pretty much the same. WeegieMac I do kind of agree with you but Siri is pretty big. Siri should be released on iPhone 4 and that’s it, putting it on to many devices does ruin Siri and not as big for the iPhone 4S. iPhone 3GS is to old and should’nt be releasing Siri, Sorry but it doesn’t even work correctly, the mic is not up to date. The two best compatible products is the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, so they should go with it and release it. 

  • 9to5mac


  • Jay Ram

    A man is actually trying to have sex with siri lolzzz

  • Justyntime24

    Ur a retard! Siri isn’t the main feature??? Are u serious????? Have u played around with Siri? It’s is sooooooo awesome! And its only I beta! Can’t imagine what the final product will be! Ur not a apple fan if u don’t think Siri is the biggest feature and selling point.

  • RElem

    While the upgraded processor is great, it won’t be taken advantage of for some time. By that time 5 will be in view with many more bells and whistles that may make the 4 look like the 3G is now. Honestly the only thing RightNow worth buying a 4s for is Siri. And that’s why apple will milk it as much as they can – as rightfully as they should from a business point.

  • RElem

    While the upgraded processor is great, it won’t be taken advantage of for some time. By that time 5 will be in view with many more bells and whistles that may make the 4 look like the 3G is now. Honestly the only thing RightNow worth buying a 4s for is Siri. And that’s why apple will milk it as much as they can – as rightfully as they should from a business point.

  • M.Yakovlev.
    Siri for old devices

  • B ers

    I think the best selling point is the processor and integrated graphics on the 4S, which offer up to 2x the processor performance and 7x the graphics performance. Of course, with background apps suspending (without jailbreaking and using an app like Backgrounder to change that, at least), that doesn’t make much of an advantage now, but with web apps getting more intense, and when Apple stops supporting pre-4S devices, developers will be full capable of taking advantage of that highly improved hardware.
    I’m semi-excited about Siri, but I’d only find it useful for saying stupid things and hoping for hilarious replies.

  • Nathanrist

    All I need is the correct server and I will have fully working siri, I have already fully ported siri to my iphone 4. Just connot connect to the network:/

  • SadMacUser

    I had Siri on my iPhone 4 months before the 4S was released and it worked just fine.  However, once I updated my iPhone 4 with the new iOS that came out shortly after the release of 4S, it stopped working.  I’m REALLY upset that Apple would do that to iPhone 4 users, its not like we can just run out and upgrade our phones again, as 4 was only released less than two years ago.  Everyone in my family has iPhone 4’s and now none of us can use the Siri app any longer.  It has really made me feel like switching to another phone next time I can update it.  I thought Apple was better than that.  We were a PC household that gradually became a Mac household, but now I think we will be buying PCs again for Christmas!  Very dissapointed in Apple!

  • iDevicer

    Hey guys there, don’t be so sad about Siri held off from iPhone 4, hackers have long ago ported Siri to iPhone 4 but haven’t yet released to public. They just need to find a way cos of copyright crappp… For me I have the full port for Siri on my iPhone 4without server connection, of course.and I’m looking for ward very. Much to fullcfunctionality. (the Siri user interface is really cool, including the purPle circle!)

  • iDevicer

    In a long run, you do get good stuff from apple. This is just one of their small mistakes, so called. One of the stuff is that people do look up to you just because you own an iDevice, Mac or whatever apple shit lololololol

  • iDevicer

    Excuse my saying, but there are some ways to differentiate a 4s and 4. For example, the two extra ‘antennas’. For example, my friends told me that the light detector above the top speaker is silver(is it true? I personally haven’t noticed that. I don’t have 4s yet also) instead of the black one for the 4

  • iPhart

    Why don’t you wait a little ? Speaktoit(android) is much better app then Siri (check it up), and on developer’s site is written that soon will be avaiable for iOS . It’s free and no need of jailbreak.

  • Raider1284

    You clearly have no idea what you are talking about if you think Speaktoit is “much better” then Siri.

  • Walker Higgins

    Make a new itouch with a better mic. It is time for a new one anyway.

  • Bluebie

    Apple already has a massive worldwide server network, powering the iTunes store – expanding it wouldn’t be too difficult, especially considering their cash reserves.

  • gurjeevan cheema

    that pic of the iphone 4 is not real it is the 4s look there is two speakers on iphone 4s and 1 on iphone 4 busted lol idiots jokes,

  • omar barazanji

    gurjeevan cheeme research b4 talking, first off, that isnt a speaker. second, its a sensor. third, the iphone 4 WHITE has that primary sensor noticeable. every iphone 4 and above has that sensor, even black.

  • Brandon Shockley

    They were reported by forbes to have more cash on hand than the us government I believe their servers are well equipped already but if not they could be in a relatively short amount of time. 

  • Bluebie

    Mm. Hardware servers are probably not an issue. More important I suspect would be the scalability of the server software – Siri learns things about the user, doesn’t it? That means user data, being stored persistently, accessed by whichever server you hit, and maybe updated. That’s where things can get more complicated than just buying another truck load of servers.

  • Alastair Johnstone

    Check out my blog on how to get Siri working on your non iPhone 4S iDevice http://howtogetsiri.blogspot.c

  • Andrew Arthur


  • Cody Puniak

     Is the IPhone 5 going to also have siri?