Apple Staff Already Have Siri On The iPhone 4 And Soon You Will Too [Rumor]



Hackers have been hard at work attempting to port Apple’s new Siri assistant to older devices, but according to one report, their efforts may be wasted, because Apple is doing the same thing. The Cupertino company has reportedly issued a “special build” of iOS 5 to its staff, which introduces Siri to the iPhone 4 for testing.

The beta was only issued for a few days, according to sources speaking to AppAdvice, but testing is said to have gone “really well.” The A4-powered device is clearly capable of running the software — and so is the fourth-generation iPod touch — based on recent hacks, so there aren’t many reasons why Siri shouldn’t come to the iPhone 4.

Though there is one pretty big reason we can think of: Siri is one of the iPhone 4S’ biggest selling points, and without it, the device would only have its A5 processor and 8-megapixel camera to separate it from its predecessor. We’re not sure Apple would eliminate that selling point so soon after the launch of the fifth-generation device, but it’s possible it could come later.

If Apple really is allowing its employees to test Siri on the iPhone 4, some of which are even said to be outside the Cupertino campus, then that’s a pretty good indication the company plans a public release at some point. There’s no chance it’ll arrive on the fourth-generation iPod touch, however.

According to another source, the microphone in the iPod touch isn’t as good as that in the iPhone, and this could “hold Siri back.”

[via MacTrast]