Seriously?! Nik Software’s Outstanding Snapseed Photo Editing App Free [Daily Freebie]



I was seriously shocked when I saw this: Snapseed, probably the most elegant iOS photo editing app at the App Store, has been knocked down from $5 — to zero. It’s free.

It’s a real gem of a photo app. The interface is probably the most intuitive and easy to use of any photo app out there, whether iDevice or OS X. And it was developed by Nik Software, one of the most respected names in pro photography circles.

At $5, the app is worth every penny. But free? If you have an iDevice and even the tiniest interest in photography, stop what you’re doing right now — this second — and download Snapseed. It’s that good. Why the rush? Because the app is only free for another day or two; the sale ends Friday, at Noon PDT.

  • oxfdblue

    This sucks.   Oh, the app is awesome… I use it all the time.  But I paid for the damn thing when it came out.  By the way, their plug ins for Photoshop are also incredible.

  • Xandy Mf

    I think it only will for work for 2 days…

  • robgilgan

    Un-freaking-believable. I’d never heard of Snapseed, even though I’ve gone through what seems alike a dozen photo benders, with decidedly mixed results. Saving $5 wasn’t nearly as important as finding the app. I think I can actually do real work with this…

  • reg park

    I installed this and it looks like the app I downloaded will only be active between 9/20 and 9/23 – How can we find out? Can they kill the app if it is already installed? Thanks Eli – Reggie from Mentalradio.

  • Tim Pease

    I ‘snapped’ this up yesterday after seeing it on the Facebook ‘App Store’ page.  Pretty good stuff.  I don’t know how Apple could let them kill the app.  Perhaps they can get away with an in-app purchase for more content, but not the ability to make the app only good for 3 days.

  • elimilchman

    Hey Reggie! Yes, I see a few other comments here about the app only around for three days — I’ll contact Nik Software to confirm one way or the other.

  • elimilchman

    Nik Software says there’re no strings attached — the app is !00% free and yours to keep once downloaded. The dates refer to the duration it’ll be free to download.

  • elimilchman

    Tim, they’re not able to kill the app; see my reply below to Reg.

  • Sean Heather

    Awesome app.

  • Solahuddin Ishak

    can’t install…

  • Sam Desai

    Hey I tried searching for it on the App Store… it is not there.