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Automatic Bra Can Only Be Opened By True Love… And An iPhone

This must be just about the worst gadget ever, which of course makes it the most fun to write about gadget ever. It’s a love-detecting bra, which will only open its front clasp if “true love” is detected. Where “true love” means “iPhone” and “detected” means Bluetooth.

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The Gentleman’s Guide To Using Your iPhone On A Date [Feature]

iPhone 5 fireplace

Don’t let your iPhone snuff out the embers of your love.

“I was only checking Twitter,” I exclaimed in shock, as she threw my iPhone across the room, shattering it against the brick wall.

“It’s either me, or the iPhone,” she emphatically declared.

I didn’t know what to say. I had only checked Tweetbot while she was looking at her menu. It had finally come to this. Now I had a broken iPhone and a pissed-off girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

That little story may not have actually happened to me, but I certainly don’t want it to happen in the future. Like many of you, I’m kind of addicted to my iPhone. It can be a problem sometimes. But I have found a way to conquer my addiction and keep my girlfriend happy. No one wants to face the sadness and/or wrath of a loved one who feels neglected. Love is in the air this week with Valentine’s Day, and you want your romantic endeavors with your significant other to be as meaningful as possible. That’s why you need to use your iPhone like a gentleman.

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The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide You Might Actually Want To Read [Feature]

Valentine Ipad

Sure, you can buy me an iPad mini for Valentine’s Day, but isn’t that a little predictable?

Warning: This article might deal in stereotypes. Why? Because no matter how much your woman friend might truly appreciate that power drill she’s had her eye on for the last six months (to the point of leaving a copy of Lady Power Tool magazine open on your desk with the page turned to a Makita ad), you’re still going to buy her some horrible pink iPad case with Hello Kitty ears.

So if you’re willing to make the stereotyped move, then so can I. I’ll recommend fancy lotions and cooking gadgets and the amazing (and mythical) “FourSquare for leg waxing.” But probably not for the reasons you’re expecting.

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Has Your iPhone Ever Ruined Or Saved You On A Date? [Let's Talk]


Has your iPhone ever caused trouble between you and your significant other?

My iPhone is magical. It can do all kinds of crazy stuff to help me with dates, like finding the best sushi place, directions to a park, and nearby events.

The problem with my iPhone being so damn fantastic is that a lot of times on dates I’m too engrossed with what’s happening in the digital world, that it distracts me from the real life gorgeous woman sitting across the table from me.

I don’t know how many times it’s happened that I’ll be sitting in a restaurant and take out my iPhone because I’m bored. It’s become a nervous tick. I’ll chuckle at something and say, “Holy shit, did you see this hilarious Vine that Matt just posted?” And then she rolls her eyes at me, and I apologize, and the mood is destroyed with no hope of me ever getting any action or advancing the relationship further.

I’m not alone, right? I’m sure a lot of our readers have some amazing horror stories of using their iPhones on dates, and we’d love to hear them. Come over to the Cult of Mac Forums and tell us all about the worst, or best, experiences you’ve had when your iPhone has gotten mixed up in your love life.

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Last Day To Get A Sweetheart Of A Deal With The Mac Love Bundle [Deals]

Last Day To Get A Sweetheart Of A Deal With The Mac Love Bundle [Deals]

Photo credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon (CC BY 2.0)

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but you still have a few hours left to show your Mac how much you love what it does for you with The Mac Love Bundle.

You’ll get over $300 worth of stellar Mac apps for only $39 — and your Mac will love you for it!

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Make Your Mac Your Valentine With The Mac Love Bundle [Deals]

Make Your Mac Your Valentine With The Mac Love Bundle [Deals]

Photo credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon (CC BY 2.0)

With Valentine’s Day upon us, many people are gearing up to share love with the special people in their lives. But why not share a little bit of the love with your Mac? If you’re wondering how you can do that….the latest Cult of Mac Deal has got the answer for you: The Mac Love Bundle.

For only $39, you receive over $300 worth of top-notch Mac apps! These apps won’t just show your Mac how much you love it….but it’ll give your Mac to show you how much it loves you in return. How’s that possible? Well, all 9 apps on The Mac Love Bundle handle a different area of your digital life, so when you grab the bundle and install it on your Mac (and use the apps, of course), you’ll find that your life in those areas will get a whole lot more appealing.

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A recent survey of Canadian smartphone users has revealed some interesting patterns surrounding one’s love life in regards to the mobile operating system they use. Cell phones have become a huge part in how we communicate and build relationships, whether through talking, email, or texting. 75 percent of Canadian singles seem to agree with that, and here’s what found out about their relationship habits and what mobile OS they happen to use:

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Apple’s New Ad Showcases Our Love For The iPad 2 [Video]

Apple has begun airing a new commercial for the iPad 2 called ‘Love’, which showcases our love for the company’s incredibly popular tablet. In the thirty-second clip, we see people of all ages using the device while they go about their daily lives, doing things like movie editing, music recording, painting, learning, and more.

“Getting lost in the things we love has never felt quite like this.”