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The first iOS 11.2 beta is already here


iOS 11.1 isn't even out yet.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple surprised developers today with the release of the first beta for iOS 11.2.

iOS 11.2 beta 1 was seeded to developers even though iOS 11.1 still hasn’t been released to the public. The update comes with a number of new features as well as bug fixes and performance improvements.

Apple begins testing iOS 9 ahead of a launch this fall


A new iOS 8 update is here.
iOS 9 is now in the oven. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
Photo: Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

It will be many months before developers see Apple’s first iOS 9 beta, but the Cupertino company has already begun testing the update internally ahead of this fall’s release. The software has starting appearing in analytics data for a number of sites in recent months, including our own.

Apple Gearing Up To Screw iOS Developers With A 3.95-Inch Widescreen iPhone 5 [Rumor]


This is what a widescreen iPhone may look like alongside its predecessor.
This is what a widescreen iPhone (left) may look like alongside its predecessor.

With Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone set to make its debut this year, there’s no doubt the company has a number of prototype devices — all with different designs and specifications — in testing within its Cupertino headquarters. One of those handsets is said to feature a 3.95-inch widescreen display with a 640 x 1136 resolution that’s taller than all the existing 3.5-inch iPhone displays we’ve seen to date.

Apple Is Internally Testing A New Quad-Core iPhone With 720p, 16:9 Display [Rumor]



With every new iPhone, we know to expect a faster processor and faster GPU. However, a weird report coming out of Germany says that Apple isn’t just testing new CPUs and GPUs for the next generation of iPhone… they are also testing some truly bizarro resolutions that could indicate that Apple will radically redesign the iPhone in 2012 to be even higher resolution and with an entirely new aspect ratio.

Still Waiting for Speech-to-Text in iOS 5? Your Carrier Already Has It



A number of major carriers all over the globe have begun receiving a near-final build of Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 software for testing, according to one report. The software is said to be a newer than the beta recently seeded to developers, and includes a number of features that we’re still yet to see in previous betas, including that much-rumored speech-to-text technology.

Dual-Mode iPhone 5 With Support for CDMA & GSM Networks Appears in App Developer Logs



Since launching the CDMA iPhone for Verizon back in February, Apple has been producing two models of the iPhone 4: one for AT&T, and one for Verizon. A dual-mode iPhone 5 with support for both CDMA and GSM networks seems like a no-brainer next time around, then, and according to at least one iOS app developer, the device is all but confirmed by logs that show a dual-mode device in testing.

Apple Places Order for 10 Million iPhone 5 Units Ahead of September Launch



It’s increasingly beginning to look like that rumor claiming the iPhone 5 won’t launch until October was incorrect. Not only has Apple reportedly sent the fifth-generation device for carrier testing — a step taken only weeks before a scheduled launch — but according to DigiTimes, the company has ordered 10 million iPhone 5 units expected to begin shipping in September.